HP Elitebook 8470p Laptop Review: Black Friday 2019

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HP Elitebook 8470p Laptop Review: Black Friday 2019


HP Elitebook 8470p Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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hello everybody welcome back to theatres no book review I’m your host Joel Michael and what I have for you today is from HP this is the 8470 PE elite book it’s not one of HP’s latest offerings no in fact this guy is four years old but you can find it on the used notebook market for about two hundred to two hundred and fifty dollars what we’re gonna find out in this video is if this notebook is still good enough for today’s modern gamer let’s dive right in this then is the HP EliteBook 84 70 P it has an Intel Ivy Bridge dual core i7 3540 M CPU that clocks up to 3.7 gigahertz with only 4 Meg’s of l3 cache the AMD Radeon 75 70 GPU with 1 gig of gddr5 vram 4 gigs of ddr3 memory and a 500 gig 7200 rpm hard drive all underneath a 14 inch 720p LCD display the battery of this used laptop lasts for a little over 2 hours of video and an hour of gaming which is about average the included AC adapter is a 65 watt unit that has an 8 foot total cord length which is comfortably long let’s see what all those holes on the side do on the front we get some nifty indication lights and the hood release which has kept up very well on the right we have headphones and mic ports and esata/usb combo port dual link DisplayPort the vent and a lock slot up the rear we get a phone port for a fax modem support VGA and the Gigabit LAN finally the left affords us the DCN firewire 2 USB 3.0 ports for a total of 4 standard USB s the DVD RW Drive and an Express card slot this thing’s pretty loaded but too bad half of it is obsolete and there’s no HDMI without an adapter pou beans the bottom cover comes off easily with just a lock mechanism and no screws same as the battery here we see the opportunity to at least double the memory with an empty RAM slot there’s only one fan which explains the dual core i7 and lower end GPU config for this generation and the wireless end card is Intel branded making for excellent reception the entire show of the elite book is cast from aluminum making this one of the strongest chassis’s TVs I have handled if not the strongest it’s possible that it is the strongest there’s very little body flex throughout and you can’t warp the screen by pressing from behind the monitor the Dell Precision I reviewed is the closest rival in this regard but the EliteBook wins by cheating it’s smaller being all aluminum fingerprints won’t show up anywhere say for some light oil smudges and the same goes for the keyboard unfortunately the finish on the touchpad is still vulnerable to obvious smears the keyboard on this HP is rather nice these chiclet keys have a good amount of travel to them with a throaty tone that forbids it as stealthy presence what will throw you for a loop is the shortened backspace and relatively large gap in the middle for the nub it’s nothing that muscle memory won’t fix though and getting used to it isn’t much of a challenge there’s no backlight which is expected from this generation but there is an LED light next to the webcam which doesn’t do crap the LED light from the Lenovo ThinkPad X 220 is much better at least the labels and finish on the keys isn’t worn and the function keys are function keys first hotkeys second the touchpad here is not a half-bad experience there are two physical keys that don’t have a click but an audible press tone much like the keyboard keys the movement acceleration doesn’t suit my fancy in both the small movement range which is too slow and the quick movement range which moves the cursor too fast finding a comfortable in between will always take some guesswork and lots of practice also it turns off easily with a DoubleTap to the top left corner the pointy nub has held up well with the years and has its own set of keys on top of the touchpad I always do prefer using a nub to a touchpad and one worked very well after I dialed down the sensitivity what’s great about these is that they make playing shooting games possible try playing overwatch with one of these bad boys I dare you the EliteBook 84 70 P does have an available 1600 by 900 screen but this one is the cheaper 720p option and even though it’s smaller than average the larger pixels are painfully obvious the viewing angles on this LCD are rather narrow but the 180 degree tilt makes it stupid easy to find a comfortable viewing angle on your lap the hinges are also very strong making typing in any circumstance easy breezy in other news it has a contrast ratio and a certain color definition don’t know what they are don’t care it’s only 720p and you’re not going to be editing photos or videos on this thing if you are you’re not a professional and you’re doing it wrong this HP notebook has speakers there are two of them and they work there’s no overbearing software to make for muddy audio but if it’s bass then you’re not hearing it even if it’s the bass line from rage against the machines comb like a bomb the speaker’s won’t fill a room but they’re good enough for YouTube or Netflix in a pinch the system performance of this HP is not painfully slow thanks to the 7200 rpm hard drive it’s noticeably faster than 5400 rpm notebook drives and it won’t test your patience too much naturally it’s a slug compared to an SSD but web browsing is quick enough and loading times for games isn’t all that bad the high frequency i7 will still run your CPU intensive apps like the little engine that could but don’t expect any miracles from its 4 Meg’s of l3 cache you’re still only running at 66% efficiency compared to the big brother notebook i7s with 6 Meg’s of cache on to gaming let’s be honest the only reason to get one of these HP elite books is they’re cheap and have a dedicated GPU with gddr5 vram that being said let’s still do a reality check this Radeon 75 70 is 4 years old and even when it came out it was just under mainstream power the fact that the display at 720p at the most is the saving grace and the only reason why this as a viable gaming device the only way you can play games is at the lowest of the low details and at 720p or lower resolutions if your budget allows you to have as high as an Nvidia 940m then you’ll have at least twice as much power as this but hey if games like heroes of the storm can run at 60 frames per second and low details there is still relevance to be had here in other news the single fans pulls up quite high but not high enough to be competitive with the speakers and the 7200 rpm hard drive heats up the bottom significantly making it uncomfortable to use on your lap and for the first time ever in a laptop of the dedicated GPU gaming on battery power has no effect on performance whatsoever amen for the bottom line the HP EliteBook 84 70 P makes for a nice replacement in a pinch for whatever computer you lost in that house fire / flood and if you feel like you don’t get in another game of League of Legends like pronto then you’re gonna do I on a more serious note giving an elite book with a dual core i7 isn’t something you should overlook if all you need is something light to do your homework or office work on some web browsing on the side and some light gaming bump the RAM up to eight gigs throw an SSD in it get a 1600 by 900 screen and hey you’ve got something that will give modern laptops a run for their money and you can use it for light gaming very light gaming and if your luck isn’t as good as mine and you get one with a crappy battery its replaceable so in conclusion students get two thumbs up the battery life is on the better side of average the weight won’t wear on your shoulder too fast and all these new fancy games coming out won’t tempt you at all because you can’t play them success and if the battery life is a deal-breaker than buy a second one problem solved casual gamers should still think it out before getting this you really have to try hard to not care about what your games look like and play like as far as what you can play it’s hit and miss the newer the game the more likely a miss pay close attention to the requirements competitive gamers can buy like four of these and chain them together in quad crossfire for about half of the performance you need I wish desktop replacement seekers just might save money if you buy this and deck it out to the nines with replacement parts I’ll let you crunch those numbers yourself then again it probably would be better just to play it safe and get something a little bit more contemporary home users can totally go for this get one for each one of your kids don’t let them talk you into going to Costco and buying a $500 or more notebook for each of them get this or something like this they’re a great cheap alternative to modern machines don’t forget though that you’ll have to work around the lack of an HDMI port this has been a review of the HP EliteBook 84 70 P here on theatre’s notebook review if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and if you know someone looking for a cheap laptop for themselves or someone they know or someone they spawned or helped spawn send them a link to this video maybe that way I’ll even get a subscriber or two in any case thanks for watching and you guys have a good night

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