Sony A6300 Review, Pros Cons Black Friday Deals 2019

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Sony A6300 Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Sony A6300 Camera Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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yo what’s up guys in suits from tech devoted and in this video I’m gonna be talking about my sony a6300 i know i’ve already made several videos about this camera but this is hopefully a proper review we’re going to be settling matters once and for all so yeah i’m gonna be talking about this camera in this video and letting you know if it is worth buying in 2018 or if it will be worth buying even as we go into 2019 and spoiler alert it is i don’t want to make this oh you have to watch till the end to find out the answer videos so yeah i gave you the answer you were looking for the camera is worth every damn penny even in 2018 in my opinion but let’s not have deeper let’s talk about why I think it’s worth it and what kind of needs the camera best skaters do I’m going to be speaking from a video standpoint I do click pictures now and then but video is thin my main forte of course there will be video samples along the way on the screen and there will also be a show real at the end of the video that was entirely shot on this camera so be sure to stick by it in the end so let me start by talking about some not so obvious pros and the first on that list is USB charging do you have any idea how convenient it is to be able to charge my camera using a power bank inside a backpack while traveling from say one shoot location to another do you have any idea how relieving it is to know that if my battery runs out I can just pull out my power bank connect it to the camera and pull juice from the power bank and basically have unlimited battery it truly is an amazing feature it’s definitely one of my favorites it is kind of underrated in my opinion and none of the competitors to the a 6300 such as the ATD or even the m50 I might be wrong but as far as I know none of the competitors to this camera have USB charging USB charging also kind of fixes in my opinion the not-so-great battery life so yeah it’s definitely a plus for a sony another plus for the 6300 is its size the camera is so small it’s so small people end up thinking it’s a point in shoot camera whisking both a good and a bad thing good because there isn’t nearly as big an intimidation factor there isn’t nearly as pressure if you’re shooting animals or people it’s much easier on them whereas it can be a bad thing because certain times you might not be taken very seriously with this camera on clients shoots and things like that unless they’re aware of the whole mirrorless revolution but the point is that this camera is so small that with the kit lens attached it can fit in my jeans pocket let me just reiterate that that is an aps-c size 100 megabits per second Fuki recording camera in my pant pocket pretty crazy if you ask me but as a result of the small size also comes some problems overheating being on top of that list so I’m overheating let’s talk about it I’m gonna give you a real-life example so the other day I was shooting a stand-up comedy session it was a 30-minute session and my camera was the camera since it could shoot in focus so I set my camera up on the tripod started recording and everything was going great everything was going smooth until the 18th minute around the 18th minute the camera flashed the overheating symbol on the screen and just minutes after that happened the camera shut down I could do certain makeshift adjustments such as using ice yes I did it such as using ice and I was able to pull off another five or six minutes of recording giving me a total of about 25 or 26 minutes of the total 30-minute session fortunately the comedian was in too mad because he was doing the same show the next day as well and we were covering that too but just so you guys know before the stand-up comedy the day before the stand-up comedy I did try to record for 30 minutes in 4k at home and guess what the camera could do it I wouldn’t say it crashed through the limit the overheating cymbal did flash around 28 minutes 28 minutes of recording but it could like get past the 30 minute recording time that I wanted it to so I don’t know what quite made the difference when it came to the stand-up vs. according at home but yeah under certain conditions which again I don’t know what exactly they are you can get past 30 minutes of folk a recording but that to the stand up it was day two and we were recording the show again and this time I was fully geared up I had with me an ice pack and a USB fan and using those two things at constant intervals from minute one of recording I could crush through the 30 minute recording time that I wanted the camera to basically crush through in 4k of course and the best part it did not even flash the overheating symbol now using ice pack might not be that safe and holding a USB fan might sound like a bit of effort but honestly I don’t really do long-form content that frequently this particular event was an exception so not really a huge deal to me so yeah I don’t have a definitive answer about when it overheats in 4k but just know that under certain conditions on the best-case scenario it can get through 30 minutes of 4k recording as for overheating in 1080p oh well I haven’t seen any I have I have recorded for over an hour at a single stretch and there wasn’t any kind of overheating so if you’re concerned about 1080p don’t be now before I go any further I want you guys to take a moment and check out hey Panda dot store they make really really cool well-fitting filmmaking t-shirts at very affordable rates and yes the one I’m wearing currently is also from them so definitely check out their website anyway back to the positives of the camera and another pro on my list is the autofocus on this camera it’s not dual pixel autofocus but I have seen side-by-side comparisons and it comes pretty close now of course this also depends on the lens you pair it up with native lenses of course work amazingly well but certain third-party brands such as sigma also work just fine now speaking of lenses I for one personally haven’t felt that oh I wish there was a certain XYZ lens available for this system but one common complaint amongst the many a 6,300 owners or users is the fact that there isn’t as many lenses I see where they’re coming from there definitely isn’t as many lenses so yeah that is definitely something that you should consider because in my opinion lenses is where the long-term investment is it’s 2018 which means it’s been more than two years since this camera was first released and I might be wrong but even today there is no camera in the ballpark of $1,000 that offers the same resolution and same frame rate options as this camera I’m talking about 4k at 30 frames per second and full HD at 120 frames per second both really amazing options if you ask me now you probably heard this a million times but the focus on this camera is actually a 6k downscale to 4k image so the quality is actually stunningly sharp it’s mind-blowing how sharp it gets as for 1080p I actually think it falls short in comparison to other cameras I do use it for slow-motion of course but other than that I almost always shoot in 4k including this video this is being shot in 4k however I might down scale it and make it a 1080p video because this probably gonna be a long video but otherwise if you’re picking this camera up I would recommend shooting in 4k what else I love the viewfinder on this camera I definitely prefer electronic over optical now I love that I can see the pictures in real time I love that I can see the exposure changing in real time and I love that I can navigate the menus using the viewfinder itself and speaking of those menus I wouldn’t blame you if you think it’s a mess I’ve gotten used to it now but in my initial days with this camera it felt like a freaking maze in there so yeah the viewfinder is indeed amazing but what about the LCD monitor well the LCD monitor it’s okay it’s nothing out of the ordinary it’s half philippa bill I know that is a huge concern for a lot of people used to be one for me as well but then I’ve kind of adapted to it I have ways around it and to be honest I don’t really feel the need for the flip out screen that often because the camera is pretty rely due to its amazing autofocus so more often than not I just do one test shot for checking the composition and then immediately start rolling so yeah life would have been much easier with a complete flippable screen but even without it it’s not half bad you know what else isn’t half bad my Instagram feed check it out it’s at Suraj dot JPEG most pictures there have been clicked with this camera and if you have any other concerns regarding the a 6300 that is the best place to get in touch with me another amazing feature of this camera is its low-light performance nothing to scientific here but I can easily go up to 3200 ISO and even four thousand eyes so in some cases and the image is still perfectly usable now autofocus isn’t that great in low light but the image itself is definitely usable not very grainy there’s one final thing I like about this camera and that is all the little pro features that it comes with I’m talking about zebras focus peaking all the different flat profiles and things like that there’s really add to the experience I also want to talk about a couple of more cons first being that this camera is a slow camera now by slow I mean like the actual performance it’s not that responsive turning on takes a good second turning off takes a good second heck even recording starts almost a complete second after you hit the record button which might not sound like a big deal but if you have logging if you’re in the moment oftentimes the audio in the first second or so gets cut off because the camera starts recording late rolling shutter is also an actual thing it exists and it’s pretty bad it’s never affected my usage but I would imagine that in things like sports or something very fast-paced this would make a difference and that about wraps it up just to summarise I’m gonna list the pros and the cons on the screen right now so this camera is great for pretty much all kinds of video work corporate videos short films documentaries YouTube videos which is what I actually mostly use it for it’s good for all those kind of shooting scenarios I would not recommend this camera to those who desperately need a flip-out screen or those who want a really good color straight out of camera let’s they said the colors on this camera are not that great I shoot in flat so I have the flexibility and I get to color great but otherwise the colors the default colors are not that great so yeah that’s about the sony a6300 in 2018 so I’m gonna leave you guys with my filmmaking show reel which was entirely shot on this camera so that will give you that should give you a good idea of what this thing is capable of so if you liked this one give it a like if you did not vote it down let me know in the comments what you didn’t like about the video if you’re new around here consider subscribing it’s been suraj thanks so much for watching take it easy and stayed voted.

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