Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor Review, Black Friday 2019

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Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor Review, Black Friday 2019


Infant Optics DXR-8 Review Black Friday Deals Sales 2019

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hey guys and welcome today were going to be talking about baby monitors and why i ended up choosing the infant optics dxr 8. before we get started and to in depth i wanna go over a quick unboxing to show you guys everything that comes with the dxr 8 that way if i reference anything in the video you know what im talking about. when you buy the infant optics dxr 8 you’ll get the monitor that controls the camera and has both video and audio feedback you’ll also get two charging cables one that is 10 foot long and one that is 3 foot long along with a usb charging block. in addition, you’ll get the camera itself and ac power adapter that plugs into the camera you’ll also get an additional zoom that could come in handy depending on the layout and size of your room. 2 things that came with the baby monitor system but aren’t pictured are the mounting hardware which i didn’t use because i’ll show you a few better options for mounting and the rechargeable battery for the monitor. both of these will be addressed later on in the video along with everything else more in depth. there are also a bunch of papers and manuals that come with it but as mary condo says if it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it. so if your in the market for a baby monitor its more than likely going to fall into 4 main categories. the 4 categories are audio only video and audio being controlled by your smart phone video and audio being controlled by an external monitor or there are some options such as owlet that can be worn by the baby. so it was a tough choice between choosing a camera that are being controlled by your smartphone and being controlled by an external monitor. When I ended up choosing was video and audio being controlled by an external Monitor and here’s why we didn’t just want a baby monitor with audio we wanted to have the option to see our baby without having to go in and check on him it’s nice having a constant audio feed into your baby’s room with some smartphone apps that’s hard to do especially if you’re going to be doing it all night I heard stories about some apps just closing right out and they don’t open back up so you don’t know what’s going on in your baby’s room about the infant optics dxr-8 is it constantly connected no issues at all if it ever loses connection he keeps trying to get connected with some smartphone apps once they lose connection they just closed out and you’re no longer connected also cameras that use your smartphone make it really hard to use your phone and monitor the baby at the same time if you have a monitor that connects to your smartphone you know she’s draining your phone battery a lot more we also wanted a simple solution in case we had a babysitter another device or even the babysitters phone for some people security can be a really big issue the nice thing about the dxr-8 is that it uses a wireless transmission but it doesn’t use Wi-Fi this makes it a lot harder for other people to hack in or gain access to your camera if you look on Amazon then infant Optics dxr-8 has over 27,000 positive reviews the next best baby monitor that I could find that had audio video and was too controlled by external monitor only had about 2,000 reviews but that fell below four stars 27000 views has huge on Amazon there are a lot of products reviews let alone baby monitors don’t get me wrong it may not have all the bells and whistles and some of the other monitors do you have but it’s easily one of the best all-around baby monitors out there now you know why we made the choice we did and when I went with the dxr 8. let’s take a look at some of the features first let’s start by doing a walk-through the Monitor and its entire menu if you look at the top of the mountain or you’re going to find an on-off sleep button that is used to turn the monitor on off and of course sleep when you power on the monitor that connects automatically and quickly every time it also do this from anywhere in the house here you can see example of image quality and decent lighting if you press the button on top of the matter once and put the screen to sleep to save battery while the screen to sleep you can still listen to a continuous audio feed from the room next you can access the main menu by pressing the main menu button the menu pops up along the bottom of the screen as you can see the first thing on the menu is volume you can adjust the volume up and down using the directional buttons on the monitor you bring the volume all the way down it’ll shut off the audio when we adjust our audio we usually sit it about halfway the nice thing is if you turn up all the way it’s loud enough to be heard in another room and can even wake you up when you’re sleeping and you can clearly make out any talking another nice thing is the microphone actually does an excellent job of picking up small sounds in the room there’s also a sound activated LED bar that’s really helpful if you shut off the screen or your volume turn down all the way all right next thing on the menu is the brightness you can adjust the screen brightness but using the directional buttons on the monitor as well the screen measures about 3 and 1/2 inch nails pretty bright good enough to see your baby but it’s not going to win any awards to me personally it looks like a TV from like the 90s or 80’s third thing on the menu is a timer this will put the screen to sleep after 3 or 5 minutes you also can turn off the timer and just put the screen to sleep manually you can do that using the sleep button on top moving right along for thing on the menu is an optical zoom this feature allow you to zoom in on your baby if you need to this does come in handy if your baby’s all the way across the room or even trying to look small movements or see if your baby sleeping next up is it to four or six hour timer that you can set on the monitor after the times up to monitor will start beeping personally I wish I had a few more options for an alarm or maybe even allowed you to set your own timer continuing Ian we have the ability to set up a couple different cameras and this only comes with one camera but if you wanted to you could connect up to four cameras this is if you want to have multiple angles or you wanted cameras in different rooms here you can add view or scan through different cameras if you have more than one last option on the menu is to adjust the volume for alerts such as low battery loss of signal or the timer when we said there’s a beeping every few seconds this is really helpful if you have a low battery or you get out of range with monitor below the menu button there’s a shortcut feature that allows you to make quick adjustments in volume and screen brightness the last button on the front of minors and push to talk intercom system you can push this button so you can talk back and forth between when you press the talk button a microphone icon pops up at the top of the screen press and hold the button to talk and then release it when I’m finished it works well enough that my wife and I find we do use it occasionally and when our son gets older it may be a helpful features as well a frequently Asked question is about charging and the battery life the infant Optics dxr-8, has a rechargeable 1200 milliamp hour lithium ion battery personally when I was running tests I have great battery life charging takes about 5 hours to go from 0 to 100% the battery last 14 hours if you’re not using video at all and only using audio if you use a combination of audio and checking the screen occasionally I found it will last about 10 to 12 hours if you leave a screen on all the time it’ll probably only last about six hours so over all this is plenty of battery life to get you through the whole day it’s also plenty of battery life as long as the monitor is charged to get you through the entire night we find we’re only charging at once everyday or every other day one more helpful tip about charging would be to get a portable charger we have one by Rob power it looks like this we use it pretty frequently it helps if you want to charge your monitor or your phone as you move around the house you’re not tied down to one location they’re pretty affordable we bought ours off of Amazon I’ll put a link below their worth the investment they’re super convenient there is one thing to know the battery actually has to be installed when you first get the monitor if you take off the battery cover on the back of the monitor there’s a diagram that shows you exactly how to plug the battery in simply match up the colors of the cable attached to the battery to the colors on the diagram and press the end of the cable carefully and to the plug it should go in with not a lot of Force if line up properly then just cut the battery into its lot and Slide the cover back on last two things we have with the monitor is the kickstand and antenna we use the kickstand just about every single day it’s nice to prop up the monitor for easy viewing of the screen then 10 on the other hand we don’t use everyday it seems to get good enough reception with antenna down if you have trouble with reception you could put it speaking of range the range seems to be pretty good our house is a little over 2,000 square feet were able to get connected anywhere in the house where you able to connect the camera down in the basement or on the middle floor and our babies rooms upstairs moving away from the monitor into the camera side of things one of the cool features about the camera other than the optical zoom is the ability to pan until I move the head around you can look around the room or look around your baby’s crib the head is able to pan or tilt up and down a 120 degrees and then side-to-side 270 degrees most cameras don’t have this helpful feature you can change the camera angle using the directional pad on the monitor use the left and right arrows to move the camera left and right and then use the up and down arrows to move the camera up and down taking a look at the camera on the front you’ll find an on-off switch this is used to turn the camera on and off the camera does have to plug it into the wall through an AC adapter all the time it’s doesn’t have rechargeable battery like the monitor does on the back you’ll see the plug in for the AC adapter the antenna and then also the microphone and Speaker for the unit overall the build quality is pretty good of the camera and the monitor it’s good enough to be used everyday but your plan is not the top quality when it comes to baby monitors but this also helps keep the price down make sure you look down below the video for a link to the Monitor and camera on Amazon another example image quality image quality does change a little bit when you do shut off the lights but the nice thing about the dxr-8 is that it can see into the room when the room is Pitch Black here’s an example of the room when it’s dark this best baby monitor does come with an additional lens this lens is an optical zoom lens all you have to do is take off the original lens Hood by unscrewing it and then screwing the optical zoom lens what you find is the optical zoom lens is very similar to the optical zoom that’s already in the monitor but the winds just a little bit more clear if you happen to need a wide-angle lens you can also purchase one of those wide-angle lens let you see the entire room view enjoy drilling giant holes into your wall you can go ahead and use the plastic anchor that comes with the camera but if you’re like me and want to do something a little less attractive I found using a drywall screw Works a little better here’s a quick comparison of a hole from a drywall screw on the left and a hole from and plastic anchor on the right what I use is coarse threaded drywall screws that we’re about an inch and a half long example of what they look like find hidden cameras pretty easy all you have to do is pick a location preferably not above the crib simply screw drywall screw into the wall make sure the screw isn’t flush with the wall when you’re screwing it in back it out just a little this gives the camera something to hold onto if you look at the back of the camera there’s a keyhole slot for mounting assembly line up the screw and the keyhole slot and then pull down gently into place We mounted ours a little bit off to the side of the crib we’re not at all worried about the camera falling but the camera does need to be plugged in all the time so it’s just easier to have the camera off to the side a little bit to manage the cable you can find a cable tie Mount at Walmart or any hardware store use the cable timeout to secure the cable against the wall and away from the baby’s crib if you ever need to switch rooms or rearrange your room moving the camera and is easy another thing to notice if you’re not interested in putting the camera on the wall you can just sit on the Shelf the nice thing about the cameras it does come with rubber ads on the bottom of it this makes it really easy just to set somewhere such as a shelf earlier that the monitor displays the temperature the camera does have a thermometer that reads the temperature of the room I found it to be really accurate whenever we set the temperature of the house the monitor reads the exact same thing this is may be helpful if you want to keep the temperature of your baby’s room a little different than the rest of the house they really are a lot of features that make the dxr-8 great between the price the reliability all the features the battery life it was a pretty easy Choice that’s why I after spending lots of time looking at Baby reminders I decided to go with it also again I put the link to Amazon down below since there are so many cool features I might have missed some or you may have some questions I personally check my comment section and reply to people remember I’m here to help serve you as a viewer if you need any help at all I want to hear from you, below if you enjoyed watching this or Family Video helpful make sure you like the video and subscribe to my channel that gives me helpful feedback it also allows others to get help to thanks for watching and if it applies you congrats on the baby.

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