Panasonic FZ1000 Review Black Friday Deals 2019

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Panasonic FZ1000 Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Panasonic FZ1000 Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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Now you can probably see from the smile on myface and the box on the table the new F said one thousand two has arrived came in by courier this morning from Park cameras here in the UK bang on schedule and everything was packed superbly well so you know hats off to park cameras they do a great job in getting camera out on time so you can see this is a new F set 1002 so today’s video is all around the comparing between the new camera on the existing episode 1000 does it justify the 300-pound plus markup from the original camera let’s have a look in this video now the episode 1000 had a few issues for me and you probably remember in my first video I was very critical about the fact that the control ring on the lens wasn’t coupled to either the zoom motor or the focus motor with any fine control I tried it on several different cameras and quite a few of you said no I haven’t got the problem but I I went through about six cameras in various dealers and everyone you had to rotate this dial a certain slow speed for it to actually register with the either the zoom or the focus motor so if you wanted to set a very fine focused position you had to offer him a racket backwards and forwards to find that focus point that was the first thing I wanted to check will unbox and put the battery in this camera had that issue been resolved and the answer is yes it has the control ring on this camera is superb you get a really nice feel from the zoom control or from the focus control from this control ring it you can move it very slowly you can move very quick very quickly and it will actually set focus on your set zoom extremely well so that has been improved what they’ve improved I don’t know whether it’s the encoder or whether it’s the drive between that encoder and the zoom or the focus motor but that has been resolved now remember when the mark 1 first came out there was no 4k photo mode and it was an only via a firmware update that we got access to 4k photo now it wasn’t the full package not like the later G eights 4 or gh 5 or the G series where we had the option to do focus stacking or post focus or we had the burst mode 4k mode so so that wasn’t in the mark 1 but in the mark 2 yes everything’s there and it works superbly well now in addition to the 4k focus stacking or post focus mode in the camera we do have no the option to do bracketing not only an exposure conversation but also in aperture so it can actually do a sweep from F 2.8 to f11 because f11 now is the smallest aperture that got in the cameras there so that gives us an increased depth of field over the f/8 and it doesn’t seem to be much of a trade-off in terms of diffraction-limited resolution when we go from that f/8 to f/11 in this camera so can actually do a sweep of all the aperture or three stops or five stops with it and also there is a focus mode which allows us to have up to 999 increments at set increments so we can go from a fix point to a fixed point with a finite number of steps so you can actually do a sweep across your subject to give you enough images there to focus stack yourself if he wanted to do that the major changes to the camera are around the back so we’ve got a bigger EVF it’s still the same point 3 9 OLED display but the magnification has changed and changed the optics in the viewfinder so it’s gone from 0.72 0.74 and it is much brighter and it is a real treat to use up you find a much bigger eyepiece on here than on the original mark 1 also we’ve now got a larger 3:2 aspect ratio touch enabled LCD screen so it does mean that we can access menus from the touch screen we can actually change values we can do focus polls in video in review mode we can swipe through the pictures like you can on your smartphone you can pinch or you can swipe to zoom you’ve got all the features there on that touch screen which is fantastic that’s a feature that should have been in the mark 1 when it first came out but obviously it wasn’t there and punished on the cover listen to the feedback and added the touch screen in this mark 2 now another thing that’s changed and has become a weakness in these cameras is this back control dial it’s become an issue with the SR 300 330 from the feedback on my photo blog site something like 30 people from base of 2700 fed back the fact that this dial is starting to fail on the 300 you either don’t get a push in or the movements to the left and right are not being picked up by the camera so I’m glad to see that that facilitates been taken off the new camera and been replaced by this much more substantial button like we have on the F 300 so we’ve got a rotary control wheel on the top and an additional control at the front so between the two of those two dials we can have variety of program features so you can change aperture or shutter speed or exposure compensation we can program those two or whatever we want on the lens barrel we’ve got a change from the switches and levers that were on the mark 1 2 3 programmable buttons now and we’ve also got this zoom compose switch when were in the 400 millimeters effective focal length trying to keep your subject in frame is quite difficult so there is a facility there that when you press that button the camera zooms back out and it puts a white square which is the area of the field of view so once you’ve got your target in that field of view release the button and keep that target within that square and you’ll be able to maintain your composition while the lens zooms back out so that’s another great feature it’s been on some on the Canon cameras and it’s been on the Nikon cameras and now we’ve seen it here on the F set 1000 there are some subtle changes to the menus we’ve now got an extra facility in there for my menu so you can actually put your own frequently used operations into my menu so that’s a great feature 4k video mode we’ve now got the option to go to 30 frames per second from the 25 and 24 that were in the original so we’ve now got the higher frame rate 4k video we’ve also got 120 and 140 video mode obviously there’s no audio with that but if you’re into slow motion you’ve got full HD 120 or 140 grip has been deepened slightly so if you’ve got big hands you’ll be able to get a better grip on the camera and everything else appears to be the same as on the mark 1 the lens appears to be the same there’s still some debate on the 4 into whether the new centre is the same as the old one or whether it’s a new BSI front illuminated sensor or exactly what the sensor is until someone’s done a complete breakdown of the camera we’re guessing that it’s still the same centre or it’s a new one with psi rather than the standard CMOS sensor apart from that the camera is identical in terms of optical image performance I’ve been shooting with both of these cameras all this afternoon and have just reviewed all the work and to be honest as I expected there’s virtually no difference between the image quality between the two cameras even in 4k video mode going at 30 frames a second yeah it’s a bit smoother but in terms of quality they cameras are giving me the same effect now there could be some variability is between lenses and sensors normal sample variances between cameras give you that change but these two side-by-side give them the same result so if you want to skip to the end of the video there’s maybe 20 pictures from each of these cameras so you can compare them side-by-side if you wanted to do that now the other feature that’s changed with this camera is the fact that you don’t get an external butter charger there no supply you with a USB lead and you can charge the battery internally via USB so you get an AC adapter and the USB cable so you could actually charge you from the wall socket or as I will be doing you can actually charge it from a power bank so you can top up the battery while you’re on the go so that’s a nice feature some people like that other people don’t but I really do like the USB charging usual lens hood is the same as the mark 1 same strap usual wider strap they’ve changed the lugs from these d-rings to the strap hooks I guess that’s to prevent noise but you either like the deluxe or you hate them so your choice with the camera you also get the basic operating manual the warranty instructions and some information about shooting 4k video so that’s really all that’s in the box and your warranty information now another feature that’s been added to this camera is the Bluetooth connectivity so we’ve got the once a Wi-Fi is enabled you can connect over Bluetooth and it keeps that Bluetooth connection open so if you’re doing things like GPS logging it can get the information from your smartphone and automatically tag the picture as you’re going along so you don’t have to do a batch tagging at the end of it but what we’ve lost is the NFC communication so if you were an Android user you could use the NFC on here to pair up your Android phone but that’s been taken away from the mark 2 you’re reliant on connecting either using the QR code or by the passcode from the camera so you gain one thing you lose another if you’re buying the camera for recording video can get a clean HDMI signal out of the camera so you can free that to your external recorder and monitor but you can’t similar turn this record to an external device and to the internal memory card you’ll just get the no recording video message across the screen so you can’t do simultaneous recording but you could use it as a live feed for OBS feed to something else so there you go you can use the clean HDMI out if you so desire well there we are that’s my quick overview for the new DMC episode 1,000 mark – hope you enjoyed what I brought to you like what you see and you’ve not already subscribed to the channel please do click the subscribe button and the bell notification icon and then you’ll be notified when I upload new videos also check out my photographic blog I’ll put a link to that in the video description below it’s all about panasonic lumix bridge cameras they currently are 750 series and micro four-thirds systems as well and on the home page of that blog is the application to join my three weekly newsletter group now that letter goes out to just over 2,700 people now every three weeks and this is technical publication and many respect stuff that I don’t publish on the blog in many instances so so I was saying thank you for this subscription but application gives me the authority to send you emails as with a GP gdpr regulations so please to complete that if you want the newsletter so until my next video when I’ll be probably bringing you more information about the F set 1000 – when I’ve had more time to play with it hopefully I’ll see you in that video so thanks again for watching please do take care and I hope to see you all in my next video goodbye for now you

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