iRobot Braava 380t Vacuum Review: Black Friday 2019

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iRobot Braava 380t  Vacuum Review: Black Friday 2019


iRobot Braava 380t Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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Alright guys this is the irobot braava now I think I made a video a long time ago when I first got it so I want to show this again because this thing’s really amazing it’ll clean hard floors and you could sweep them up so you can see on the front we have a power sweep and mop and a sweep and mop just changes the function of how it moves and the suite mode it just goes straight in the mop it does a little back and forth movement which will show this model has a charging base so when you’re done you just throw it on there and it charges and there’s also this little what they call this thing it’s a little cube but they have a name for it it’s their navigation cube and what this does is it helps the braava find where to go so you just put this up in a room somewhere where it can kind of see everywhere in the room now we’re going to go ahead and run this and short cleaning Pat demonstration and also show a good it works so you can see my floor has some dirt on it especially over here my dog made a little mess and I’m not sure if you can fetch this some like dirt and stuff he drug in so we’ll see that clean mantle up and what I’ve done is uh run this now I’m going to run this with wet cloth and you use these reusable cloth which is awesome you can throw them in the washing machine super easy to use and you just need I’ll need a couple of them so if one’s dirty you have another one and you could use them dry for the sweeping or you can use them wet for the mopping but I find I just always use them wet because even sweeping it all just being wet just helps to pick up a little bit more they do have a new Brava a different model now but it uses like proprietary proprietary pads that are single time use and then like eight bucks for ten of them and there’s three different types is a cool robot a new one and it has a sprayer on it so it’s always spraying a little bit extra water in front of it but you got to use proprietary pads on this one you can use even Swiffer pads and stuff real simple to put them on this part just comes off and then you just attach you push them in there’s a little just rubbers things that hold them in you could use Swiffer pads or whatever so we’re going to go ahead and run this kit cleaning path demonstration and check how much and how good it does especially in the area over here that looks dirty that we’ll be able to tell the most so let’s hit it to go on sweep first MMO mop you Oh you all right the sweeping is almost finished but as you saw we didn’t get this spot yet this little nastiness they are pretty nasty huh zoomed up on camera there it’s going to get there might be doing that right now actually there we go perfect time with the turn on the camera there and once it gets every spot and it knows it’s got in every spot then it’s on the sweep mode then it’s going to do it a wall sweep so it’s going to start probably now trying to go around all the walls and that’s the final function of the sweep so we’ll probably see it what’s trying to just finish off this area that’s nice because it missed that area pretty good so now it’s done a lot of spinning around and stuff in that area because it was a little piece that it’s soft we’re told that needed to go back to so now it’s going to make sure it’s finished every part of the room and then it’ll do a sweep around the all the walls it will follow the walls around and do a sweep of all the walls might get a little bit of that when I see it happening and then we will go to the mop mode and once the mop mode is done we’ll take a quick zoom in at this floor again but you guys just saw in the suite mode even the suite mode it looks like you got most of it so pretty darn good let’s go ahead and take a look at the mop mode next once it finishes around the walls which it’s still still finishing up a couple spots but we’ll try to catch it when it goes by the wall and here it is going around the outside walls now it’ll go ahead and do that everywhere I can of course it’s going to go under this things we won’t see it but it’ll go around and get next to all the walls now all right so the sweeping finished and I have a dog into cats so gonna get some fur picked it all up though I don’t see much left on the ground that was just after the sweeping mode now let’s go ahead and do the mopping mode I’ll show you a quick look at the floor it looks pretty darn good now but I always run it twice I always run the sweep in the mop because I feel like you know it’s going to get everything if you run it twice so I’m going to go ahead and rinse this off put some more hot water on it and then let it go in the mop mode so just after like two seconds of rinsing it off with hot water with like the sprayer real simple to clean in the sink but again you can throw these in the washer if you want to but real simple to clean so we’ll go ahead just pop it back on it just kind of holds on with magnet I believe and then all we’re going to do now is hit this button and we’ll see the pattern that it does now you you you Oh you all right so I just wanted to show you guys a little bit this is the 380 T just called the 300 series here but um I’ll show you guys the accessories here there are actually white cloths as you can see under this blue one which are meant for dry and the Blues are meant for what I just use the Blues myself and I always kind of use wet I feel like it works the best like I talked about but that’s all I use they also have this um reservoir cleaning pad you put some water in it and it’s supposed to slowly let water out from these wick systems as you can see it’s right here in the middle and those wick water onto the blue pad as it’s running I never use this either I haven’t found it work great if you know I have it but I’ve never used it I just get my cloth wet and if I want some water around the floor I just kind of sprinkle some water around the floor before the robot goes off you can get new batteries but I’ve had my Brahma for two years and it’s still running like new.i can run it like four or five times before I charge it and I would need a new battery up but they do sell replacement batteries and that’s the Brahma 300 now as I told you there’s a new one the 240 and this one has some cool features first off 380 T will clean up to a thousand feet in sweet mode or 350 feet square feet and mopping mode as you saw it uses more energy because it goes back and forth the Brahma jet will clean up to 250 square feet so a little less it doesn’t have a dock it is AA $1.99 usually but it’s on a deal right now for 170 so it’s pretty darn good price and it has some cool features like it has a spray jack and then it also the cleaning pad kind of vibrates so it kind of helps scrub the floor so it has some cool features um the only thing like I said is these cleaning pads are one-time use and you get ten of them for a box so you have to keep buying new pads knee pads whereas mine and never out of I new pads now I did just come to this page and I hadn’t seen this yet they do sell washable two pads washable mopping pads for 20 bucks so you can get washable ones which if you do get this robot definitely get the washable ones because you know otherwise you’re gonna have to keep buying these over and over because they’re one-time use and that’s all the accessories you can get for them for this new one so far there’s no like extra batteries or anything like that it doesn’t use a cube the 380 t uses that navigation cube the Bravo jet doesn’t use that but it can’t dock either so there’s a couple differences there in the two but like I said I’ve had mine for years it works great it’s actually I stopped the mopping but it’s actually finishing up the mopping floors still what let’s take a close look here and if the floor is dry of course you wouldn’t see that wetness see one little spot here it’s probably just something that was left behind hoops and that was just a little piece of something that it just didn’t get but overall you saw how this spot a space of floor looked earlier now it looks perfect I admit I don’t run it as much as I should if you run this every day your floors are perfect you know every day I usually run it like you know I do the sweeping on the mop like once a week you know my dog comes in and out of here so it gets dirty here and there and I could run it every day it’d be better but um running about once a week it keeps my floors pretty darn good and real simple to use I never have to mop anything like I said you can use those replaceable Swiffer pads if you want to but I prefer this because you don’t have to buy anything extra so what’s going to go ahead and finish up but that was a little demonstration of the Brahma 380 T and a little bit of description on their new robot which I thought about getting but I don’t need to and I don’t have that much hardwood floors other than in here and in my bathroom so no reason to get that now but if anyone else gets it let me know in the comments how it works and how you like it so we’ll see y’all later and that’s the irobot braava 3d tea.

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