Ninja Professional Blender Review, Black Friday 2019

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Ninja Professional Blender Review, Black Friday 2019


Ninja Professional Blender Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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why hello my name is Eric and you might be wondering why there’s so many blenders on this countertop but you also might be wondering why this ninja blender in the front has ice and the rest are kind of surrounding it like it’s a breakdance circle well you’re about to find out all right now I don’t pretend to be an engineer or somebody who knows a lot about many things but I do think that a blender full of concoctions should be able to sit still on the countertop so that it doesn’t fall off your countertop when you use it unless it’s being attended to like a small child so in my opinion the ninja blender here was quite the fail and I’ve had this one for a few years that I’ve been using this is the 1,000 but to give you an idea of how innovative ninja blenders are as a company here is a newer model this one is the 1100 and listen to this oh yeah that’s right this one’s got suction cups on the bottom of it so at some point they must have said you know what we’ve got a problem with these blenders being unbalanced and instead of fixing the issue they put suction cups on the newer models because of that I’m going to immediately remove this the old Ninja Blender from this review because it tries to me nuts and hopefully from looking at this review of all these blenders under $100 we can take a look and see what works for you and your situation alright so going from left to right these are staged in order of price all the way to the right being the $103 Cuisinart ultra velocity butter and all the way to your left the Hamilton Beach blender which I believe is $27 so I’ll put the price beneath each of these blenders on-screen because of course that’s important but what I’m gonna look at is how well do these blenders blend like will they make a green smoothie with flaxseed in them can they actually stay still when you’re blending with them what is the smoothie look like when you do a smear test with it afterwards so we’re gonna do all that we’re gonna do it individually on each blender Rus and it gets sound audio bytes on each one so maybe you’re like me and you’re a little particular with the way things sound you want it to be something that’s not screaming at you every single day as you’re making a smoothie one thing I wanted to go over is the pictures themselves because some people prefer glass some prefer plastic the two cheapest ones over here glass nutribullet plastic the KitchenAid plastic the instant pot ace blender glass the Ninja 1100 blender plastic and the Cuisinart ultra velocity plastic that’s up to you whether or not you care about that some people Fergus the reason I know that this particular model is glass is because it’ll actually heat up soups and things of that nature so it has to be glass but that’s really up to you and your preference so without further ado let’s get into making greens these in each and every blender and seeing how they turn out all right this is a quick tease showing you in order which smoothies are like the busts the the first one here is the nutribullet smoothie I thought I had a good texture second was insta pot did a great job of blending all of the greens not leaving any residue or remaining leftover Cuisinart was pretty good but there is one reason that I have it beneath the insta pot which I’ll get to later a Hamilton Beach as far as the cheap options go was the best on the variant far end of the spectrum I did not actually show the oyster one I’ll get to that later in the video this is where it kind of falls off the ninja blender you can see some issues there with greens on the side same issue with the KitchenAid as you can see a large leafy green there as I’m making this I did a half cup of almond milk a handful of greens half a banana in each 1/2 cup of ice and most importantly in my opinion is I put some chia seeds in there because you want to see how well those blend up so now we’re going to go into more detail on every blender but I’m also going to give you 15 seconds of audio on each blender so you can hear what it sounds like if that matters to you and then we’re gonna go into more of the specifications and see how it does blending and get into the details taking a closer look at the Hamilton Beach power elite multifunction blender the glass jar here holds 40 ounces or 5 cups there are two speed pulse control and is 700 watts of peak power as we look through this a little bit further you can see that this stands 15 inches tall weighs seven point seven two pounds total on Amazon there are five thousand six hundred thirty nine current customer reviews with a three point six average star rating here we are doing a smear test this is where you can see that we’re going to show you what the consistency is the texture of the final smoothie this will make more sense as we see more of these in the future reviews coming up right away but also taking a look at the product here there are no greens or anything like that left over want to give you an idea that and then what it looks like when you pour it into a glass that probably hasn’t been cleaned well enough because my dishwasher leaves spots on the glasses so you can see it’s a little thin a little runny give you an idea that you’ll get a better idea once we see some better blended smoothies [Applause] so this is the oyster 6 8 112 blender with glass jar what you’re seeing on the screen here is that it says it’s a thirty to fifty dollar price tag that’s because I paid thirty dollars a few weeks ago and now it’s up to fifty on Amazon 3.8 star rating fifteen inches tall seven hundred power peak power but you can see that there were some leafy greens on the side of the glass jar and then if you’re paying attention to the poor you may be missing the leak coming out of the bottom of this blender this is why this is my worst review blender I don’t really care about the blend test or anything like that because it left a mess all over my counter which is ridiculous so that’s not a great product now we were going to take a look at the nutribullet and how it performs on the blunt test and listen to the audio so this is the nutribullet original there are newer versions I borrowed this from the work office actually but you can see that the blade here is not very sharp as far as the newer versions I will link to that in the description if you want to check those out one of the design flaws in my opinion is that you have to flip the container over so you can see that that leaf that got stuck just got mixed in with the smoothie but when you’re looking at the actual smoothie consistency it’s awesome very thick evenly smooth out the chia seeds are not visible in this whatsoever and when you comparing it to the Hamilton Beach smear you can see how it almost looks like we’re making art and then when you’re looking at the actual pour of this particular device you can see compared again to the Hamilton that it’s much thicker it looks like a smoothie as opposed to this kind of runny watery kind of smoothie that Hamilton Beach produced I won’t compare it to the oyster because that made a mess on my counter so let’s move on to the next blender [Music] we’re taking a look at the KitchenAid 5 speed blender with the 56 ounce pitcher stands about 16.3 inches tall weighs 10 pounds most of that is in the base which is a cast iron base is about 550 watts approximately but they did not display that in their Amazon listing you can see that it did leave some leafy greens on the side of the pitcher one thing you notice too as you’re pouring it’s kind of got some bubbles in the smoothie itself the similar test it did okay better than the two cheapest models but in my opinion not as good as the tests that we did with the nutribullet you can kind of see that it’s just got a little bit of a runny or consistency to it as we’re doing the pour tests as well overall I just found this blender kind of unremarkable as far as it didn’t create as good of a smoothie but also didn’t while you with any kind of feature sets or anything to make it stand out from the other blenders as well you can see it is a little bit watery too and the big deal here is it left a leaf in it so that’s not cool alright moving on to the next blender so here we have the instant pot ace blender clicking the smoothie button it does take a few seconds to get started it kind of a countdown for everything but let’s take a listen [Applause] so this is the instant pot 8 blender 60 of instant pot pressure cooker frame it holds 56 ounces of cold beverage 48 ounces of soup has an interesting 6 steel blades there importantly it has four hot programs on the right hand side and four cold blending programs on the left hand side which we’ll get to later showing you how to put it together here you can see that it did a good job with the greens there’s no green stuck to the side that’s because it’s kind of got a program to allow the greens to fall down into the blender again as far as the texture consistency of the smoothie I found it to be the second best after nutribullet but it’s also a very different type of blender than the nutribullet the advantage that it had over the nutribullet is there were no greens or the nutribullet did have one leafy green stuck to the container so that’s all we’re going to talk about this one for now but we’ll get back to that later and check out this blender [Music] so this is the Ninja Blender professional 1100 watt not going to spend a lot of time on a lot of the specs on this one I think you guys know at this point I’m not a big fan you can see the blades here are very different makes it very hard to clean and it also makes it so that the product is getting spit out into the sides of the container which we’ll get to in just a moment after we do the smoothie test here you can see the product is very different it kind of whips it into this kind of like frothy consistency personally I don’t like the texture because it’s like nothing to it it’s just almost like you’re drinking a latte instead of a smoothie I’m gonna do a little close-up here so we can see the poor poor job of cropping that camera shot Eric oh well you know working on it give me a thumbs up anyways right but here’s what you want to see is all of the greens that are on the sides of this container so because of the way the blades are set up there was greens on three of the four sides of the container and I just find it to just be a less than adequate blender because of that very frothy as you can see there too so pretty disappointing [Music] so the best way I can describe this Cuisinart blender is it’s kind of like the souped up version of the KitchenAid Blender we showed before not a ton of functionality a little bit more because there is a smoothie option which is nice because you can see that the the contents will go up the sides and fall back down which helps it not have any of those Leafs inside of it as you can see from that close-up gave a pretty good smoothie good texture good blend to it but in my opinion this was by far the loudest blender out of all the ones tested I did not like it just for that reason but that is a personal preference thing already so just finished up the green smoothie test didn’t really feel like cleaning every single one of these so I just cleaned it too quickly of the ones that I find to be the best in the smoothie test now the reasoning for that the nutribullet I thought did a great job one of the you could call it a design flaw in some ways but you have to flip the contents over so if you remember from the video there was like some of the leafy greens stuck to the top but the texture was very good and at the price range that this one is considering these three over here much better smoothie than drippy over here and this one where I just didn’t like the texture with the Hamilton Beach to be honest this one was just kind of unremarkable not a lot of functionality built into it you have five different power settings of pulse in a nice setting and that’s it the insta pot I chose over these two right here because you probably know mr. suction cup I’m not a big fan of wow that’s some innovation right there and now this one the Cuisinart accusin art I don’t know how to say that velocity ultra so loud that is a personal thing and again this all depends in your situation if you’re deaf and I’m not trying to make a joke if you’re deaf who cares how loud this is right if you’re a student who’s living in a very small dorm and you don’t have a lot of space and this is gonna fit better for your space go with that if you like cleaning up messes go with the hoster I think I’m gonna throw this one in the trash when we’re done here and just give the rust to Goodwill or something me personally in my family I like the instant pot hey splendor just because of the functionality of it I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier on the video but this has the tempered glass because of all of the other features you can do on it later tonight we are going to make a black bean soup with it so I’ll do a time-lapse video that I will stitch in right after this to kind of show you how that works the one thing you should be aware of is that there’s a heating component in the base of this so this is much heavier than most of your plastic tops the tempered glass and there’s a heating component in the base so if you’re buying this for your 80 year old mother and she’s got arthritis and she’s pretty weak maybe that’s not the best bet but for most people I think it’s more than fine I kind of sum it up as quality blender if you don’t have a lot of space and you don’t have a lot of needs I know you don’t have a family or you’re not interested in doing all the other things as far as yogurt crushed ice smoothies and all that and then if you’re looking for functionality at a good price for a hundred dollar price point I think this one’s pretty good so I’m gonna show you now cuz I’ve already got it set up is the instant pot here also has a pulse clean so I’ll show you what that looks like [Music] [Applause] so similar to the way that this one has a pulsing when you do the green smoothie the reason it does that is if you notice that the especially I believe the Ninja Blender the green smoothie gets sent to the sides because of the way it’s designed there’s no slow ramp-up period this device is designed in a way where it’s actually ramping up and it doesn’t really throw the smoothie around quite a bit until it’s already kind of pointed and captured when you’re just hitting a button and it’s just going full speed right away that’s where you end up throwing maybe some Leafs up to the top of the device and they get stuck in the sides and then when you’re pouring your drink which happened to be twice you end up eating a big leaf inside if you’re a smoothie so that’s it for this review video again thank you if you choose to use my affiliate links in the description below and thank you for watching give it a thumbs up I appreciate your guys support and hopefully we’ll have some more review videos for you coming down the pipe alright good luck and take care

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