iRobot Roomba 890 Vacuum Review: Black Friday 2019

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iRobot Roomba 890 Vacuum Review: Black Friday 2019


iRobot Roomba 890 Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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I guess I’m gonna ask it to clean I’m a little bit scared so let’s see what happens clean oh hello I am looking so just shut down right now I’m in my comfy clothes I supposed to have a Klein this morning but they had to postpone so now we’re sitting around well I’m not sitting around actually it we I’d whoever’s went for a walk and I am very excited to unbox that look what we’ve got look what we’ve got it is the Roomba 890 so I’m very very excited clovers excited but first I’m gonna have to clean up a little bit around the house cuz it’s a little bit I don’t know what happens between like overnight and like this more it’s just like stuff that was it what you know what it’s not that bad the kitchen is a little bit annoying but again not that [Music] there I know it’s a little crazy but I just feels so much better when like things are in order I’d like two houses ready to be presented if anyone comes over actually I’m waiting for my lunch to be delivered so there it is all right so we’ve got a little instruction manual of course wait okay so let’s uh Wow I didn’t even think about like where I’m gonna put it in the apartment I think I’m gonna put it by the braava but that means I have to move the that’s okay figure out the shredder later so I’m gonna take this out it’s heavier than I thought it was going to be so let me see is there anything else in here this is this looks like cords and stuff lift out of here okay words and stuff I’m gonna make this here comes clover clover yep it’s cords and stuff and batteries looks like there as well wonder with the batteries are for I don’t know what this thing is this must be the GPS okay so I’m going to this is the charger all right beautiful it’s really cool so the remote goes back to a charger after it’s done unlike the braava so that is a happy thing and for now I think I’m gonna put the charger over on the in the corner and then I’ll move it to another location very soon so I’m going to unwrap everything and take a look at the instruction manual and I will see you in a minute okay it’s in its charging base I know it’s in an area that’s a little too small for it but it’s charged just gonna charge here and oh it’s topped with a light I wonder if it’s done charging or not I don’t know I made a little like sound and so I’m gonna wait a little while until it’s fully charged my lunch is here anyways I’m going to eat that okay so I’ve moved it back and it made a little like sand which is very cute and those little clean ping is blinking as you can see the little battery charger is going indicating that I guess that’s charging so I’m gonna wait okay it’s been a couple of hours and I hooked it up to the Wi-Fi and as you can see I named it Herbie I’ve given to the gender I suppose and you can see it says it’s ready to clean it’s charging and you can see I got set so much that areas has it’s been charging for a couple of hours now and I guess I’m gonna ask it to clean I’m a little bit scared so let’s see what happens clean [Music] [Music] carpet truck but he’s figuring it out they carry it out I got a carpet I go no efficiency Oh let me rescue it from this cord here hello your Sony obstacle my gosh please clean that car bed the carpet is so dirty okay voiding the pores going under the Alfa so cool and water bowl is in danger [Music] [Music] it does often on rugs rips well it’s very you know it’s very it’s it’s nimble its nimble I’m so excited cuz I clean it I like just I have like dust like dog hair everywhere like what it’s going on this is only for one day on that back at me because this one oh you just woke up how you doing is that wake you up yeah all right you guys clover is not feeling not feeling the rumba what’s that it all right clover clover is very suspicious of it he’s not feeling it not feeling the Rumba what do you think buddy is it scary it’s eerie [Music] these to the Brahma but this makes a lot more annoying I’m here now onto the bed based on the revised scary buddy you’re okay [Music] it’s okay it’s only a vacuum you’ll get used to it okay you okay so it’s on my phone that Kirby’s been is full and needs to be emptied so oh yeah look at that he’s really continuing to go and I he like made it into the closet I didn’t really think that he was gonna go in here but I think I need to stop it there we go we stopped him and now I guess the big cups okay it’s out whoa okay let’s go ahead and empty the bin so much hair okay you don’t mean to be showing you guys my trash but that’s how much came out of it oMG no I guess we’re just gonna put it back okay it’s gonna start again okay now it’s happy again go here we go go here we go he’s doing a really good job I didn’t expect it to come in here but I left the door open just to see what happened and it definitely came in here and cleaned up as well so I’m super go here you go yeah here we go and I can see you see it says the name of the robot charging and cleaning in progress elapsed time 37 minutes it’s been going on for 37 minutes it’s clean I guess I can stop it so there’s like an additional like menu over here I can set it up for a weekly schedule which I probably will do was this little thing Oh number of jobs – jobs hmm well maybe I inverted I started it over again but um let’s see what’s going on here okay okay okay so um so far I am all right sorry that was so loud but it finished and it went back to its little charging spot so that’s inspect looks pretty darn clean could in Clinton this actually looks pretty clean as well it didn’t get caught up in that which was great it did get caught up in that carpet which I just I just took it up and that’s fine let me put it back now dude it’s time for me to get another one of these it’s seen a good life but it’s like getting a little tattered I love it though it looks like a little flower it’s so pretty it came in here and it vacuumed in the bathroom which is awesome because I you know there’s a lot of hair in the bathroom vacuum the whole closet awesome so great it’s been a lot more time in here than I usually do so I’m really grateful for that through that corner where there was all that dog hair no more dog hair awesome and in the bedroom let’s check underneath here while looking pretty clean underneath there as well and under the bed looking very clean as well first impressions I’m really pleased and I’m very excited to get my floor view and then ease it for at least a week and then I’m gonna post a full review for you with all the specs all the information everything but for right now I am loving the Roomba you guys like home videos please subscribe I feel like singing videos live again also please subscribe if you like this video give it a big thumbs up anyway I will see you guys in the next video thanks for watching bye.

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