Sony RX100V Review Black Friday Deals 2019

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Sony RX100V Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Sony RX100V Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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hey guys how’s it going so as the title says what made me choose the Sony rx100 Mark 5 over the mark 5 a which is just released and the mark 6 which was recently released now I’ve been a Sony rx100 user for a very long time I started my premium compact camera use with the Canon s90 one of the camera that are very very dear to my heart and I eventually move on to the Sony rx100 Mark one after the s9 he crapped out because I really wanted to try it out and this is one of my favorite cameras it’s chosen it came out 2012 and it’s 2018 but the official quality is still really good this thing produces great picture quality and you’re see later that this thing can still hold its own in 2018 so if this scam can hold its own in 2018 why am I looking to upgrade or why did I upgrade to a mark 5 well simple it’s been you know six years since this camera came out and a lot of new features are included in the new generations of you know the Sony rx100 number 4s mark 5s mark sixes and so one thing I wanted to look at was video capability now the Marquand had disability basic 1080p 60 frames per second that was it there was no other other features and since I’m doing more video now and I want to learn more about video I thought the mark 5 would be a great step for it’s the 4 for me in terms of upgrading the camera now why did I not choose the mark 6 which just recently came out and the mark 5 a which just came out ok so first he mark 6 now I thought this was the camera I would get because it was announced as brand new everyone was raving about it and then as I read through the specs I realized that the mark 6 is not the camera for me because I was thinking about what kind of photography do I do really is just walking around the street taking pictures of people things some close-ups some macro photography I want to do more video some slow-mo maybe some 4k or cam reporting I also do a lot of dim dim light photography because I’m in a lot of restaurants I photograph a lot of food and so having that capability to photograph and dim light without increasing the shutter speed or increase the ISO was very important to me well I discovered with the mark 6 is that its widest aperture is a 2.8 and from the from the mark the mark 1/2 I marked 5 the maximum aperture is 1.8 so in terms of full stops like 11.4 2.0 two point eight four point oh five point six well you could you going from a one point eight which was in the rx100 mark one to a two point eight which is in the rx100 mark six well I lose over a stop of light and I’m not willing to increase shutter speed which is would increase you know blurriness if my head’s not steady or if I’m not using a tripod and if I creased ISO I’m more prone to noise my picture then I don’t want that and so losing a stop light was deal-breaker for me and so I so I’ve decided not to go for the mark six now the mark six has great features it’s got now a touchscreen something I can live without and as this killer telephoto zoom that goes from 24 millimeters to 200 millimeters which I think kind of makes this camera not more of an evolution of the previous generation of the mark-5 one of them are five but more of like a branching out right so if you want to eat a good camera a good camera that’s a porn shoot with good telephoto looking to the mark six but you want a camera that can do a bit more low-light photography you look at the mark five now another thing is I do do macro photography not very serious about it but I do enjoy taking pictures of close-up of plants and insects and the mark 6s macro minimum focus distance is 8 centimeters now even with the mark 1 it is at five centimeters and that continues to be the same until them to the mark five which is a five centimeter minimum focusing distance bet three centimeters is a lot of give and I’m we’re not willing to sacrifice three centimeters so so that can be a little further away from my subject in terms of shooting close-ups so that was another thing I don’t like about the mark six and so I decided you know what this camera this projects cost $1,200 it really doesn’t fit my needs I’m not gonna not gonna purchase it and then I read Sony updated the mark five to the mark five a which means it has the same chip as a mark six it’s got some margin improvements in terms of like a more clean menu system maybe the picture is take a little more crisper pictures but honestly unless you’re pixel peeping you really aren’t gonna know if the can of the picture came from remark five you mark 5 a or mark six in fact I’m gonna show you right now two pictures of watch that I photographed yesterday all right one with the rx100 mark one and one with the rx100 mark five now tell me if you can which picture was taken with which camera all right if we can make it out then kudos to you you have amazing eyes but for me when I was looking at these two pictures by side-by-side I really couldn’t tell too much of a distance don’t with difference so the mark one the arcs bunch of marks one can still hold its own after all these years and so I thought about all right picture quality this one at 100 that was 100 one nail facial quality no problem right and then I thought about price okay so the Horace 105 a just released just announced right how much is it well it’s a thousand dollars are close to $1,000 I think retailers are selling it for $990 900 $9.00 now I believe the improvements are very marginal over the mark-5 right so what if you can you know taking if the continuous shooting can go from 150 pictures to 233 I don’t really do continuous shooting so that doesn’t matter to me and so what it has a brand new processor the same one as the mark 6 and because they can autofocus point oh two seconds faster than the mark 5 I mean okay point no two seconds might be a lifetime for you but for me the mark 5 autofocus is at 0.05 seconds the mark 5 a and the mark 6 or at point O 3 seconds so you know what if you want the fastest autofocus then you can go for that camera but for my needs I don’t need you camera I can focus that quick at least enough for my photography all right and the mark 5 takes fantastic pictures these are some pictures I just took while I was just walking around the city and these pictures are crisp they’re clean and no one’s gonna ask me hey what kind of Sony generation camera did you take a splitter on right no one’s gonna ask me that it’s just gonna appreciate the pictures and so I thought about the price for the mark 5 so the mark 5 you can’t really buy brand new I guess unless you’re on Amazon I think Sony doesn’t even sell them are five brand new anymore it’s been replaced with a 5/8 or 5/8 so I went to ebay and this is the time to buy this mark five guys because the mark five a is out and because the mark is out I’m pretty sure people are selling their mark fives either to upgrate to the mach 5 a which I think it’s not worth it or they’re selling their mark fives to upgrade to the mark 6 which means you can get a mark 5 in really good shape I mean in what 5 in fantastic shape this is the Mach 5 I got off eBay with three batteries this already came on the screen protector it came with a grip I mean this thing is pristine it’s in really great shape it’s like brand-new I got this for around $750 all right used and in fact this camera is averaging between 700 and 800 dollars so if you are trying to decide whether or not to splurge or to purchase a brand new camera it’s like an Oryx 100 you know you can’t have the money the 5a and this mark 6 or great cameras but I still think that’s too expensive $1,200 for the Mach 6 well mike Fujifilm xt2 cost me about $1,200 so you think about that way I don’t see the value there but if you want to pick up a camera that’s still very capable even though it’s about 2 years old I still recommend you go for the mark 5 now if you have a Sony mark 1 or Sony mark 2 or 3 do you need to upgrade to the 6 foot or the 5 or even 4 well here’s the thing if you don’t really need the video capabilities I don’t think you need to overrate this mark one is still a workhorse it still takes fantastic pictures after all these years it has you know been in my backpack everywhere I go and this thing takes an amazing amazing flip friends alright so those are my reasons for for choosing the mark 5 over the mark 5 a and B mark 6 alright so have a great day and I’ll see you next time

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