Panasonic LX10 Review: Black Friday Deals, Sales & Offers 2019

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Panasonic LX10 Review: Black Friday Deals, Sales & Offers 2019


Panasonic LX10 Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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el x-10 is a compact camera with a so-called one-inch sensor a biggest one available in cameras as small as this one which are actually small enough to be called pocket camera Panasonic likes to confuse users and have different model names for almost all of their cameras depending where they sell them all features design and everything are identical don’t worry about that LS 10 is meant to be Panasonic’s contender in a category dominated by Sony with rx100 models all five of them as well as canon g7x but first unboxing excellent with that out of the way I can begin my radio at 308 grams this is fairly light camera and can be regarded as a true pocket compact build quality is quite good LCD tilt mechanism is firm and dialogues feel solid with knife feedback buttons on the back of the camera feel a bit mushy doe this camera has no weather feelings so be careful when using it in rain or extremely dusty situations tripod mount is directly next to battery and memory card compartment door so it is impossible to access it when used on a tripod materials used on the body of the camera looks nice but are very slippery there are no rubber parts on the grip or thumb rest and I always get the feeling I will drop it that didn’t happen though but I recommend using wrist strap at all times just to be sure overall economics is not that great I quickly came to conclusion the camera is way too small to be used easily controls on the back are way too small for my fingers and absolutely impossible to use in winter with the gloves shutter button has a very short travel and I also had issues with lumbering around the lens when using aperture ring I often accidentally move the zoom ring since they are very close to one another more often than I would like I goes to situation in which camera wouldn’t focus or focus was way off after second or two I would realize I have accidentally touched LCD screen and moved out of focus point all the way to the corner it is possible you won’t have any of these problems but for me this is the hard camera to handle and this is not all if I enter any basic adjustment in video mode for example exposure compensation and press video record button camera will not start recording it will only exit exposure compensation and another press will be needed to make it start recording I lost some video opportunities due to this first time it took me 10 to 10 seconds even to realize camera is not recording free physical buttons can be customized and there are five more on touch LCD together with the REC button for drive mode macro white balance exposure compensation and customizable focus ring and dial on top of the camera LX 10 actually gives a decent level of direct controls JPEG image quality is solid but that’s about it it has a good level of details but rather muted colors and a bit too much contrast when used with image styles like vivid or scenery it is better but to me these are still rather boring looking shot regarding color rendition as high soft noise reduction is a bit aggressive at 16 and 3200 while everything about it looks really terrible Rafa’s are a different story well the saturated colors still apply even to ruffles I was able to fine-tune them the way I like without much effort dynamic range is good with a good deal of headroom hope for highlight and shadow recovery high ISO if usable up to 3200 but beyond that noise is too strong mechanical shutter is very quiet listen to this if even that is too much there is electronic shutter which is fully silent this camera also has silent mode a feature which when enabled makes camera is stealthy as possible by disabling flash autofocus of this clamp all camera sounds and of course uses electronic shutter only automatic lasso control is simplistic it is possible to adjust only upper eye so value lower ISO value and shutter speed settings are not available and next 10 has three times optical zoom covering equivalent range from 24 to 72 millimeters aperture is 1.4 to 2.8 but I was disappointed to find out 1.4 is available only on widest zone setting already at 28 millimeters it falls down to two and a half and that 32 millimeters is at its maximum 2.8 which is then maintained all the way to 72 millimeters if you wonder how much background rule can be achieved with 1.4 aperture on this camera here is a comparison with full frame lens at 24 millimeters and f/4 aperture which gives similar depth of float nothing spectacular but still rather good for a one inch compact camera the zoom can be controlled with rocker dial around the shutter button or be the ring around the lens both can be customized to be used as continuous long or in steps and the ring around the lens can be assigned to other functions besides room or even disabled the run speed is constant when adjusted with Rockridge I’ll that can be much slower and precise when used with ring around the lens manual focus is easy to use camera displays focusing scale and magnifies center of the frame magnification level can be adjusted and moved around the frame it can also be set to cover entire LCD baking has to strength levels and five colors to choose from optical quality of the lens is quite good in some regards center of the frame is always sharp no matter aperture or zone position corners are a bit worse but far from that this particular camera which I used showed some significant blower at the right side of the lens whether the different textural lens misalignment or somebody who used the camera before may drop it I cannot say flame resistance is quite strong and there is no detectable vignetting it is probably removed in-camera with software but who cares if images look good on the bedside the chromatic aberrations can reach insane amounts in some shots it’s been a while since I saw performance as bad at this is not very nice and if not even generated if the light source is anything other than extremely bright like compound sonic cameras different also use this contrast detect out of focus only but the one that works rather good it is fast and accurate and I have no complaints regarding u2 during my time with the camera several familiar focus point configurations are available face detection striking for the 9 area custom assignable area single focus point with adjustable focus to incise and pinpoint best use for critical focus in macro shots or similar easiest way to control them is by using touch interface spot metering is linked with active focus point and featural I think in a lot of quite more expensive cameras macro performance depends on zone position at white angle you can get as close as 3 centimeters from your subject at any zone settings camera indicates closest focusing distance on the LCD Christ video resolution is 4k 8 for difference per second if you want 60 it is available in Full HD maximum single file duration is 10 in 4k resolution and 40 minutes in full-hd almost all manual controls are available and you can adjust them during filming aperture shutter speed ISO and manual focus federally auto ISO doesn’t work in manual video mode zebra and beacons are also available but there are no flight profiles and you cannot use focus magnification during video recording time-lapse and stop-motion are also available what is typical for Panasonic cameras if you are interested more in time-lapse take a look a special tutorial I made earlier this year using GX 80 time-lapse options are identical on both LX 10 and GX 80 link for this video is in description below this one there is no microphone input or monitor headphones output this is still a pocket camera and most of them rely only on built-in microphones which is as expected average some level salary cannot be controlled it is fully automatic biggest drawback regarding video might be variable and subject depending on camera settings and recording conditions videos might end up much darker when using optical so there is an interesting feature called level shot which corrects camera inclination and gets video loud it doesn’t do miracles but for small Corrections it works quite good overall video quality is very good detailed end without compression artifacts now start to be visible already at ISO 800 but is not a problem until you hit 3200 at which point a good deal of fine details is lost due to noise reduction 6400 is very noisy and best of all it fit with this camera apply strong crop for video photo range is 24 to 72 millimeters at full HD video you get 30 to 90 millimetres and only 36 to 108 in 4k resolution stabilizer does not affect video crop regarding image stabilization I am a bit disappointed hearing use GH 5 and GX 80 just a few months ago I was thrilled how would they work MX lifting stabilization is sadly nowhere near death level autofocus during video recording is average end I wouldn’t trust it for furious views it can jump around add some instances for example take a look at this video log style recording while camera indicated it recognized my face and even track my eyes focus is still a bit wobbly in other instances it might refuse to focus on to small details like this flower in foreground it took me 2 or 3 minutes of trying to finally make it work it appears I had to play focus point on upper right corner of the flower this was only why Alexis can manage to focus in this 10 area I guess most people would give up after half a minute LCD here into diagonal and 1 million dots moving angles are poor affect touch option is available and works for all camera functions autofocus shutter which may need mainly playback and everything else it is very precise and sensitive multi-touch is supported so you can pinch and zoom like on smartphones and tablets summit visibility is okay but nothing out of the ordinary screen is articulated at 180 degrees what is very useful for selfies and video logs birth performance is possible at various speeds but most of them have certain limitations on resolution file type or autofocus setting here is the table of all of them together with my bathroom measurements using Sun disc extreme memory card I wouldn’t call this a sports camera but as you can see in certain situations LX 10 is a quite capable burst shooter little better with 680 million per hours capacity is strong enough for approximately 200 shots in every use what is similar performance is competing models from Sony and Canon if used in burst mode or for time-lapse this number can reach well beyond 1000 shots the battery is recharged in camera using supplied adapter and micro USB cable it takes around two and a half hours to fully recharge battery compartment shares is space with memory card standard SD memory cards are supported 4k video produces big files so you should buy UHS pre-labeled memory cards as big as possible two connectors are on the right side microUSB and micro-hdmi lifeline is built in and works quite good with Panasonic image app lication no issue here small pop-up relationship built-in and can be tilted for bounce function here are examples how much better images look that way quick menu is identical to all other Panasonic cameras I find it easy to navigate and use it regularly same can be said for main menu features are generally well placed and it doesn’t take long to get a hang on it I also like how you can browse main tabs with upper dial and individual sub tabs with zoom rocker dial pretty neat solution so for the end my overall impression is that of a camera made for amateurs wanting high image and video quality while having the option to play around and learn manual controls images and video quality produced by LX 10 is definitely on a high level maybe not the best in class but still justifies its price tag on the other side I am not sure I will recommend it to advanced users who need good access to manual controls while the sensor Ambulance are capable it is a bit frustrating camera to handle I came to identical conclusion when reviewing Sony rx100 models one might argue it cannot be different to do two tiny camera body sides but can indeed managed to design significantly bigger buttons on g7 X so it is possible and it’s pretty much everything for this review if you liked it subscribe to my youtube channel and if you want to support me buy stuff on Amazon using my affiliate link below this video you will not pay any more than otherwise but I will get a small percentage from every purchase thanks for watching.

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