Otium Wireless Sport Headphones Super Review, Black Friday Deals 2019

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Otium Wireless Sport Headphones Super Review


Otium Wireless Sport Headphones Super Review Black Friday Deals 2019

after my second parodies have given out on me in less than two months I’m officially giving up on true wireless earbuds and so today I’m going to take a look at the optimum Wireless sport headphones these are a kind that I got on Amazon and kind of a little kit here and you get a charging cable and some the some additional of the ear cups or not cups I don’t know what they’re called the part that going to hear there’s some warranty information some other paperwork we all need that get the package open there Odie I keep calling the at the end but they’re odium so you open up the packaging and here you go you’ve got to they look like this they look like the true wireless earbuds but they have actually a cable that connects the two pieces together these are very obviously beats clones but I’m not going to pay whatever the exorbitant prices for the beats though ones that look like this with the cable in the back so let’s get them on they’re really lightweight they fit pretty good I feel like I am getting pretty good kind of like suction in there so already it’s harder to hear like my own voice and I’m not hearing ambient noise as well although it’s pretty early in the morning it’s a little bit before 5:30 so there isn’t that much ambient noise right now but let’s get these on and connected and then we’ll take them for a run and take them for a little bit of a test spin [Music] so I’ve been running with two wireless or Ivan wearing Bluetooth had both ever since I got shortly after I got the iPhone 7 and I kept losing the lightning 23.5 audio connector and since then I run with the Axio – I’ve run with the titanic’s Bluetooth ones that are connected but don’t have any ear loop and the Yemen run m8 now the taotronics they’re one of my favorite headphones just both run in and to wear around town but when I sweat a ton they just never stay in I think that’s more me that is the headphones and so I’ve been looking for true wireless earbuds with an over the ear loop and that’s because you know I’m on this run on this trail all the time and I’m always looking over my shoulder to watch – ah chopper bicyclist and every time I do I feel like cables like this it’s like a weird ponytail like he’s flapping around again in the left so I was trying the two out this year but doubt and you know initially it all worked great so Jack you – I love those headphones they were really light they worked fine and same thing with a Yemen run m8 they worked really great problem is each of them they stopped working on me after a couple of months and I just feel like that’s not long enough to really warrant you know recommending as a product and so I’m finally giving up after two failures two different brands two different smiles of the true Wireless here but I decided to go back to a wired version it’s Bluetooth but has a wire because I think the left and the right ears so I want to give that a shot so far the audio quality on this is fantastic the bass probably is a little bit too boosted when I’m listening to it like indoors or Enquirer conditions but now that I’m running and there’s a little bit more ambient noise there’s a little bit of wind noise I’m running through a base level perfect sounds great the earbuds themselves are lighter than sri wireless earbuds I’m guessing there’s a component or two less that they don’t have to put in there and on this cable because it doesn’t have the controls in the cable mm still on the earpiece the cable is really light that doesn’t feel like I’ve got that weird pony tail flopping around as I’m turning my head left and right so so far really like [Music] just in the turnaround point three and a half miles and so far these headphones are great a couple of things to keep in mind off there’s only two buttons and they’re on this side one of these have both sides because they can be used like one at a time or both at the same time this they’re connected so you only need one set of buttons there’s a power button on the side that’s why this starts the music of the powers on and off buttons on top control volume and forward and reversing tracks but the orientation is reversed usually I’m used to like volume up and track boarding for my eyes and volume down and our reversing tracks towards the back these are reversed not a big deal let me hear your mind [Music] all right fish garage shuttle two-and-a-half miles today so assume that sort of sure to meet the Rob because the Glasgow but really folks my wife Xu at that pace once but earphones are great it’s not hot today too much a little bit chilly so not a really great touch but as far as wind noise now you’re going to get the windows realize like under style and definitely getting it on this but the sound quality it’s probably the best our quality of experience on a Bluetooth earbuds [Applause] [Music] all right got the girls dropped off at day care going to take these new earbuds out and they did it great on the run to see how they do on my commute I’ll be taking a train doing some walking seeing how they fare against the city noise [Music] so it’s just got off the train and the audio you’re hearing now and audio you were hearing from the whole commuting portion of this video is what the microphones are picking up so this is different than the taotronics where the taotronics has the mic you in it like in line with the controls that creates like a bulky little box there so moving that back up into the earpieces I think was a good idea because as the ear loops that can handle the way to think and so I think I like it I think I like this design I mean ultimately I like to talk onyx best for commuting because they’re the most kind of like discreet Plus having a good sound so they’re really low profile able to gather the ears far pleased to get other ears a little bit but overall it’s just going to have one pair of ear but for running and for community this is a one this is real good and pretty cheap I am NOT – oh what’s going on [Music]

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