PANASONIC LUMIX LX10 Review, Black Friday 2019

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PANASONIC LUMIX LX10 Review, Black Friday 2019

PANASONIC LUMIX LX10 Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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the Elex 10 or Alex 15 for those in some markets it’s a compact 1-inch point-and-shoot camera designed for prosumers featuring a super fast 1.4 aperture with some quality glass on an optical three times oome of 24 to 72 millimeter the camera’s good great and annoying why stay tuned a feature while back and unboxing and first impressions of this camera so please click up here everyone check that out but today I’m going to give you my final verdict after using it for more than nine months this model has been on the market for about two years now and it’s still being sold by Panasonic it is compact series of cameras personally for purchase with my own money for about $700 it can be still found for a similar price so look around because you could see it but like I don’t people dollars for up-to-date pricing check below no let’s keep it real good first up the aperture and his multi control ring is great but I must admit that I tend not to use it enough plus been so compact it’s hard to differentiate between the front dial and this one and you end up inadvertently adjusting anything but the aperture at its widest the 1.4 aperture produces a really pleasing depth of field which make your pictures and videos stand out the zoom is OK and you could find a better spread from Panasonic or the newer Sony rx100 model 6 but for general use a fan until work for me the equivalent lens position is noteworthy especially for those who like me were primary user for video first the one in sense a couple with this lens means that your field of view is actually quite narrow at its widest I found myself I can’t be close to the camera so check out how close oh now yeah we’ve opted it’s been what they are it can result in objects not necessarily appearing as though they truly are Vox did a great video on this so I’ll link it up there second when you use 4k the image is cropped so then 24 millimeter suddenly zooms in to about 37 or so not a problem if you’re shooting normally but in selfie mode makes too close too close man back off fix by purchasing either assault with stick or Manfrotto pixie or just shoot vlog stuff in 1080 yeah that was better optically I found images to be pretty clean with very little distortion at the edges and no aberrations or collar ships a great result from one of the cheaper cameras in this segment that sensor produces a twenty point one megapixel still image as well as a very good 1080p or 4k I found colors can be pleasing and sometimes a little bit saturated for my liking but the feature I purchased this camera for and the highlight is as video capabilities in 4k you can record at 100 megabits per second 30p in mpeg-4 AVC HD formats with AAC sound recording basically that’s like high quality video specs any memory cards you have will quickly fill up if you use this resolution stepping down from that you can shoot in 25 or 24 p then shifting to to 1080 either 60 or 50 frames per second at 28 megabits per second and of course 30 or 25 P when you’re using 100 frames per second a good tip is to ensure that you’ve got good line for slow-motion shots when used it doesn’t record audio and grain is increased by the camera so compensating for that lack of light coming into the sensor bout your life is very good the six hundred milli amp hour battery allows for a good 1 hour plus of video recording I never found this limit when doing just photography which on the tour of Melbourne with my daughter for a night shoot meant that I didn’t get worried about the battery dying on me plus an added bonus third-party manufacturers produce some great products at a fraction of the price of Panasonic’s firing up the LX 10 is fast and the video kept within a few seconds is possible but a big drawback during video capture is autofocus as seen here what I find happens is that a hunts despite the clear subject taking up most of the frame or struggles to find focus I’ve played around with a lot of different settings to try to find the right balance between performance and guaranteed results but you know what on advice from a friend I Andrew I’ve since turned auto focus off foot to camera work like this I simply can’t trust the whole focus disappointing yeah but other dislike of this camera is it’s really impaired microphones for general capture out on the street there okay see that you see that actually see that in the studio setting like this the terrible you can clearly hear the difference with no audio jack import you’re stuck with what the camera has to deliver so my worker renders to either use external mics like this or my lapels and then I sync them in post messy yep so come on Panasonic but of these few disappointments I still like how easy it is to capture video with a 180 degree flippable screen at 1 million dollars that gorgeous picture can clearly be seen even in direct sunlight or if you need to work at a distance from the camera you can use this built-in Wi-Fi mode and image app on your phone to perform all functions remotely after 10 minutes away impressive recording limbs are never an issue a Sony pick up your game in 1080 mode or just keep recording until you run out of memory card same to for 4k recordings but weirdly it breaks them into 15-minute blocks no overheating no pauses no doubts very happy on the picture side of things that camera sports 5 axis image stabilization traditional manual controls 4k photo post focus and photo stacking modes image quality is very good with color science accurately reproducing what you see is what you get for me coming from Sony to Panasonic was it first a little put out by this but thinking the pictures didn’t pop like they did on my sony a 55 I learned the Sony and known for in the pictures with a warmer higher contrast picture profile or harassed Panasonic they price things in a more realistic way you can select from more than six modes like vivir or natural but in general I discovered that there was a lot of information in the pics and you could draw it out in post dark scenes were easy to shoot due to the fast 1.4 aperture and 1 inch sensor you can comfortably push the ISO up to 3400 and still produce clean green free shots that you’ll be proud of capable of doing 10 frames per second whoever frustrating 12th frame buffer what the camera captures picks him both raw and JPEG formats and then there’s a fast 95 megabits per second speed this buffer is quickly cleared by the camera and ready to go very fast as well but you could use the super high frame rate of 50 frames per second but well I just don’t quality drops to 5 megabits JPEG only and 60 frames maximum so instead uses the one of the three 4k photo modes which enables 30 frames per second capture no lens restrictions and photos come out about 8 megabits as hinted in my intro this camera is a bit polarizing as a use case thing of like you’ve got a compact camera which the untrained eye looks really simple and there’s no professional would ever consider but you know it actually packs a lot of great features it is actually very customizable and there’s a part I don’t like given that you’ve got a small body and you’ve got so much crammed into it you’ve only got so many buttons and dials and selectors you’ve got three program or functional buttons plus another five through the touch screen and it’s hard to recall what you may have met to one of those buttons so I tend to shouldn’t pass him anyway and I don’t use one of those 24 scenes like night scapes glittering illuminations portrayed and beautifying modes no even food modes then Panasonic knows their market right so don’t get me wrong the customizable features in the video mode with three quick presets for changing settings makes workflows fast and satisfying for most users for something which is relatively small and compact at just 105 millimetres wide 60 millimetres high in 42 millimeters deep weighing just 400 grams this camera packs way above it sports coming from DLSR which is previously like a real joy to use but lumping that thing around over a kilogram of think twice before bringing you whereas now I have no qualms as Chase Jarvis would say the best camera is the one that you have with you picture quality is great vo it’s even better – the autofocus issue battery life also excellent for such a compact device when compared to Canon or Sony similar products with an identical feature less and they are a little bit smaller you’ve got to be really hard pressed to try and be at this price so my final verdict is excellent and you should buy so what do you think do you have a Sony or a Canon or even the Panasonic let me know your thoughts I’d like to hear from you put them down below and you haven’t already consider subscribing while still there I upload every Wednesday and Friday and there’s a podcast available everywhere and hey if you haven’t already stay ticky

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