Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review: Blcak Friday 2019

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Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review: Blcak Friday 2019

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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have you read a package stolen from your doorstep or live in a not so safe neighborhood or maybe you just like to spy on your neighbors well I’ve got the review for you the ring video doorbell two video doorbells have been flooding the market recently you have the nest doorbell you have the August doorbell blank video doorbell sky HD video doorbell and you can find her but a dozen other different knock offs in Amazon the real benefit of a video doorbell is being able to see who’s at your front door whether you’re home or not and some of these even have built-in speakers on them so you can talk to who’s at your front door right from your phone add to that ability being able to link some of these doorbells to third party services like IFTTT smart things and Amazon and you have the beginning of a very good home security center [Music] out-of-the-box it feels a little on the cheap side it doesn’t feel super solid it doesn’t have a kind of a heft to it it’s made out of plastic which is good for sitting up to the weather but the plastic it’s made I love seems to scratch easily and I’ve noticed almost immediately after setting it up that I had gotten a few kind of minor micro scratches on the glossy part where the camera is it hasn’t impacted the video quality at all so it’s it’s still completely functional the design side of things I give ring a really high mark because it looks like a doorbell when you look at it there’s no mistaking what it is and that can’t be said for something that other competition that’s out there I mean just look at the August doorbell I mean come on but somebody comes to your door they should immediately know what to do they shouldn’t have to puzzle it out ring doorbell comes with two different interchangeable covers one that’s a silver and the other one that’s kind of this bronzy brown so between those two choices it actually would fit a wide variety of home styles the unboxing experience is really nice they actually have a nice welcome packet and as well as the doorbell the interchangeable cover all the tools you’ll need to install it they even include a couple mounting plates to angle your doorbell for wedge and corner installation if you already have a wired doorbell you might be able to use that wiring to not only bring the chime in your house but to power the video doorbell as well that which means you don’t have to do any kind of recharging or changing the battery which is a nice perk but the downside is not all wiring work it only supports between eight and twenty four volts AC so you use DC power for your current doorbell it just it won’t work you’ll have to change the transformer in my case I didn’t have wiring so I’m just going off of pure battery [Music] so the battery life when I first set up the ring was awful it was dead within two weeks so I contacted tech support and this is where my ring experience went sideways they really need to figure out their tech support because it seemed like their tech support people didn’t talk to each other well or add notes to my file well the first person said oh this sounds like a bad ring you can have to return to the store or exchange it with us the second person I contacted said oh it’s probably a bad battery so they sent me a new replacement battery and the third tech support specialist recommended resetting the device which actually ended up being the winning formula right there once ever you set everything set everything back up for the as if it was the first time everything worked great the batteries now last me between five and six months and I have two rechargeable batteries there’s one in the device and then one waiting in the wings for when that one dies or is about to die and so it’s just a very simple procedure just to pop the battery out and pop pop a new one in so one recommendation I have four batteries errs is to turn off the live view feature because it’s going to eat through your battery much faster and it’s a feature you’re not gonna use very often it’s you just you won’t miss it unless you’re somebody who really likes to watch your grass grow you can configure things like motion zones and schedules to control when the camera will record things and when it won’t your mileage will vary because it really depends on your home setup for me my house is on a hill so even when I hit set up the motion zone range for about a six foot radius he was still capturing cars and people walking down the streets so there’s a lot of fine-tuning involved before I finally hit a sweet spot and got it to work the way I wanted it to when somebody rings the doorbell there’s usually a two to three second delay I found on my phone or tablet before it rings in the video quality is passable at best it’s good enough to be able to identify somebody but it’s got kind of a softness to it and there’s a pretty extreme fisheye effect with the lens subscription fees are something you have to keep in mind with all video doorbells there’s an ongoing cost past the initial purchase and ring offers three tiers the first here is free but all it gets you is video when somebody rings the doorbell or that Live View feature if you step up to the basic plan it’s three dollars a month or $30 a year per device and that gives you the same thing as free with the addition of a 60-day rolling window of video recordings and if you step it up again you can go to the protect Plus plan which is ten dollars a month or a hundred dollars a year for unlimited devices with the addition of a professional home monitoring service so if you have three or fewer ring devices I think the sweet spot is to go with the basic plan unless you really really want that professional home monitoring service now if you use the IFTTT service which stands for if this than that it allows you to combine the ring video doorbell with hundreds of other automated services so you can do things like somebody rings the doorbell you can have lights flash in your house so you have a visual cue in addition to the audio cue you can set it up so that if you have home security cameras like Harlow Pro security cameras that they will automatically start recording for 30 seconds of video when somebody rings your doorbell for me I’ve got my ring integrated with smart things so if there’s motion detected at the front door after sunset it’ll turn the front porch light on it’s pretty cool another nice add-on is the ring chime it cost $30 and it will fit into any outlet in your home hooks up to Wi-Fi so it doesn’t have to be within a specific range of the ring doorbell itself and it does exactly what it says on the tin it’s a chime if you have a wired doorbell you probably don’t need this because it will bring the chime it’s already in your house but for somebody like me I didn’t have a wired setup so getting something like the ring chime was kind of a must a video doorbell isn’t for everybody so I wouldn’t say this is a must-buy but we found it very useful to know when a package has been delivered or when our dog walker is stopped by combine those conveniences with home security and we’ve been pretty impressed with the performance price and feature set of the ring video doorbell do some curious do any of you use the video doorbell if you do add a comment down below and let me know which one you use and what you think of it if you haven’t subscribed try hitting the subscribe button and the little notification bell so you know when I post a new video I’m trying to post these about every week this week I was a little late but I’m trying to post them every Sunday night or Monday morning and I want to thank all the subscribers again I still cannot believe how fast this channel has grown I’ve already passed the 500 mark which is something I didn’t that I did not expect to hit 500 anytime soon so it’s it’s really exciting to see how this channel is growing so thank you again and I’ll see in the next one

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