iRobot Roomba 675 Vacuum : Black Friday 2019

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iRobot Roomba 675 Vacuum : Black Friday 2019

iRobot Roomba 675 Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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okay I got this iRobot Roomba model 675 for Christmas and I’m gonna do a little quick demo and tell you my experience with it I can tell you right off that I am very happy with this it does clean and I’ve used about maybe 10 times so it does work so to use the Roomba you just download the app and put it in your phone you don’t have to use the app you can just press ok or clean the clean button here and it will work but if you do you see app just beware that with the Wi-Fi setup you have to use C 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi instead of the 5 gigahertz it just wouldn’t work with that so to start cleaning just press clean and we’ll start to do his thing it’s that noisy well you can you can hear the noise that it is making of course it makes them noise but I understand that it is not as noisy as the bigger than this is like these the middle of the pack is not the most expensive this one is about 270 on Amazon it does come with a lithium-ion battery when point-8 26 for our it is charged you a 16 on 8 vote and as you can see it does go underneath your furniture and it will come back out so that’s something normally a vacuum might find it challenging [Music] depending on the type of vacuum that you have you might not be able to clean under your sofa or whatnot that well so this does work and you can see is moving kind of haphazardly and randomly all over your room I have about four to five moons this level of the house so if you put your charging stand in the biggest it will for the most part clean all your rooms and they will return to the charging base when the battery is about fifteen percent to 10 percent so it will go back to that charging phase so try to put the chalking phase in the biggest room that you have otherwise if you put it in your bedroom it might not be able to go back and find the charging base [Music] be holy to the kitchen and they will go back in the living room and gold with the same area even until it is I would say 85% to 90% clean so is it 100% [Music] Pharaoh [Music] I was a little worried that the robot for into my patient because I do have Faceman it has a flip sensor so and then do that and the only thing that you have to be aware of is if you have any loose wiring just tidy them up and put them up now we just went over the threshold it is about maybe like happening so it’s fine will prevent now expect into the living room and you can see that before it bumps into the furniture they will brick slightly so it wouldn’t be really hitting the furniture part so this model doesn’t really map the area of your house or apartment the more expensive model than the $500 ones will for this one wall but it will vacuum like I said maybe like 85 to 90% clean so now you see that it is it was in the corner and it went under the sofa again and it will eventually find his way out so to clean the bedroom kitchen bathroom living room hallway it will take about an hour and ten minutes or so and after that is we the battery will run out and go back to the chopping [Music] it came to the threshold here but have been fallen to the stairs stay away to the patient this particular model doesn’t come with any sort a war I don’t really you think you needed just comes with the extra Kaiser the only downside here the choristers most of the parts of plastic when the box itself it doesn’t mentioned that it is lithium I that I took about the bottom plate and I found that it is the fear mind [Music] okay just stopped it and you pull this out and I cleaned the filter last time after the last cleaning and you can see it found a lot of the dirt and all you have to do is just dump this out and this is the bottom side of the unit you have a rollup brush here and you have sort of rubber squeegee here and you have the side brush here and to access the battery just remove the cover here that’s it and occasionally you would have to clean the wields the caster wheel and you have a rubber wheel well these are replaceable I guess the whole unit is this is this is like a 12 inch time so it’s just about maybe 13 inches if you want it to go back to charging you just press the back button here I’m not sure why it is doing the number before returning to face sometimes it just goes directly to the page okay so yeah doc then you can see this is Brett and when fully charged you know turned to green and so just now we clean for 14 minutes and also I see other cleaning jobs that you had and how many how much dirt is found they call like a dirty event or something like that but it works very well I’m very pleased with it I would even go so far as to say it is a marriage saver for some people just like your washing machine your dishwasher this would be a very good addition to your household appliances is low pricey to 70 there are other ones of the brands of the models but yeah I am happy with this Roomba model 675.

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