Ticwatch Pro Review: Black Friday 2019

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Ticwatch Pro Review: Black Friday 2019

Ticwatch Pro Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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so let me be honest and totally upfront with you guys I was never a fan of smart watchin wearable tech after spending some time with a tick watch poll through my board I have to sit and convince and now I think I’m hook let’s talk about your what up guys it’s collinear from ch gadgets this is probably one of the most feature pack smart watch you can get right now on the market for under $300 that runs Google wear or less and in this video I’m gonna tell you how this watch convinced me if its usefulness and also its overall value now I’m not gonna take up an entire video talking about specs inside this thing however I’m gonna mention a few of the hardware and software components that are key in to making this a really powerful tool so power in this thing is a snapdragon we’re at 2100 and 512 megabytes of ram and four gigs of storage and yes you can definitely store some beefy music on there and connect one of your favorite Bluetooth earbuds and take it for a run this is a dual display SmartWatch so you get a 1.3 9 inch AMOLED display and the FST on display we’ll get into more on that later and there’s also GPS Bluetooth 4.0 NFC and accelerometer of gyro magnetic sensor TPG heart rate sensor and ambient light sensor and a low latency off body sensor 415 million power battery and operating system driving all of this is where us by Google formerly known as Android wear so what does all of these things do they should make your life easier and more productive they should so here’s a quick rundown with a few things that this watch does well that I really like and ones that I found super useful in my daily life and some of them also keep you productive but a quick flick of my wrist I can wait and watch and check my time date and the weather depending on which watch face on use and what a quick swipe up from the bottom I can check all my notifications and important updates but the hell track in I can monitor my heart rate checking on many steps I’ve got in for the day but if I’m sitting down I can get a gentle reminder that I should get up start moving again if you do any kind of fitness activity then you deaf you need a smart watch like this because it can definitely up keep you on track so you can achieve your goal I can set an alarm a reminder make it to-do list or a shopping this so that one of our go to the grocery store don’t forget anything but tweak the SmartWatch I can get great battery life anywhere from two days all the way up to thirty days of non-stop use before not a charge is needed in the central mode but the building NFC I can make secure mobile payment with just quick scan using Android pay at supported stores which mean that I would probably never have to go into my pocket from my wallet or my smartphone again if I don’t have my phone close by or one of the many smart home speakers that I have I can use the Google assistant from my SmartWatch to get simple tasks done or get answers to questions so one of the coolest things about the tip watch pro is the dual display technology and now that work is they take a translucent F STM display and overlaid it on top of a beautiful AMOLED display and then did this for two weeks the first reason is whenever you’re not using a SmartWatch to film super twisted pneumatic display which is FS TN for short just in case you didn’t know automatically switch on providing really basic functions such as timed a step counter and if activated heart rate sensor because it’s a low powered liquid crystal display it has a small impact on the battery which is the reason why I can run in this mode up to thirty days or more before it ever needs another charge and the second reason is for outdoor visibility now I’m gonna displays are good but even the best AMOLED display may still struggle in direct sunlight unless you increase the brightness all the way up which would then drain all the juice out of the battery but FS TN displays don’t have this problem because they offer sharper contrast better view and angle out in direct Sun and the contrast makes even the smallest images look super sharp easy to read and these two work together better battery efficiency and best-in-class performance if I my phone feature can come in pretty handy especially if you don’t remember where you place your phone all you have to do is just swipe down from the top tap on that PI my phone icon it will just start ringing into the load where you phone it it has an endless amount of wash PT you can choose from plus tons of half of Fitness MIDI control and consumption while you’re working out you can even play games on this tiny screen in your free time now I don’t know why you do that but but you can the gestures to control the UI is now streamlined and way more fluid make it navigate and more intuitive from the home screen and whenever you’re using the apps this is a pretty dope SmartWatch but there are a few drawbacks that you should definitely consider before you go and put that Bible it does have mediocre battery life if you should use it all day with all the smart features turned on but this is too expected if our resolution AMOLED display is on all the time which is the reason why I can switch into a central mode to save on power consumption there’s no LTE version so you have to go straight bluetooth from your phone there’s no wireless charging so you still gotta go old-school Pogo pin the charges thing and I do wish that more of the watch faces were customizable so at one point you were locked into using only the tick watch proprietary fitness app but now my voice is allowing tip watch pro owners to choose google fit instead of your own proprietary hi however the integration is not as fluid as it could be because the watch face is displayed a step counter from mahboy fitness app itself instead of google fit even after you treat to watch settings and disable notification from the mob boy also if you track your workout from this watch instead of your phone the distance and effort will slightly differ from what is shown on your phone but it’s not off by too much however I still think it’s worth mentioning since you are gonna pay $250 for this watch and if those things are important to you then I think you should however none of these are deal-breakers to me personally since this watch is so full-featured and packed with a lot of tools that work for me in different ways so this is recap some of the stuff that the SmartWatch offers it has a really stylish and modern design but at the same time is a little understated the hybrid leather band is surprisingly comfortable providing a lot of support and almost zero risk fatigue well I’ve never experienced it is I piece the water and dust resistant which means that you can definitely take this to the pool but I wouldn’t recommend you doing that I’m just saying you can also personalize your tick what Pro with thousands of available watch faces the tick watch pro is also packed with almost every sensor that you need to have a LT lifestyle while you working out now the truth is there may be a few software features that are better entered by some other smart watches but because the tick washed Pro has such a broad compatibility with Android phones and iPhones along with all the apps I would definitely recommend this to anyone who want a solid SmartWatch that is also good for everyday use I really like it and I think it’s dope tech but let me know what you think about it down in the comment section right under the light button and if you want one for yourself check the link down in the description thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you my next video peace

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