Samsung Galaxy Watch ACTIVE Review, Black Friday Deals 2019

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Samsung Galaxy Watch ACTIVE Review


Samsung Galaxy Watch ACTIVE Review Black Friday Deals 2019

what’s going on YouTube this is jabber tech and today we’re just gonna do a review on the Galaxy watch active what are my thoughts about this is this the best watch for you let’s get into this review together [Music] let’s get the main specs out of the way guys if you want to pause the video check out all the specs here but the most relevant ones you have a 1.1 inch screen here you have a 5 ATM rating there is no speaker that’s right there’s no speaker on this but you do have a microphone you can ask Bixby questions or dictate text messages reply to text messages etc. You also have GPS in here you have Wi-Fi you have NFC for samsung pay you have a really nice heart rate monitor on the back and you have removable 20 millimeter style bands so you can switch these out and make this watch your own you have a really premium build here and I can’t stress that enough Samsung makes some really premium hardware well done to this and at $199 I think they prices pretty well especially for the build quality could it have been a little bit less because it doesn’t have a speaker I think at one 79 it would have been a better hit this is my opinion but again we all have our different ideas on what a SmartWatch is worth this is what it looks like on my wrist I think it’s just a little bit too small for my preference but if you have smaller wrists or you prefer smaller watches this might be for you and that being said if you’re looking for an activity tracker which is what this watch is named for Galaxy watch active the smaller size is actually a little bit more handy than say something that’s a little bit larger this gets in the way when you’re working out this smaller size is great for pull-ups for push-ups just for everyday life at the gym you’re not gonna feel it on your wrist because it’s only 25 grams which means it’s super super light I really can’t tell you how light this is you have to go check it out for yourself but you do not even feel it’s on your wrist which means you don’t get any fatigue so for those of you that we’re bigger watches heavier watches and your wrist gets a little fatigued from wearing them this is not gonna be an issue the screen is beautiful on this guys I mean Samsung really just knows how to do it no issues with that at all no issues with the snappiness you’re getting a super super snappy watch but one great thing that Samsung did and I’m really happy that they did this it’ll work with the old school charges so if you do have a charger from another Samsung watch or you have a gear s3 charger that’ll still charge that’s what I’ve been using but they do include this tiny little charger in the box which is Wireless and has a magnet really haven’t used this yet I have a bunch of these lying around the office and everywhere else so that’s not a big deal but thankfully Samsung didn’t pull some trick and make it some different standard you’re getting the same internals from the bigger Galaxy watches in the small form-factor the OS really smooth this is Tizen something we are used to by now no real differences here the only difference you might see is this has a 1 UI software on it so it looks a little bit different just to show you that I mean the icons are a little bit more rounded whatever I’m sure the Galaxy watch will get that update but it’s really not something to go and switch and that brings me to a question some of you have been asking should you upgrade to this from the Galaxy watch 42 millimeter and that’s a definite no that’s a really a hell no do not upgrade from any galaxy watch to this watch I would argue don’t even upgrade from the Gear sport to this watch you don’t get that rotating bezel this has a little bit smaller screen than the gear sport but if you must have the latest and greatest this is a great watch for you as an activity tracker gps has been great on this now I compared all of these watches to my Garmin watch because Garmin really sets the standard Garmin really does it right they’ve been doing Fitness watches forever so the GPS on this was actually really on par with the Garmin watch so GPS is awesome and so is his heartrate monitor on the back believe it or not this was actually pretty accurate guys I know the galaxy watch when it came out had a little issues with heart rate monitoring had a little issues with GPS this has been fixed now but right out of the box you’re not gonna have any issues with this the only issue you might have is the battery battery is only 230 milliamp but it is a small form-factor guys but 230 you’re gonna get about a day and a half if you run and use that GPS chip you’re gonna get less keep that in mind with all of these watches the GPS chip takes a lot of power but if you do GPS if you’re a crazy runner and you run 5 to 10 miles every day after work you’re gonna have to charge this every night just keep that in mind but you’re probably charging your watch every night anyway if you’re running that 5 to 10 miles you have bluetooth in here so if you connect a Bluetooth headset you can listen to music directly from the on-board storage and you can sync you music from Spotify as well now there is one downside speaking of working out if you do have a favorite running app say you like to use runtastic or say you like to use something else you probably will not be able to use it on the Samsung software Tizen is a little bit limited when it comes to app support that’s where something like the $159 tick watch eetu will come into play where OS lets you use pretty much any software that you want now I’m not a guy that has a thousand apps on my watch I think that’s pretty silly but when I do work out I do like to maintain the same software I do like to use the same software and keep the records up-to-date keep my history up-to-date within one app I don’t like to have multiple apps or I have to say oh I used my Samsung watch today let me check out s health or let me check out whatever oh now I’m using my where OS watch let me use runtastic I like to see a history I like to go back years and see how I’ve improved with my workouts so for me being able to use my most favorite workout app is a deal breaker on this watch but for you if maybe you’re just using Samsung health all this time or maybe you’re just starting to work out this would be pretty cool but if you do have a favorite app that you use make sure it’s compatible with Tizen that’s just one thing that I don’t like about the Tizen software right now but it’s also something you should note if you’re looking into this and this does have a feature where it automatically tracks your workouts I used it I didn’t I didn’t press run and it actually tracked my run I went for a long walk it actually tracked my walk without me having to press anything one thing I find annoying on all of these watches and you can turn it off which I’ve gone ahead and done it you have the little annoyances from S hell’s telling you to get up and move telling you you’ve been inactive for too long telling you what a great job keep it up great walkie and great running you’re doing great I don’t need a coach on this guy’s maybe you guys do let me know in the comments down below but I turn that off I don’t want any notifications from the watch telling me I got to do some torso twists no thank you I don’t need an update from a watch telling me I’m keeping up a good pace no thank you I’ve gone for runs and not pressed workout on purpose I’ve gone for walks and not press that workout button on purpose and it automatically detected what I was doing so automatic detection on this is great but again other watches have that as well don’t not really a reason just to get this once typically but if you do use this for an activity tracker you’re gonna be really happy with this and you can swim with this with that 580 I’m rating so you have the water lock feature which basically means that when you are swimming you can’t accidentally touch this sorry Bixby you can’t accidentally touch this no Bigsby you can’t accidentally touch this or the water is not going to accidentally touch something so that’s pretty cool you do have this and you can turn off the water lock mode shake it all around to get out all the water even though there’s no speaker water can get into that microphone no Bigsby ooh speaking of Bixby Bixby just is horrible on the watch don’t even use it again I prefer the Google assistant personally I know a lot of us do e to tick watch you can use the Google assistant Bixby on this is not going to be useful something to know guys if you want to use this as an everyday watch I don’t recommend it you don’t have a speaker you don’t have a decent assistant so if you do want something a little bit smaller if you do like this form factor if you have smaller wrists if you want to workout with a smaller watch I would argue pick up the galaxy watch 42 millimeter you’re getting everything this watch has but you’re getting that rotating bezel and you’re getting the speaker or pick up the gear sport that’s gonna be about the same price actually it’s a little bit less than this right now I think you can find that for about 150 check my link down below and you’re getting basically the same watch now this does have a whole new kind of update to it it has the 1 UI update which looks a little bit different just the icons are a little bit different guys no big deal that’s not really a reason to upgrade so should you buy this watch it’s a great watch just for a fitness watch if you love the Tizen software if you love Samsung if you want something that’s super new super flashy this is a great watch for you or if you just want something that doesn’t look too crazy on your wrist maybe you want something that looks kind of out of place and people know it’s a smart watch this is great for you but if you want an everyday watch I don’t think Samsung intended this to be your everyday watch if you’re looking for a great activity watch hence the name galaxy watch active this is for you this is a great watch if you want to leave it in your gym bag if you want to use it just when you go out for a run maybe you are cyclist maybe you are runner and you don’t want a big bulky watch when you run I can totally understand that this is something great if you just want to use it for an activity watch I think you cannot go wrong with this guy’s so as an everyday watch guys as I mentioned I would go for the galaxy watch 42 or even the older gear sport if you’re on a budget if you want something that’s a little bit less pricey then the newer models I would argue those would be better choices for you but there are so many different types of watches for so many different types of people guys that you have options out there and thankfully this adds to that list of options I love seeing different options for people because we should not be stuck with just one option we have watches for working out we have watches for every day we have fancy watches we have Fitness watches we have just over all types of watches out there and this adds to that collection so yes I think you should buy this if this satisfies all your needs your will not be disappointed with this watch battery life hopefully will get a little bit improved but again guys it is a tiny watch and you only have a 230 million power battery so a day and a half if you use light usage you probably will push it to two is pretty good on this watch so overall I think they have an absolute hit let me know what you guys think in the comments below I always appreciate you watching thumbs up subscribe and I’ll catch you guys next time

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