IRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum Review: Black Friday 2019

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IRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum Review: Black Friday 2019

IRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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the drink black friday i purchased a rainbow and here it is cleaning up the living room yeah my christmas tree already set up i’ve got my TV stand here the couches where my dog plays all day she brings in all kinds of grass and dirt and everything always all over the floor and i get tired of sweeping so then black friday about this Roomba and i bought one for my mom she doesn’t know that’s really pisses presence but as you can see the Roomba does a really good job of going around all the different nooks and crannies even under the chairs and and I must say I am very impressed with this machine sometimes it goes around in a circle like that until it finds its way out it’s under there under the dining table where it gets dusty – we never sweep down there under the other chair pretty cool and I like that little spinner kind of get under the the chairs went right through going over here into the Forgotten corner but I never walked over to on this side of the dining table and as you can see it’s a pretty nifty little robots quite digging this thing I used to dock it over here hates it when I person it up and put the dock there but I found out that it was just too close for the machine to undock so close in such a tight space it was kind of bounce around over there now here it goes under the sofa and I want to show you yes I’m on the floor so as you can see Roomba does a good job of going under the sofa I have all hardwood floors and it exited and now she’s bouncing around over here and this is the rug no problem cleans the rugs which is really nice I don’t have very many of them sometimes when he gets a little area like that I move things over if I’m home but I’ll let it clean areas that I don’t normally sweep by any very often which is like this little corner area fits in there too the tight space pretty nice goes along the edges as you can see which is where all the dirt collect your grass for my dog I’ll go into the kitchen no problem as you can see in the kitchen I actually have this threshold here which is sloped to see my hands thank you but a quarter of an inch rise may be quarter to a half inch this is where my kitchen and I love it because it just goes everywhere needs to go and you just go about your day cleaning up I was picking up over there earlier I’m still kind of picking up things the house my recycle bin I need to actually move that so this thing can sweep in there better fact I’ll do that right now and as you can see there’s dirt I don’t I don’t move this thing we’re often with my laundry room more smile get them all the nooks and cranny’s with everything let’s see like to get it to came over here you mean my groom which I have not had to pick up since I started this thing you the trash can out of the way I wanted to clean this little corner little dustpan which I really haven’t been using much lately sometimes to give you what you can just pick it up in the handle it’ll stop automatically pretty neat and you don’t have to do this but sometimes when I wanted to clean a specific space I’ll just pick it up take it over there and let it clean up and then move everything back so you just push the little button for clean sings a little tune sometimes I’ll put my feet if I want it to go specific direction like that there we go cleans up from the space I’d like to hug the wall which I really appreciate you can see you saw that leap that was their ticket right up you try to get it to pass back over there there we go get it too kind of vacuum around over there let me move everything back over cleaning the corner which needed to be vacuumed I mean slips and let the car do it for me you notice how it hugs the wall it really gets under the baseboard there’s like a little gap there so kind of gets in a space that we don’t even clean kind of pinpoint quick get it just pass one more time in this area or leave everything back over there [Music] and voila clean Roombas already pretty much done the whole house I have the house set two seasons yes all tile I have hardwoods the heart let’s go into my office which is over there Home Office the hallways it makes a circle it was infected with the living room where we were earlier the room it just goes all over the place there she is I think I need to give her a name – and here’s the bottle this is no good well you another lip you saw how it went down there no problem Aruba let me see from the hallway greeting alone no biggie dirt is no match for the cocaine if X is doing it directly but food we’ll stop it by pushing clean you pull in this little tab here – easy easy – hands there’s the dirt that I’ve picked up you push on this little tab here this little yellow one it opens up this bottom tray then you can empty all the dirt look at this grass a lot of dust I actually have this going under the bedroom before I did all this and it went under the sofa and that’s because I’ve been running this thing every day so you’d be surprised at how much dirt you have in your house earlier when I emptied this is the second time I’ve run it say but since I’m cleaning the house and just letting it go it wasn’t as much dirt and it had cleaned already all these areas that I’ve shown you already in this video it already cleaned everything I see how I’m picking up the floor but today I put the Roomba specifically in my bedroom because I was cleaning out the bedroom and I’ll show you how this thing goes back in you just plop it back in just like that super easy and this is the Roomba 690 because it’s connected to Wi-Fi it has a battery charge and then you push this to clean if you want but it has a useful app and on the app you can schedule your Roomba – cleaning any time of the day you want I set this to clean right now every day that what about work probably about 11 o’clock in the morning and we’ll show you how many dogs so you don’t have to do this because it finds its way home when it’s done but what’s great is this is also connected to Alexa which I have her here and I’ll just tell you know who to send Roomba home Alexa asked Roomba to go home I will send Roomba home it may not find another room depends it doesn’t line up correctly so it’ll try to reach the free position itself to do so but it will find its home lined up little blinking light is telling it to go home there’s a tone you like that approach either and you know what I’m determining into this space here it makes you small doesn’t really like to dock here because it doesn’t have a long way to kind of work its way in so I think that’s just my error but as you can see it found its way at all things you a little tune and you can show that it’s charging nice little dock once Christmas is over and you move everything back to where it should be and the trees no longer is not there because this is actually supposed to be in this corner then Rumbo will have a lot more space but I did put one of these things it comes with it in the box and as you can see on here this is to make a little perimeter of virtual perimeter which I wanted to put here because it’s been going on to this the tree skirt and scooting it back and so I don’t want it to do that and all day long I put this out here and it’s been just avoiding this area which is great but if there’s a room you don’t want it to go in you can switch this to a straight line which is right there the little visual and you can create a perimeter a little barrier virtual barrier into going to not not to go into a certain room like something where you have a lot of cords or even just a space or maybe that’s where your dog is kennel door baby’s room where there may be a bunch of stuff but I particularly need it for the tree so I’ve determined that this is a good little spot since rumah does like to go and goes under the sofa or or it comes in from this angle or from there this creates a perimeter you underneath the sofa kind of thinking about maybe ordering one more of those so that’s my review of Roomba 690 I really enjoy it I’ve had it for about a week I got it on Black Friday and so far my house has never been cleaner look at my floors they’re super shiny they’re just dusted all the time and not only are they dusted all the grass is up so it’s not just the dust to find us it’s it’s the the particles it’s the grass it’s the debris that’s chunkier it has no problem picking up any of these things so if you are in the market for a robot sweeper look how clean it is underneath my sofa I highly recommend the Roomba 619 it’s been great it’s been a lifesaver and I don’t know how I’ve lived without it well that’s it for my review of the Roomba 690 I’ve showed you some of the features it has how it cleans around the house it’s kind of fun to watch and you’ll have a clean home thanks for watching bye

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