Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away NV803 Review Black Friday 2019

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Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away NV803 Review Black Friday 2019


Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away NV803 Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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in this video we’re gonna talk about some of the things we like about the shark and the 801 and that’s this upright unit here now the full name for the NV 801 is the shark rotator powered lift-away speed with dual clean technology also another tip is the 801 is the same machine as the 803 you get the same upright unit you get the same tool set now we actually put this question to shark and they told us that the difference in the model numbers is really a function of the retail outlet so the 803 and the 801 are the same it just depends where you bought it now one of the first things we like about this vacuum is the tool set you get four tools with it and they work fairly well we’ve got the we start here with the pet multi-tool this is actually a two-in-one tool the main brush comes off and you get an upholstery tool which is good for removing pet hair and debris and stuff from upholstery and if you put the brush head back on you get a generic brush the another two-in-one tool it’s a combination crevice tool you can move the brush head forward on this okay and then it’s a basically it’s in a place it’s a brush tool we’ve got also a pet power tool you can see here we’ve been using this this is a turbo tool so it’s not motorized but it has a brush roller on my suction which is good for picking up pet hair and you’ve got this rather odd looking device here the under appliance wand and as you can see it’s designed to put the vacuum handle in here and it slides underneath appliance as like a fringe or a stove and it’s got a suction channel here and it actually works fairly well it can also be extended out I think there we go out to like a full 36 inches so you get a tremendous reach from this thing so we’re pretty pleased with the tool set and shark also provides an accessory bag it’s not all the tools will fit onto the vacuum cleaner we also like that the machine maneuvers quite easily the nozzle head is fairly narrow and that allows it to get into tight areas as you can see also just a twist of the wrist and it steers very easily the nozzle head itself is also a fairly low profile so that will allow you to get under lower furniture of course you’ll run into this but it gives you a certain distance to get under low furniture and the vacuum itself is compact and not too heavy now we mentioned that the NV 801 is not too heavy and it’s a fairly compact machine now you can see to the right of it here we’ve got the NV 7 v 2 and indeed this is a larger machine and the 801 is more compact actually 801 is pretty much pretty much exactly the same size here as the NV 682 now in terms of weight the NV 75 to here weighs 15.6 pounds the NV 801 is at 14.5 pounds and the 682 was only thirteen point two pounds so it’s somewhere between the two and still not too heavy at 14.5 pounds now this vacuum has something called duo clean technology and what that means is has got two brush rolls we’ve got a very soft velvety kind of brush roll here and your typical stiff bristled brush roll here they’re both motorized running off the same motor and the vacuum has them spinning at all times even on hard floors there’s a controls on the handle and what they do is actually adjust the speed with which these things spin so on hard floors they’re spending very slow on low or even thicker pile carpet you can increase the speed they you know our first reaction was well maybe this is a little gimmicky but we’ve run this thing through a number of tests and the performance is really good this enables you to pick up much larger debris on carpet it doesn’t get stuck under the front it also on on bare surfaces helps to remove stuck on dust and things like that so I mean we’ve got a very descriptive review of this on our website and we’ve run some tests and we’re gonna cut a few videos in here so you can see it’s performance on both bare floors and carpet now we’re going to test the vacuum on a hard surface and this is tile we’ve got a pretty significant debris field here you know you’ve got fine powder you got lentils you got larger fruit loops and beans we’ve got dust bunnies and some pet hair it’s a fairly extensive debris field and we’ve made sure we’ve got a lot of this dust right into the cracks of between the tiles so let’s see how the Machine performs and we’ll have it on bare floor mode which means the brush rolls are turning slowly [Music] [Music] well oh wait did a great job there’s nothing here in the cracks everything there was no scatter as well sometimes when you got a brush roll spinning on a hard surface you’ll get scatter it looks really good now we’re gonna test the end of the 801 on what is a low pile carpet we have a debris field here of larger debris like fruit loops we’ve got fine dust we’ve got dust bunnies we’ve got pet hair and some lentils so quite the running the gamut from a very fine particle to a larger particle we’ve also got the envy 682 here just for comparison purposes so let’s see how the vacuums perform first we’re going to run the 680 to okay no worries they’re picking up everything although on the backstroke this often happens this stuff gets pulled back when you pull the vacuum back has a hard time getting underneath the nozzle not too bad now let’s look at the 801 [Music] [Music] interesting pulled up everything and absolutely nothing on the backstroke there’s nothing left over at all it’s completely clear very good job in this test we’re gonna test how well the vacuum cleans up tight against an edge and over here it actually you can see it on the right side of the nozzle that says edge cleaning and that means if you run this side up against the edge it’ll it’ll clean better and the reason for that is we look underneath at the nozzle here you can actually see that the the gap on this side between the nozzle and the edge of the vacuum is much smaller than the gap over here so this is the side you want to run up against the wall for example to get better edge cleaning so let’s see how well that performs here [Music] okay yeah pretty much everything got one little piece left did a pretty good job up quite tight against the baseboards here another thing we like about the vacuum is the easy filter maintenance and the easy brush roll maintenance now the machine has two premotor filters and to access those you remove the dust canister we have a foam filter which is rinsable and water and we have a felt filter which is also a rinsable in water there’s some instructions labeled right there conveniently and let’s just read those to you get rid of my glasses says clean filter every three months or loss of suction may occur rinse and let air dry completely also tap loose dirt off filter between washes as needed so handy just put the dust canister back on now you’ve got a post-motor filter which is the HEPA filter in the machine underneath this here is a little clip and there’s your HEPA filter now this guy is also rinsable in the water which is great you don’t have to run out and buy a new one it well shark documentation says you need to clean it maybe once a year it’s back on fairly easy now brush rolls often need to be cleaned especially if you’ve got a lot of tangled hair in them and that could be a pain like with a lot of vacuums you may have to you know up in the vacuum cleaner you may be you’re digging in here to pull stuff out and worst case scenario you may have to take a base blade off to get better access to the brush roll now this guy’s got two fresh rolls so you might think it’s worth but they’ve done a really nice job of making these accessible for maintenance now on the side there’s a button here and it says eject roller now that’s for the front roll and just pops off just like that easy to clean and I was a little tab in the end that says front so when you’re putting it back in and slide this in make sure that front pieces forward and it just clips right back in extremely easy now the main brushroll is a couple of tabs here you click those down it’s like I think they call the brushroll garage or some such thing and the top comes up now this brush roll is very accessible now and there’s actually got a pull tab on it you can take the thing right out extremely easy is even a groove in it here if you want to run a pair of scissors down and I believe they even put a little tool back here to it with a hook on it but you could run through that grooving we’re going to pull all the hair out so it’s kind of convenient handy you know getting this back in also is fairly straightforward similarly when you put this end in here make sure that pull tabs pointed up it’s in just mounted just back in click it down and you’re done so fairly easy brush roll maintenance and also easy maintenance of the filters another popular feature on this machine is the lift away mode and that’s something you find on a lot of shark machines today and the reason for that is it is popular now it’s fairly straightforward they actually have a lift away button here so if you click on that this canister assembly comes off and that’s the lift away piece you can hold that and of course you can move the vacuum around as you please in addition you can release the wand from the floor tool there and put on a different tool any of the tools actually here we’ve got the pet power tool you could use that for doing a set of stairs for example or you can remove the wand and put that tool right on the end of the handle so and you want to do some upholstery get rid of some pet hair things like that just really handy feature and putting it all back together it’s also fairly quick and fairly easy let’s see can we go there put the cleaner head back on place and sit your back into upright mode now there’s a few other things we like about this vacuum cleaner one are the LED headlights now they’re designed to last the lifetime of the vacuum they turn on when you’re using the machine an upright mode and if you’re using tools so you take the handle and long assembly out and hose you will find the lights turn off because you’re not using the cleaner head which is also intelligent so we’ll just turn this on and see the headlights stay on when you’re vacuuming you want to use a long maybe with some tools or anything – the lights turn off it’s fairly intelligent nice feature to have especially good if you’re vacuuming in a dimly lit area or something like that we also like that we have here a 30 foot power cord and that’s nice even though the vacuum is fairly compact 30 feet is good anything less than we often start to see owners complaining and we also have a 7 year limited warranty on the NV 801 and that’s pretty good for a machine at this price point we usually see this retail for three hundred to maybe three hundred and thirty dollars so those are some of the things we really love about the shark NV 801 there are some things about the machine that we do dislike and you may want to check out our video entitled things we dislike about the shark NV 801 thanks very much for watching

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