Jackery Explorer 240 Review, Black Friday Deals 2019

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Jackery Explorer 240 Review, Black Friday Deals 2019

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240 Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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hey youtube today we’re reviewing another power bank this time from jakhary it’s called the Explorer 240 stick around with me we’ll we’ll see if this thing’s all it’s cracked up so Jackie reached out and asked me if I’d be interested to review the 240 on the channel portable individual power I think is the future especially when you’re talking about emergency preparedness outdoor adventures so you’re talking about 240 watt hours and lithium ion package the dimensions on this thing are 9 inches by 7 point 8 inches by 5.2 that may not mean much but when I open the package this was clearly a great size power bank especially for again 240 watt hours in this size of a package I was really impressed you’re coming in at just over 6 pounds this is not gonna be small enough to actually take in your carry-on luggage for those of you that are uh they’re thinking about traveling with it but in terms of you know outdoor adventures in terms of camping especially if you are sleeping with a CPAP machine you can check out my previous videos we’re gonna be doing a few more so this thing is ideal because it combines a really long lasting battery a lot of power into a very small form-factor jakhary was kind enough to send along they’re optional 50 watt solar panel as well coming in a nice durable rugged design as well as a carry case included what I really liked about both the 240 explorer as well as the solar panel is the options they come with so we have got our car charger and then regular in the plug wall both of these looks like are coming with an 8 millimeter plug it looks like a carry case for each of my role of a plug options and then of course the battery bank itself and this thing is really small I mean it’s six pounds total you get your DC 12-volt you got AC 110 and it looks like it Peaks up to 200 watts I believe I read that you have a power surge of up to 400 watts which is great standard USB so you’re looking at 5 volts 2.4 with both of those and then of course this is the input okay so it’s a beautiful day and we’re gonna test this thing out now that we have a little bit of sunshine so right now it’s a 36% on the battery just like it came out of the package let’s grab our solar panel and I’m we’re gonna test this in a couple of different ways okay so I do have to say I like the packaging not all solar panels come with a carry case or a protective case I do think that’s a nice touch and these should be very straightforward I’m just gonna connect black to black red to red that’s my anderson power pole ready to go okay we’re gonna go ahead and open this up and immediately we should start seeing our LED I don’t know if you can see that right there it’s already gathering Sun so we have a green light and I’m gonna try plugging it in okay so now the blue light if you can see is on and it’s pulling power what’s nice about the jakhary is it’s actually showing input versus output we’re pulling a full 29 watts as far as input we’ll compare that to what it’s getting out of the wall but this is on a very sunny day I am directly pointed at the Sun so some of you may look at that and say wait a minute why am I not getting a full 50 watts in direct sunlight like I said I have yet to see a solar panel big or small give me the full rating that it’s rated to even in sunny conditions it’s not a fault of jakhary this is very very normal I would say this panel is is par for the course for what you’re gonna find out there in terms of like quality panels it’s not cheaply made I think it’s it’s well put together and 29 watts does not surprise me in terms of what it’s putting out so I would say it’s it’s performing as needed in in most cases when I’m camping I would set it up just like this I would use this to shade both the battery as well as kind of angle my my solar panel right to the Sun and you can see is I down this is what’s interesting is if I put it on a flat angle that took me down to 16 watts so angle does matter and as a rule of thumb again I’m usually seeing solar panels put out about half of what they’re rated toward so as a comparison we’re actually gonna plug this into the wall and see what it does in the wall so for this power level again we’re like 36 percent yeah it’s pulling 40 watts right now so compare that to about 25 to 29 is what we were getting from the solar panel that’s about normal you just need to make sure that as soon as you get up in the morning let’s say you’re camping plug this thing in pointed at the Sun and just throughout the day keep making sure that you’re pointing that panel toward the Sun to keep it charged and you should be good now let’s try this panel with a couple of other things this right here this is an 8 millimeter plug which is fairly standard right so I’m gonna grab one of the competitor brands so if I plug that in perfect yep it’s actually I don’t know if you can see that there it’s actually showing me charging this battery up the reason for me showing this is that again I think they’ve done a good job with this panel in making it very versatile in what it can do okay so charging several different types of devices I I’m pretty happy with that the last thing I wanted to test with this is the actual USB so let’s set that aside if you remember we should have direct USB output on this panel so I’ve got a USB type A and a USB C which is really really cool the panel’s still pulling wattage I’m gonna plug in my USB there we go that’s ready to go now I just have a regular lightning cable okay we’re gonna try plugging this into the phone there it is pulling now the problem with charging a device especially like a phone directly from a panel is that it can get finicky right if you start having cloud cover like right there I see a big clouds about to start covering the Sun it’s gonna provide variability in the output here and it’s you know some smart devices will actually kind of shut off and not take charging after a little while so it’s always better in my opinion to do kind of a pass-through charge where I’m I’m having this charge the battery and then pass through into the phone so ideally here’s what we would do as I would I’d plug in my battery bank so this panel is charging the battery bank and then there we go that’s pulling a charge then from there I’d go ahead and just turn on my USB and there it is charging we’re good to go now I have a whole pass-through set up which is gonna work really well for me one thing I do have to say is this thing is extremely light this battery bank is lithium ion setup which you know honestly a lot of the batteries of this size that I’ve used in the past are more lead-acid which makes them really really heavy they’re really good in the cold but they’re heavy okay something like this I’m really I’m liking the form factor and I’m liking the output because you have a full 240 watts in a very small and light package it means that if I take this camping if I take it out you know for a day of of adventuring you know I like to go out and get drone footage and get a lot of landscape shots this thing is gonna power me all day long no problem this is gonna take care of my CPAP I like it i I so far am am very impressed with with the jakhary setup and and I would definitely recommend it prices right where it should be based on comparables so especially if you find a deal go ahead and snatch that up so I hope you found this video useful go ahead and give me a thumbs up subscribe if you wanna be notified of further videos and we’ll catch you next time thanks for watching

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