Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch Review, Black Friday Deals 2019

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samsung gear 2 smartwatch review


Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch Review Black Friday Deals 2019

gasps you love from people you trust this is twist all right so I as you know I’ve tried and as you have in fact you’ve got my hand I love your pebble I have tried every SmartWatch on the market every health band on the market I really make a point of trying these because I do feel like this is a category that is about to explode and a lot of people say well we’re just waiting to see what Apple does but this is already a second-generation product this is Samsungs gear to watch now right up front let’s say it’s 300 bucks and it requires a samsung galaxy phone to use so if you’re only gonna be interested in this if you’re in the Samsung ecosystem you have a galaxy 2 3 4 5 this is a note 3 I’m using it with then it pairs very easily Samsung offers a special app to use with the gear – so you’ll install that first it uses bluetooth I think it’s probably bluetooth LE because you get pretty good battery life I could have gone a couple of three days but what I always do is I always charge it now a couple of things to talk about first of all they don’t yet have a way to just plug the watch in and that’s probably just save space on the watch you still have to have although much improved this little tiny charger and that uses a micro USB connector so you just snap this on the back of the watch and you know you’re gonna get used to on any of these watches just charging it every night the pebble will go all week so you can forget it but the problem with something that goes all week is you forget it and if you do it every night then you do it every night these are customizable faces let me turn it this way so you can see a little bit closer this this is a face I particularly like it looks like a wristwatch the to save battery this is a very by the way very high quality it’s gonna say that looks like a very high screen notice it goes off to save battery life but you when you lift the watch to look at what time it is it automatically turns back on so you don’t get the sense that the watch is off all the time it is a touch screen they’ve really improved this in many ways it’s a touch screen that has a huge variety of choices this is both a notification watch like the pebble and a health watch it has a pedometer but you have to start the pedometer to use it it has exercise you can do other exercises and keep track of those as you’re going doesn’t have a GPS but it will tide GPS on the phone it will monitor your heart rate it has little a little kind of camera like sensor on the back but as with most Raught watch based heart rate monitors it doesn’t work when you’re exercising very well it’s really for sitting down and checking your heart rate you also have and this is great there’s a speaker on here and a microphone so you can talk to this watch I’ll show you that in a minute record a voice memo notice this it works with your television it has a remote control on your television oops like let’s not use that yet to find my device is great I lose if I’ve lost my phone I can find my device and the phone will start making noise and vice versa by the way I can use the gear app on my phone to say where’s my watch I can’t find it that’s a nice feature fact this is loaded with nice features I can read notification so when a text message comes in I can go into my messages like I say oh I got a message for Lisa guess what I sent this from my treadmill says Lisa you know that was a response because I said guess what I sent this from my watch because watch this I’ve set up the button so that when I double press it it goes into the text mode I’m the speech mode text Chad Johnson hey Chad I’m talking to you from my watch whoo-hoo you can’t really hear the voice very well but it it’s kind of a robotic female voice let me put it up to the microphone oh no it didn’t it’s gonna be a really long text here is kind of robotic yes and the watch is distant from me right yeah you didn’t have to speak to robotically for him to catch that last now it is connected via bluetooth to the phone mm-hmm so if the phone is not near the watch or watch continues to work but it won’t send this message until it’s connected to the focus it’s remember it’s really it’s really about using the watch in the phone they have improved the camera on this the camera no longer is the pimple on the strap that it used to be by the way the strap also looks a little bit better than the previous straps it comes in a variety of colors there’s the camera right here so if I go into the camera app actually let’s do that real quickly you’ll see it touches by the way not super responsive but okay you’ll see that it’s taking a picture from this part of the camera right here in fact I have some sample pictures I took this ziplining this is a perfect example of why you’d want to use this camera when you’re ziplining you can’t really carry a camera you’re strapped in and so forth so not the greatest camera in the world you see the colors are a little bit washed out this is bright sunlight but it worked all right I mean there’s a Sun oh wow it’s not look it’s a camera on your wrist it’s very discreet it’s not it’s not super perfect but you can do a lot of you know I mean you can take pictures you can even take pictures by saying take a picture and take videos by saying shoot a video record a video so it’s nice it has the voice commands built in to wake it up before you do that yeah okay you do and and you know it’s a little sluggish and so forth you know you saw that I had to kind of swipe it a little extra carefully to get the swipe I’ve always had trouble with these kinds of wristbands but you know you’ll get used to it and then one good thing about it it’s very secure and it’s not too horribly it looks roughly like the Pebble watch does on your wrist I think if you are already in the Samsung ecosystem I’m not a big fan of the of the fit because it doesn’t do a lot of these things the gear to kind of does it all and it fairly attractive I mean I don’t feel too dorky when I’m wearing this package I do love you know how convenient it is and all the things that you can do with your pebble right you can do with this in fact the only thing it doesn’t do is that long battery life in every rather respect it’s as functional as a pebble you can program a huge number of different watch faces and you can even download third-party watch faces so you’re never stuck with any particular look I can change the background I can even make the background be a picture that I’ve taken there are a lot of clock faces you notice I’m using the the analog clock but the digital clock is much more flexible including a dual clock if you’re in dual time zones a clock that has calendar your pedometer measurements the weather and so forth so I think that’s pretty nice and like I said there’s an app store and you can download on more stuff let’s go back to the the galaxy I’m sorry not galaxy I knew it called the galaxy they’ve taken the name out it’s no longer galaxy it’s just the gear go back to the gear manager and see the broad variety of apps that are available on it these are the apps that are installed but you can install more it’s a very sophisticated watch really this is the ties in by the way operating system this is not Android or Android wear I’ll just show you some of the additional clocks clock faces you can get you can install I mean you have a handful and Wow on the pebble well now know it like when you had it they hadn’t come out with the new they’re more right there’s a ton now okay all right but are there that and the apps is what I found is to be the most compelling thing because like I can I can check any of four spaces 85 oh what you want to compare watch video you can check in you could check in five let’s see what social networking eyes and then music boss is one of my favorites you can’t play music on this it doesn’t have a little bit of memory you can only take fix 50 images mostly it’s going to be pulling yeah fillet music off the pebble but you can control your ice right which is so a pac-man game I wouldn’t recommend it but you can do it is that flappy bird it has dummy fish which much like bird but no no flappy bird yet I don’t think maybe I don’t know there’s new stuff coming out all the time and even some productivity stuff some of the people in the chat rooms say they use Evernote on their gear certainly a lot of health and fitness apps I find this great I mean the fact that they have they’ve got an app store and it has so many things in it is a testament to the fact that this is a second generation and given that it’s a second generation I have to say it’s a lot of refinement has gone into this into this watch so let’s go with the pros and cons the pros it’s a good-looking screen with a great watch face functional battery life pretty decent the fact that it has a camera on it and a decent camera voice it will read you texts as well as let you dictate texts a pedometer a lot of the health things and a very robust app store these are all positives it even looks ok given that it’s you know a SmartWatch the negative really the biggest negatives are it’s $300 that’s pretty expensive is among the most expensive smartwatches out there and it requires a galaxy phone you have to be in the Samsung ecosystem to use it but given all that I have to say it’s pretty good I hate to give it a buy because I feel like this is a product in its infancy but comparing it to all the other devices out there I would say this is the one that you should buy so the first time ever I’m gonna say a buy on a SmartWatch this is the gear 2 from Samsung I don’t know if it’s waterproof it’s probably water-resistant but you should check I wouldn’t take it diving let’s put it this way

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