Nikon D5300 Review Black Friday Deals 2019

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Nikon D5300 Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Nikon D5300 Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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so guys and I finally bought the Nikon d50 300 and I’m going to unbox it in this video so it’s an branched entry level camera for beginners so this is how the packaging looks the binding is also typical Nikon 1 they are browning black mixture packet this camera comes with Wi-Fi and GPS and at the back of the box you can see the accessories which are included in the box as well as the system requirements and connect grinding on the packaging so I’ve bought this camera from econ outlet located outside the Karachi and it cost me rupees fifty four thousand and I bought a SD card also so make sure if you’re buying buying the camera for video purposes make sure that you get a speed of 90 meters per second and so it will help you transfer data faster and it is more efficient and this cost me in please mm only extreme speed and it’s gonna provide better video quality and yeah this also matters a lot so don’t just insert the smartphone and keycard there you can also insert that but it’s not gonna perform up to the level so make sure to get our SanDisk as you come which have a speed like till 90 Mbps now let’s quickly unbox this camera so we can get in the physical overview so let’s quickly tear up the packaging [Music] so as you can see here is the warranty card and this is a 12-month Slendy so let’s just open this box up and so much ecstatic right now because this is my first DSLR ever I have never owned a gear saw before and here we go so first of all we get the service blondie the school training card which the cons will give you which was mentioned at the box so I am in training free so there’s a special code which I have to use if you guys want to join this Academy to learn this to learn to use the DSLR and in the box first thing is that we get the battery which is a 1230 milli ampere rechargeable battery anyways let’s just keep it aside and here we get the con repair service cards the basic DSLR camera training and finally the booklet term annual so we also get a user manual with that and we get a ticker some paperwork’s and CD other than that let’s just see what’s in them and here in the bubble wrap we get the lens so at the right side we got the Nick on AFP lense so one thing the one thing which is very important that if you bang this DSLR to check that it is the ASB one not the AFS because the AFS header has a motor problem which was discontinued and because the new because the new Nikon cameras will come with the FP 1855 lens so the thing this lens do that it off autofocus without making noise so here you can see that the lens is AFP 1855 it’s a lens cap so the lens I got is our default kit lens it’s not gonna make noise while focusing you’re not gonna struggle in video it’s not gonna make a lot of noises so be sure to check that out and make sure you get the AFP length so anyways let’s put it to the side so here are the basic stuff let me focus there yeah so this is the module budget so this is the charging module for the battery and you may let put this to the side and we got the Yukon strap so it’s off quality and this camera is by the way made in Holland we got the AV cables for television and stuff which I think I’m not gonna need and other than that we get the data cable for transferring data which is a 2.0 cable again so let’s just put it aside and here we got the doctor yeah this is basically to connect this right here and then we got the viewfinder cap and at the left side we got the main body itself here we go this is the body of the Nikon d50 300 which I’m gonna use for every video of mine and then I have to say this looks pretty pretty sick let me focus yeah here we go so you can see the Wi-Fi connectivity instead of the buttons the slider to turn off and on the metal sides bigger slag metal work right here right here and here otherwise the body’s Philippe are made of plastic polycarbonate plastic so this was the stuff I got with the camera so that was the accessories get inside the box so let’s now just look at the camera itself so let’s start a physical overview of this camera let’s start from here here we got the cap and inside is the aps-c sensor you can see you have to protect it from dust and you can see you can see the mirror inside it’s a mirror camera and here’s the auto focus assist line right here and our receiver right here and this thing is the lens relief right here this burden is for the flash this is that end button this is drive mode at the top big are the on/off slider of the camera the video recording button the info button which is gonna show you info if you press this if you press this and use this slider you can have control here is the main command style this is the mode dial which has various effects and various settings you can see filters the manual the automatic the scheme’s you can adjust different scenes from here and here is the Wi-Fi and GPS slot is actually to insert the SD card so and at the left side we got various ports yes so here is the external microphone port the output the HDMI cable and the place for data cable and one more thing guys you don’t get the headphone jack with this camera again it is an entry-level advanced camera and so that is for the target audience so that’s not going to matter at all it shouldn’t because it’s an entry level camera not an advanced and here is the joystick type button the only defect of this camera is that it doesn’t have touchscreen so you’re not going to touch screen with this device although I was getting a camera which is known as Nikon d50 500 which was having touch screen also but I didn’t bought that thing because it was not coming with the box so anyways this is a LCD widget of 3.2 inch 270-degree articulating screen it rotates as well so that it is good for logging I think yep so you can rotate it anywhere you want and like that you can shoot your blocks while looking into the camera so this is the thing I like the most about this camera like I can shoot myself while watching how am I looking so that is good for blogs and stuff so that is also the main reason I bought this camera for vlogging and here is the viewfinder this is the menu button and this is a delete button this is the auto focus and auto exposure lock button right here and this is the microphone of this camera which is completely useless because it captures so much of noise that you have to buy our external microphone and for that I’ve covered up a boy Universal cardioid microphone which is a mini shotgun microphone and currently the video you’re watching right now is recorded by this mic so you can also tell the quality of this mic by watching this video anyways let us come back to the cameras and here we got the speaker right here the speaker’s okay anyways guys let’s power this thing on but before I do that let’s just unbox our lens so here is the 1855 millimeter ap AAFP lens looks really beautiful here we go and also be careful with the screen don’t break it while just playing with that and you guys here’s the list now to insert the length correctly locate the white dot on your camera and look at the white dot on your lens then do one thing that connect these white dots along with each other and cover up the entire body then rotate it slowly to the left side until you hear it lock okay so it is locked and one thing to notice is that this is a lens release button but you have to press this button and move this thing so this is the zooming and this is the focus ring so anyways this is the camera you can see so now let’s just put this thing right up and see what’s inside so I’m gonna move this thing up here I’ve also got the SD card so we don’t mess things up so let’s just open up the egg free card here we got the SD card before you insert this card into the camera make sure to unlock it so it’s already unlocked here is the camera grip the camera grip just ignores your pinky finger so okay I think it’s gonna go in this way [Music] so now I’ve inserted the SD card let this quick quickly close this thing up and here big order this is the place where you’re gonna insert your battery here’s the battery remove the battery cap and just plug it inside here we go so the battery is inserted and SD card is also inserted now it’s time to power up the camera and one more thing guys at the bottom we got the tripod mount let’s just quickly open this thing up but once again no touchscreen English select your location my location is this clam about karate day month here so I’m gonna set this camera real quick then I’m gonna let you guys and one more thing guys when you see this while booting up the camera you see this thing so it is an indicator that your camera is box black and has never been used ever so make sure to remember this thing when you open up your camera for the first time so it says done then the camera is opened up so this is actually the info screen and it says zoom the lens before taking a photo [Music] so I’m not gonna go a lot in details about the a user interface for that I’ll make a separate full review and remember it’s not a touchscreen so you can just swipe along here and there but actually if you say the screen is actually an important not so important thing it is good if you have that but if you don’t like there’s not a problem actually I was gonna bad the canon 700d but it can shoot 60fps in 1080p resolution that’s why I have to go with the Nikon d300 and if your camera is all set up this is the room for flash so let’s take our first shot with this camera okay and take this shot so this is my first short of what the hell wrong with this change yeah so this is my first shot from my nikon d50 300 it comes up as a great shot so I’m so excited for to make videos orbit anyways so you can see the result itself like it is pretty much pretty clear wow I am so much impressed by the result like you can clearly see the detail the minor details it will bring you it and this is the Live View mode you can just switch it deliver can make a lively video by just pressing this record button and it’s gonna charge according and here it’s gonna show the levels of the microphone the battery and everything let’s close the lens let’s shut it off menu ok and off so the camera is turned off now so that was the review of the Nikon d300 I’m so excited a gorgeous gift large I basically have bought this deer start from vlogging and stuff to make videos and I will keep you guys updated that haul will it perform in videography photography so yeah guys that was it for this video and I pretty much enjoyed unboxing this camera I prefer it more than the Canon 700d because it can shoot videos up to 60fps even at Full HD 1080p resolution that’s the max resolution you can make out of this camera now let’s talk about the battery so the battery is going to give you 600 shots and froth for the complete user interface information I’m gonna make a separate in-depth video gorgeous discharge ad to be fifty six fifty four thousand actually PKR this is gonna make up to like five sixty two five fifty dollar I’m gonna be much more cheaper if you buy from a retailer or if you go to like a good thing thank you for watching this video and if you guys have any questions recording this via flower you can leave in the comment section down below now we catch you guys in my next video till then take care this is sonic Network signing off peace

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