Weber 45010001 Spirit II E 310 3 Grill Review Black Friday 2019

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Weber 45010001 Spirit II E 310 3 Grill Review Black Friday 2019

Weber 45010001 Spirit II E 310 3 Burner Liquid Propane Grill Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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what’s going on people so today we’re taking a look at the brand-new Weber spirit two out of your grille looking yeah [Music] so here it is the Weber’s brand new spirit to this grill is built for the outdoors I needed one bad and guess what here it is I really like to sing and guess what it is also I grill 3 compatible the unit actually goes right into the grill itself it becomes one unit I will put both links in the description but let’s get this video started so here’s the deal I’ve had an i grill before as the I grill one and I loved it it was Bluetooth you can check your smartphone to see what the temp was on your meat what’s nice about this i grill three is that it actually goes right into the grill you can actually make one unit out of both of these and you have up to four meat pros which is really cool now we’re not going to focus too much on the I grill today I’m going to have a separate video for that so today we’re really going to just look at the weber spirit to see some of the functionality of this how well it’s built and all the good stuff that this comes with now one of the main things about this girl I like is it is simple it is easy to use you go out you hit a button and you cook your food now you have enough storage here for your pasta pans and dishes and so on but you can also take this and fold it down and it makes it a lot smaller where you can actually store it a lot easier now I have had many many grills and even the stainless steel grills rusted because not all of the grille was stainless still what Weber did here was put a heavy-duty high-temp plastic right a hard plastic on this girl and around the top and what’s nice about this is you won’t get burnt right it holds the heat well and it really seals in that heat so you don’t have to worry about rusting the whole front panel of this is stainless still the knobs are a harder plastic so you don’t have to worry about those rusting and the bottom here is actually painted so what we really had in mind keeping these things outside and not worrying about them rusting out now on the back here you have two plastic wheels so you can move this thing around that folding tray that I showed you a little bit ago when you actually bring that up that is what you would actually use to scoot this thing around you don’t have a handle on it so it’s nice and sleek looking and they also added some hangers on this here for you to hang your tools without worrying about losing them now over here in the back this is where your vent is and when you start getting that heat up and you start getting that food going you’re gonna see smoke rolling out the back so you don’t want to put that too close to the house all right so the thermometer here goes up to 600 degrees I had it up to about 550 s just so I can season this Grill here and it was smoked and so make sure you do that before you start using it now the one thing I think they did on this grill is genius and that was to make two different sizes on one grate right so I like to cook a lamb lamb on the rod those pieces are usually cut smaller about an inch an inch and a half wide and what happens is they actually fall through every grate that I’ve ever owned on any grill so what Weber came out with with two different sizes on one grate so here is a smaller grate and if you flip it over and you’re cooking larger pieces they have chicken or burgers and you want those larger marks or lines you could actually just flip that over but now you do not have to worry about smaller pieces maybe you’re doing vegetables you just throw them on the grate and they won’t fall through I just think it it’s really smart on their behalf to do that the other thing I will say about these great so they are extremely easy to clean after I was done cooking on this I just took a brush brush it right off in the food came right off of it very happy and I just think it’s really smart how they did that so now once again you can cook a lot of different types of food with different sizes with no worries all right so it may look like you have fire burns in this grill but you don’t you have three very high efficiency burners over here and what’s really nice about these is that you don’t have the flame coming out the sides like you’re doing so many other girls so that really prevents the flame up when you have grease dripping down on these right so you can see the little dotted holes up on top that is where the flame comes out I will show you that here in a bit but it works very very well all right so over here is your grease trap now I will say that this is one of the downsides that I found with this grill I’ll show you how you can put it in and take it out but it’s just not as easy as I think it should be we’ll take a look at that here in a bit all right so over here is the drift pan and you can see that whoever gives you a little oil pan to put under there now there’s two issues that I have with this one is it didn’t slide in very well it’s kind of a pain to get out it doesn’t sit very even I actually had to adjust those tracks a little bit just because it was way too tight to even get this in when I was assembling it the other thing I will say is that tray in the middle of that you know if you need to replace that you have to get that exact size where you may be in trouble now you can probably put some aluminum foil in there but that’s not a big plus for me when it comes to this grill all right so here’s the igniter button very easy to use and it lights very easily I had no issues at all and what was nice about this is when I was putting this thing together I noticed that it only takes one double-a battery and it’s extremely easy to change out if it ever dies on you all you have to do is unscrew this cap here and put a brand new double way in and it’s ready to go but very easy to use so I was really happy about that all right so let’s kick up these burners and see how hot they get and like I mentioned what’s really nice about these you can adjust this very easily but those burners do not shoot those flames up over the side they come up from the top but when you have those guards up on top of that it really helps to distribute that heat evenly and you can really feel how hot just those three burners get so I’m really really happy with how well they actually work you know what else really cool about this is you can’t even see the flame really I mean every once in a while a little flare-up but really you just can’t even see it so I just think that’s really cool and I think they did a really good job with these and here’s a side view you can see that it’s not able to flare up if you get a little bit of grease that guard protects out really nicely he just really heats out really quick you can see how small they actually are but very efficient all right so we got this humming to about 500 degrees and still going up now this heavy-duty plastic what’s really nice about this is if you have kids you don’t have to worry about them getting burned if this is a stainless steel grill or a grill that was made of metal entirely the whole way around you wouldn’t be able to touch that side everything around here is extremely cool now I will say that if you’re around 500-550 for about 15 minutes or more yes this is going to heat up but definitely enough reaction time to pull your hand away without getting hurt another thing just to point out to you that little hole here on the side that is where your meat probe will actually go in to the grill so you don’t have to worry about crushing the actual cords to them so one of my biggest fears when I’m cooking out on the grill is running out of propane while I am hosting the party you’re having people over my house what they did deal with an attachment actually shows you how much you have left in the propane tank and I think that’s very very cool you can see I attached it here which is easy to do and I have two indicators telling me that I have half a tank left on this 15 gallon tank so extremely easy to read all right so let me show you how this would actually work I’ll actually push down on this tank and lift it up we have a half a tank here what I’m gonna do here is I’m going to push down on it and this is telling me now that I have a full tank because it feels heavier it automatically reads it now if I were to actually lift up on this tank it would actually come back down you can see now that I’m almost empty right there so it’s very very cool that I can know how much propane I have before I even start to cook once again half a tank I’m not touching it if I have to adjust it again if I were to push down on it it’s saying it’s heavier and it’s going to show me that the tank is full so very simple to understand very simple to read I think that’s a great great feature on this grill and I’ll probably get a lot of use of that because I’m not great at judging how much propane I actually have now last but not least the I grow three it comes with two thermometers I’m not really going to go too far in the detail because I’m going to do another review on this but you actually have to buy this separately it’s a little bit of a bummer but it is what it is I would not buy this grill unless I was planning on buying the I grill 3 as well now you can see I have two thermometers in there it takes up to four you download an app and it basically tells you what your meat temp is at if you wanted to set a temperature alarm it’s to say hey listen I want to take my pork shoulder out at 195 degrees I can set that alarm on my smartphone after I download the app and it would alert me when that meat was done so very cool app I’ve had one of these before and I’d loved it unfortunately I lost it it was smaller but because this is actually able to be built-in you won’t have to worry about that so at the end of the day this thing doesn’t offer all the side burners and everything else you might see on other girls but I’ve never used a side burner anyway so I could care less about that I think it’s extremely easy to use and I will tell you that they built this for the outdoors it’s not gonna rust out like you have to worry about with so many other girls even if it’s stainless steel I always have problems with handles rusting out because they never put the handles in the stainless steel as well the heat is sealed in perfectly I love how they put the heavy duty plastic around there it really takes that heat seals it in you don’t have to worry about escaping and heats up very quickly you only had those three burners but they work very well I also love that you can build in the I grill 3 with this that is a huge plus for me with this grill and I also love the propane tank indicator light telling me how much propane I have left in my tank I think that’s huge and I will get a lot of use out of that now one of the biggest letdowns about this grill was the drip pan I wish for the price of this grill they would have actually put a piece of metal in there instead of foil pan because now if I have to go out and replace it I have to go out and try to find the exact matching size so I’m not a big fan of that and I didn’t think it was all that easy to put in and take out I just don’t like that feature I think that they need to upgrade that the other downside to this is it will take you a long time to put it together I have put many a grill together in my lifetime and it took me a little over three hours there are so many pieces in so many bolts it really is kind of a pain now I will tell you the instructions are very good but it still takes a very long time to get everything up and running and one other thing that I really like about this is the height this actually stands up a little bit higher than the girl don’t used to using so if you’re a little bit taller like me you’re actually cooking in a very comfortable level and you don’t have to worry about bending down so much now with all that being said I will say that I really do love this girl I think it’s simple I think it’s easy to use there are two downsides I’m giving this a four star one because you can’t really buy this grill with the i3 with it you have to buy it separately which has another hundred dollars to the price the other thing I disliked was the drip pan I think for the price of this grill I think they could have went a little bit more heavy-duty with that but instead it’s a little bit cheaper and I didn’t care for it if you liked this video and it helped you out please thumbs up subscribe check us out at WWE using calm and I will put the links for this and the iGrow in the description thanks for watching

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