Ring Floodlight Camera Review, Black Friday Deals 2019

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Ring Floodlight Camera Review


Ring Floodlight Camera Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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what’s up guys ran a racer here with another tech video for gas today and today where I check out the ring floodlight cam so of course the low for the lot slices open test it out and give you us my full in-depth review [Music] so I’ve I’ve reviewed a few different security cameras in the past and this one here is a little bit unique and interesting as it’s a security camera and a floodlight all in one package so the camera floodlight seems to come in this premium packaging here saying hello to ring we have a little goodie pouch here which I would assume is the set-up guide and whatnot so the warranty information and you also have some stickers and last but not least is the floodlight / security camera itself and looks like there’s actually one more piece of packaging in here which is your installation kit and something that many brands and companies don’t include are the actual tools to help you install their product which in this case is the floodlight and camera so here is the fun light camera itself and one of the great things about this is that although there are many cameras out there that have night vision you really can’t beat two bright LEDs to actually light up the area in case someone trips the motion sensor so first off this is a wired unit meaning that you do have to hook this up directly into the electrical wiring of your home or wherever you’re installing this the great thing about that is that you have better features because you have direct power to the light and cameras for example you have 1080p recording to ultra bright LED flood lights and some other interesting features is that it also has a 10 110 decibels security alarm so if someone trips something you have the alarm set you can make a really loud noise there’s also 2-way talk so you can talk through your phone into the camera with another person who’s standing in front of the camera and of course this can be placed indoors or outdoors so it does have a weather resistant design and as also Wi-Fi connected so you don’t need to have an internet cable or something along those lines connected directly to the camera the floodlight and the box here are made of metal so it’s definitely a pretty well built design and the camera itself here is made of a plastic casing but as Ari mentioned it is a weather resistant design so it’s going to resist snow rain and all that sorts pretty easily taking a quick overview of the design what’s on here you obviously have the camera on the front here the motion sensor on the bottom your speakers as well as the mic built right on the front camera is a the camera itself is 1080p so the very high res lucien for a security camera and of course flanking left and right are the two bright LED bulbs Sony’s and suddenly this is a breeze if you already have a pre-existing floodlight built-in you can just take the old one off and put the new one on here just connect the wires but if you don’t have a floodlight outside already pre-installed then you may have to get an electrician to set one up for you but anyways through the magic of youtube lots and saw let’s see what it looks like and test it out alright so got the camera / a floodlight installed here you can see my old our little camera right next to it which is this one here is going to replace long story short the rain camera here it has lights built in better quality video it’s corded so you never had to worry about changing batteries I’m definitely looking forward to this upgrade I do have the camera installed behind our business here and basically I wanted to show that a lot of review videos on YouTube have shown this camera in a home or residential style setting but here I wanted to demonstrate that you can use this in a more commercial setting and not just restricted for residential use so first off I do at the same ring design a pretty nice-looking floodlight it’s modern sleek looking nothing too flashy or ugly and it doesn’t take away the look of your home the camera does feature two 3000 Kelvin LED bulbs in this which are super bright and energy-efficient here’s a quick demonstration of the floodlights here nothing too spectacular basically once you get into the zone where it’s a text motion it automatically turns on and you can see here they are very bright LEDs I got the majority of our driver here pretty much lit up as well as a staircase and here’s another before and after and to show off the brightness of these LEDs we have off and then on and here’s one last shot of the driveway and basically you can see this light is more than enough for a two car lane driveway so the next thing when I show you guys is the video and the best way to show you is actual video surveillance of soin trespassing on our property and triggering the camera so you can see here this guy he basically hopped over late or three roofs jumped on to her deck to carry a large kayak and some kids toy thing down the stairs and he’s jumping over the railing there because there’s actually a locked gate now by this time I got a notification on my phone saying someone has triggered the camera and motion sensors off the the ring flood lake an and I look at my phone I was like Oh Weiser’s this guy trespassing on my property carrying his junk around so I hit the alarm on the app which triggers the alarm on the camera and ring isn’t kidding when they say your neighbors will likely hear this it is a very loud alarm it’s kind of clear that this guy wasn’t too spooked by an alarm which leads me to believe that this isn’t the first time he has triggered an alarm like this somewhere else so in short two things that this video has taught me is first off if I didn’t have the ring camera I probably would have never known that this guy trespassed onto my deck and stairs here that carries Junktown and second which i think is a really cool feature is the fact that the ring sent me a notification the minute the motion sensors were triggered hence I could pull up the live view and see what’s going on the last thing I want to share with you guys is the ring app which makes using this camera user-friendly the first thing I want to show you is the notifications and this is what it basically looks like when the emotion detector is triggered on your camera you get an instant notification on your tablet or your smartphone that looks like this and if you want to view what’s happening right at the moment you just swipe it and it takes you directly to the ring app so here’s what the ring app looks like it’s pretty simple basic I feel multiple ring devices they’ll appear on the top here in my case we just have one so we’re going to click the floodlight cam so here’s what the floodlight cam page looks like it’s pretty simple interface we do have two toggles here one to manually turn on the lights but when they’re in the off position they’ll only turn on when motion is detected and the second one here is for emotional Ertz for example if you know we have people walking in and out of the camera range all the time and you don’t want to get notifications during the day or something you can just turn that off and the rest of these options here are just basically they reduced set the device up for example if you want to schedule the light to turn on for a certain period of time you can also check your events history because everything is stored on the cloud you can check this on your iPad your MacBook if you have the ring app installed or even your phone my favorite setting here has to be the emotion settings and set your emotions owns right on the camera here for example I know cars weave in and out of this back part here all the time and I don’t need notifications for that but I just want restricted to the area here which you can see in blue and last but not least of course is the alive view feature now the scammer doesn’t just pick a video but also audio all you have to do is hit the green button here now you can hear what’s going on in the camera and because the camera also has a built-in microphone and speaker phone you can actually have two-way communication between your phone or tablet to the person in the camera you also have the ability to disable the mic and the speakerphone right on your device and if you click for more options you can enable the alarm which will give you a second warning to ensure that you do want to activate it and manually turn on and off the lights so that is the ring app pretty easy to use and lets you take advantage of the full features of the camera and floodlight overall guys i mean using the ring floodlight camera for about a month now and i have to say the combination between a camera and a floodlight works really well the camera itself is high-quality and combined with a floodlight works much nicer than just a night vision alone additional features such as the alarm and to waken vacation are nice added bonus all this for an affordable two hundred and forty nine dollars in comparison to the our low camera that I have right next to it I do prefer the rain camera not only because it’s technically a better camera in itself in terms of the specs but also because it’s easier to use with your bring app that is more stable and a little bit more quicker to respond and in the Arlo app in terms of any cons or things I don’t like about this camera here there’s only two things I can mention first off the installation process unless you have some sort of electrical background or experience with working with lights you may need to get an electrician to install it and the last thing is that you do have to pay ring to use their services it cost three dollars a month or $30 for a full year and ring will save your videos for up to 60 days in case you need to download and retrieve them although some of you may be upset that yes you already pay for the camera it’s kinda like buying an iPhone yes you bought a phone but you still need to pay cellular service in order to use it and in this case you do have to pay ring something for them the story or videos onto their servers and as someone who’s been using the camera for a month now I’d see that three dollars as well worth it to protect your property in conclusion guys if we’re looking for an outdoor security camera you definitely can’t go wrong with your ring flat lake cam anyways thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed the video and you questions or comments in both this flat lake am asked me in the comment section there down below hit that like button as Owen tells me in Osseo in the next video

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