Olympus TG5 TG-5 Camera Review, Black Friday Deals 2019

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Olympus TG5 TG-5 Camera Review, Black Friday Deals 2019


Olympus TG5 TG-5 review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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welcome to wet 35 and today we are going to look at a brand spanking new bulletproof camera the Olympus top tg5 Olympus kindly gave us this brand-spanking-new Tufte g5 camera for review and I took the opportunities to take it to Cuba for a very very thorough testing before getting to the review a word of advice for any budding traveling photographers out there and as you know that you don’t want to hold up a lot of gears when traveling you’re tiring yourself out while walking all day what you want to do is packets light as possible and what I did for my trip was I pack everything into this tiny little Billingham Henley small camera bag and yeah I’ll show you what I have in my back with this trip and obviously the tg5 and I have my em1 mark 2 with the 25 1 2 Pro attached and I have my wide angle 12pi and my tele macro lens 60 millimeters these are the perfect combination for any traveling so I think and this is plenty enough for my use there you go travel light [Music] this is the latest Olympus Tufte g5 camera and the successor for the very popular T g4 which was launched in 2015 so it’s been a while since the original are not written of the older model and I would say but you know what makes this camera much much better than the old one was the new features that they include it in this brand new camera well first of all is the 4k feature you know like of course you know now every single consumer camera can do 4k even your smartphone can do 4k so they need to have 4k video capabilities which they did and pretty good as well you know at 44 k 30 frames per second which is actually quite decent not spectacular but you cannot compare this to I pick a system of course but in a full HD mode you can also do slow motion as well which is really cool it’s kind of like a fun thing to do now a lot of people like this slow motion thing so you can do that with this top camera so in terms of video features it has kind of bought this camera bang up to date from the 2015 predecessor well the second point is resolution of this camera sensor and in fact it hasn’t gone up to cut down from 16 to 12 well there’s a good reason for it because as you know you want to shoot better in low light especially underwater when this dimmer so what they did was they keep the sensor size the same as before but reduce the resolution which means now the pixel pixel level is now bigger absolute more like so you can get much better quality in low-light and I can guarantee that it does work very well okay string wire testing and I saw a lot of low life stuff and it works very well you can obviously match the quality from the thicker brother like the em1 multi or the even the em5 mark ii but you know like for a compact of this size it is performed very very decently well the third thing is this little Stiles oh it’s very important to me because then as a professional photographer you want direct control and I know you know being a compact you can I have a lot of dials and buttons but one little valve means a lot to me because I can now control the exposure compensation during the epital party mode which means that I can actually dictate the the exposure myself rather than let the camera do it or have to go for a layer of menus or like buttons and knots and things like that you know that dial works well in this situation so I love this feature and thank you Olympus for including the dials which is really awesome and a four point is a very very minor thing but I think it’s actually quite important if you use a lot of accessory with the tough camera like the Y angle or the tele lens attachment which you know can change the focal length of your camera if this this little locking knock thing button thing you know which makes the accessory ring like it Bionic Mound so you can press it unlock it and then you attach your your lens to which makes everything more secure the reason I say that because the tg4 had the same accessory port but it’s a schooling mechanism which means that there was no locking and your accessory ring or the lens itself can come off quite easily if you are not cutting it properly so as a safety precaution or safety feature I think the locking mechanism worked very very well if you use a lot of these to air the accessory so this is really good I think they have definitely improved that and thought about it about the you know feedback from other photographer use the tg4 before so well done Olympus what about the build quality of this little camera well I would say this is indestructible you know it’s really really good you know it’s just as good as ever just like the TG 4 TG 3 before and it just awesome because I think all the tough cameras are very very solidly built because they are designed to do so actually let me tell you when I was in Cuba you know I took it to all kinds of stuff I went swimming with dolphin I went to the beach with this and I was taking this camera around Havana and it was very humid it was constantly at 38 39 degrees Celsius and very high humidity so it was no problem there’s not even condensation on the lens which is actually awesome you know sometime we you know coming from a air can air conditioning an environment coming out onto a very hot and humid street you get condensation this one doesn’t have it you know must have some sort of coating we kind of alleviate that so we just really caught really good and being a family man after you know especially help I have a two four-year-old very active twins and they always kind of trying to destroy my stuff really good for this gives they kick these around literally you know those where they dropped it on the floor a couple of times and it survived and there’s nothing happens to it and because being a drop through freeze proof and waterproof camera you don’t have to worry about a thing you know like compared to my other compact cameras that I had before they destroy a couple before that they have before I have this tough camera so it’s really awesome you know in that sense I think a lot of people might think that this is actually for action stuff but I think is actually a perfect family camera and what about one of the most important thing of any camera is image quality well I would say the image quality of this is actually quite decent especially on the wide and the reason I say that is because the Y angle sight is very sharp a very nice edge to edge is actually very good but the pelion right at the far end is actually a little bit soft to my taste and when I zoomed in by the way its optical is not digital so when i zoom all the way in and I found that the the detail has lost a little bit and then the sharpness has gone down and it’s noticeable so it’s actually not very good if you want to do a lot of penny shots for instance but the Y angle sight is perfect is really good for video both video and still you know in 4k you can see how sharp that is and even and the image mode we just really cool and the contrast is all there and being a small sensor obviously you lose the depth of feel if you want to even f/2 but if you want to achieve a little bit of the shallow depth of field little bit background blur you can also do that by using aperture priority such as f/2 and move close to the subject you can do a little bit of that so overall I think it’s actually pretty awesome and I think it’s definitely a step up from the tg4 I think mention about the pixel sizes which now is down from 16 to 12 so the low-light capabilities that improve so you do get better low-light shots as well so it is good you know like I think for a camera for this size at this price point of being a tough camera image quality is very very decent indeed there are lots of things I like about this camera but there are some negatives I would like to point it out well first of all I really was hoping that the tg5 will have a touchscreen because all the Olympus cameras that I use like the micro 4/3 cameras they all have touchscreen which is really cool you know like you can touch focus I think it’s very convenient these days and these there it’s kind of like a more intuitive way to operate a camera these especially everyone uses a smartphone now so touch screen is not much but I think it’s actually quite good to have especially Olympus of Spanish so well with other camera so I think they’ll be good to incorporate with the the top cameras in the future the second thing is battery and I’m a little bit disappointed about the battery life of this things and especially if you do use 4k videos recording because this is actually one of the main features they advertise is the 4k capabilities but if you do 4k recording this is bad you know the battery stuffs not last at all but on the flipside they included USB charging which means that you can actually now use your battery bank power bank to recharge this thing on the go that is kind of convenient nowadays and I think actually this should be a feature for all future cameras no matter what brand you’re using I think even the Micro Four Thirds system it should be good to have a USB charge facility because everyone of us now use a smartphone and most of us will have a power bank in the back so it’s handy to have it because you don’t always have the opportunity to to recharge your batteries or have more than you know batteries that were that’s enough to last through the day so having USB charging is definitely a very convenient thing to so it does have it actually so it’s not really negative what is the negative for the battery life that is not a negative because they have a UCC charging let’s leave it at that so the Third Point is the image quality of the telephoto end and I’m not joking I’m a little bit disappointed because it’s a little bit soft and the sharp the sharpest n is really just avoidant and as zooming in it’s just basically is decreasing at every level so I’m hoping that you know tg6 or future generation of this camera is going to be better and it that will be awesome trust me because a camera of this is a great package of zoom you know and capability sis you know what you need that telephoto and performance and lastly this is one of the bigger thing is the AF performance of this camera so these things in good light the AF focuses as quickly as any camera out there on the market at the moment but I’ve said it’s a negative because in no light this thing just just isn’t quite there because then it still has quite a bit so you cannot lock on it quick and even though with f/2 aperture increase low-light performance in terms of image quality the AF performance doesn’t quite match but it’s a big big mega mega mega but it’s in video mode even the car agrees with me and then in video mode this thing really sucks I know I’m really disappointed because this thing now shoots 4k which is really awesome so let me tell you why there are two reasons and there are two focusing mode in video mode it’s AFC which is continuous forward their focus or menu focus right let me talk about ASC for continued focus be worse if it locks onto your subject well and tracks it well but it does not and you’re still just in and out a little bit especially now you’re shooting in 4k so you can see every single little details when you drift the focus a little bit you can see it very very clear I don’t know it just doesn’t work for me so now you’re thinking maybe okay for a lot of videographer out there they use menu focus anyway because they don’t trust the computer so much and like Tracy who are filming now just using manual focus but many focus on this is also flat I’m telling you I’m disappointed and frustrated why is that because once you do this menu focus once you focus your subject okay that’s cool okay focus now okay it doesn’t drip anymore yes it’s a drip but what’s the press record it doesn’t even let you refocus anything so it stuck with that focus you know like basically until you press stop so that’s sucks because you cannot change the focus that means you cannot even move in and out with your subject to readjust your focus you just cannot do any of that at all so that is really disappointing in terms of manual cos and I’m hoping I’m hoping I’m really begging olympos please we leave a firmware update to change that so you can readjust your focusing in manual mode at least even though you’re AFC doesn’t quite live up to expectation but in manual please please please us can only adjust the focus while recording you know that’s really annoying so what do I think of the PG 5 well I love it and I hate at the same time now I really really love it and my why I love it because it’s just so simple to use and at the pole I appreciate all these little details like the BIOS like the 4k videos and the colors and sharpness of these things I think is brilliant I think it’s pretty pretty good and but you know like it’s a big but that’s why like I mentioned earlier is now even though it’s given us 4k capabilities but all this limitation that I told you about the MFT AF and it’s a hindrance you know is likely giving you something very sickening back again it’s kind of weird even if you use oh I share app you know ok I try to use it as a vlogging camera but obviously I cannot see myself it hasn’t got a tooth in philippi screen so I use my iPhone app hopefully I can do that myself but then if I switch to the app it only allows me to record a 1080 and it’s limited to only 30 frames per second then you cannot do anything else apart from just using the app yes to do it which is current flux really I finally you know this camera is great when I think is really you know a big step up from the tg4 and I think it’s image quality is definitely better especially in low light so you know being bringing down from 16 to 12 it’s definitely a good step and that thing you don’t need more than 12 for compact camera like this I think it’s brilliant and being built such a tough camera which means that you can throw all kinds of thing to it and you still survive and as a family man with two kids likes to destroy things this is perfect especially and if you’re an action guys would like to go hiking mountain biking we all do for all kinds of stuff this is also great and scuba diving yeah really nice waterproof and you can even get a waterproof housing you can go even deeper as you go diving ultimately I think the Olympus tg5 tough camera is definitely one of the best on the market at the moment and I would recommend it wholeheartedly even though with the limitation of only 4k video capabilities but it just adds joy to use I really enjoyed it in Cuba and I loved it if you liked the video please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for future Olympus product reviews and update follow us on Facebook Twitter Instagram and the links or down below in the description until next time goodbye

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