Panasonic Lumix dmc-zs50 Review Black Friday Deals 2019

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Panasonic Lumix dmc-zs50 Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Panasonic Lumix dmc-zs50 Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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This is my review of the low mix Z as 50 or TC 70 on the back you have a 3 inch LCD which is nice and bright pretty good for taking photos outside it’s also composed by over Milligan that sort of resolution of the screen it’s surprisingly good on the corner you have a electronic viewfinder which you don’t usually find on compact cameras but it’s actually a pretty good feature to have because if it is surprisingly bright outside when you need to compose a picture it’s better using the viewfinder the endo LCD also W finder it’s composed by over one point one six million dot so the resolution on it it’s pretty gay on the side right there you have a personally sensor which means that when you’re using the camera and you bring it close to your face it’s going to turn off the LCD and switch over to W finder on its own right there it’s actually a laser proximity sensor I can see maybe you can see a blinking right there by works pretty well also one of the advantages of using the one of the advantages of using the view finder over the LCD is that if you’re going to take a picture and you use the zoom all the way through it’s going to provide some stabilization so your image is going to be a lot sharper than if you were using the LCD you only on top you have a smiley face those are those stereo mics and the speaker this is the wheel with all the special features intelligent auto program aperture shredder manual mode custom one and custom tool those are for you to set up a super DS panorama sing and create a mold this is the shutter zoom level power on and off the record button as you can see the camera has a grip right here which is going to help you keep a steady and has a thumb raise on the back also for the same reason you can have a nice grip on it it has a focus ring well it’s not a focus ring it has a ring around the lens which you can use for either zooming in and out or focusing I personally have a self of focus some of the photo specs of the camera include the 30 times optical zoom lens with image stabilization let me show you what the lens looks like for the extended and then as you can see you the camera has a 12 megapixels see a CMOS sensor and the battery life is good enough for around 300 shots iso from 64 from 80 to 6400 but personally i don’t like shooting past iso 800 that’s when the photos start to become surprisingly grainy so anything below 800 should be okay the camera can shoot raw and JPEG and also raw and JPEG at the same time however the wrong photos are not the the wrong focus you expect to find on a DSLR so there’s very little you can do with them not to mention that though the RAW format for this particular Panasonic cameras it isn’t supported by many other photo editing software the camera has a nice view manual focus in 23 different focus points so that’s a really good thing if you can take a picture something is going to help you focus on your subject a lot quicker burst mode ranges from 10 frames per second a full resolution for 6 photos for the frames per seconds at 5 megapixels and 60 frames per second at 2.5 megapixels I’m going to include a sample right now now we’re going to test burst mode the first one is going to be ten frames per second the second one is going to be 40 frames per second and the final one is going to be 60 frames per second okay here we go although other preset shooting modes in the camera and kuru the following portrait soft skin scenery which is landscape sports night portrait night scenery hell hell night shot HDR which is pretty effective food baby one into pet sunset high sensitivity that’s usually using high ISO I’m not really a big fan of a starry sky through glass high-speed video and 3d photos some of the most advanced shooting modes on the camera include program which is basically auto don’t the difference is that you have some manual input or if you want to change a few things here and there you have a which is aperture that controls though how much the lens is going to open as for shutter speed that will control how long the lens is going to stay open and so the longer the lens stays open if it’s a dark area your focus is going to come out a lot brighter however it’s required to use a tripod when you’re going to use slow shutter speed and M is for manual which will allow you to control pretty much everything on the caramel yourself but that’s usually for more experienced users the camera it’s also capable of shooting video in Full HD it can be done at 1080p at 50 frames per second and 25 frames per second 720p at 50 frames per second and 25 fps in either mp4 or a DC HD format you can also shoot standard video in BGA format 640 x 480 at 25 frames per second high-speed video is also another feature of the camera that can be done at 720p at 120 frames per second and 480p at 240 frames per second however high-speed video will have any sound but on the bright side the video quality is actually pretty good slow the slow-motion effect it looks fantastic specially if you have a good enough enough light for 240 frames per second the video length is going to buried between 30 min 30 to 35 minutes and it’s also going to depend on the memory card that’s inside your camera it’s required to use at least a class 10 anything below that might not be fast enough so if you start using though the movie mode the camera might stop recording so it’s recommended to do class 10 or higher the camera can also take photos while recording video all you need to do is press the shutter button and it’s going to take a picture without stopping the video however you can do that for nine pictures and exactly sure why they chose nine but that’s the limit of it two of the best features that ou camera has is NFC and Wi-Fi now one thing that’s surprisingly good about this camera it’s the remote shooting so when you control the camera through a smart device either Android or iOS I used to own a Nikon la folie and a canon sx40 HS both of those cameras had Wi-Fi however shooting remotely through your iOS or smart device was kind of tricky mostly because that was all you could do you could just take a picture and in the case of the Nikon the app itself will compress the photo so the resolution wasn’t that great same thing with a Nikon however this one doesn’t seem to compress the photo and better yet unlike the Nikon and door Canon this one has a lot more features you can actually customize pretty much all the settings of the camera through the phone or iPad or iPhone which the Nikon and Canon didn’t allow you to do I want to do the sample of that after this now I’m going to show you how to connect your camera to your phone so all you need to do is turn the camera on and once it’s on press the Wi-Fi button right there just want to say put this weight and then that’s going to come out let’s put the camera to the side for a moment then go to your phone and launch the Panasonic app right there click on QR code and then just Candle the screen on the camera with your phone like so then it’s going to connect just give it a minute you can see a message this is connecting way for say local access on the remote control once is connected you’re going to get two options transfer image or remote operations we’re going to go on remote operations it’s going to give you an an option change the recording mode you click on yes the lens is going to extend all the camera as you can see and now you can control it remotely now this is to zoom in and now let’s zoom in a bit too much hi there okay there you go that’s my Funko pop action figure from Civil War giant man now if you want to focus on only you can just tap it and it’s going to focus and to take a picture you just need to press the shower right here there you go took a picture now if you want to take video sorry if you want to take video or you need to do is press the button up top let’s put that to the test first let’s zoom on refocus and record now it’s recording video at 1080p at 30 frames per second 25 frames per second let’s zoom in as you can see you can still take video and control the camera to your phone and you can also be focus while taking video let’s zoom out again I’ll add the video and the forward you just took onto the review so that you can see the quality of the images and videos during remote operations let’s stop there there you go now if you click here you can go to the settings of the camera through your phone to flash you can turn it on and off slow sync or redeye I have it off right now aspect ratio I have no sixteen by nine picture quality as you can see for quality nine megapixels well not full but really high quality nine megapixel it can go higher but since I have the expert ratio set to sixteen by nine I can only do nine megapixels but I can go up to twelve picture quality to fine standard or roll roll fine so you got all the options focus mode you can change those also Megara mode and video quality so as you can see you basically have full operations of the camera through your device you don’t usually see that like I said on either the Canon camera died on before and the nikon 1 now if you want to transfer images you can just click here and it’s going to take you to the images are already saved on the camera right there this is the photo we just took I’ll add it up to the video it looks really great on the phone I don’t think you can tell but you’ll see once I put on the video but as you can see the remote operations of the camera it’s really fantastic but yeah Leila my final thoughts on the camera personally I think it’s pretty great image quality it’s really good colors are very accurate the photos are sharp the noise on the photo is kind of load especially if you keep it under ISO 800 the lower the better the only problem I have is the positioning of the flash which is right above the grip so when you hold the camera the way you’re supposed to like this sometimes your finger lands right under the flash so when you fire is most of the light is blocked by your finger so usually just hold it like this unplug once over I think it’s a pretty good buy you know give it a shot as far as point and talk as compact cameras go this one’s pretty good you know the zoom is gray image stabilization is even better video quality is great can do advanced features like the Wi-Fi and the ability to control your camera remotely and do all those changes it’s pretty great you know so there’s a newer version of this one so maybe you might want to consider download instead however if you find this one which is going to be a hell of a got cheaper I recommend you going for it it’s a really nice camera through the compact packs a bunch of zoom and tour built great pictures so I recommend it

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