GoPro HERO 7 Camera Review: Black Friday 2019

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GoPro HERO 7 Camera Review: Black Friday 2019


GoPro HERO 7 Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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good day folks welcome to my 30-day review of the GoPro Hero 7 black so before we get started here there’s a couple things I’d like to mention before I make a review usually with the GoPros always wait 30 days to do my full review and give my opinion on it and that really holds true for the hero 7 because I have been using it now for about a month and that my opinion on this camera has really changed from those first few days so if I had made a review too early on it would be quite different than the review of I’m about to do now the other thing I’d like to mention before I continue is that I purchased this camera myself I spent my own hard-earned money on it here’s the receipt to prove it from Best Buy $600 Canadian with taxes I just wanted to put that out there because I’ve spent my hard-earned money on this camera just like you have or will be that way you know you’re gonna get a fair honest and accurate review so in Canada had paid $600 for this thing and that’s a lot of money I own a lot of GoPros so was it worthwhile for me to spend another $600 on another GoPro let’s find out so first things let’s talk about the form factor as you can see from the hero 6 it’s identical except for the color and the materials that they’ve used now on a cosmetic note I don’t really like the material that they’ve used for the new camera it looks sharp black but the material is kind of this rubberized material doesn’t have any pattern on it like the hero 6 had I find it’s getting scuffed up pretty easy and it’s always covered with lint and different things and so I don’t know what this camera is gonna look like after a year of use it could look in pretty rough shape now at the end of the day functionality is more important than cosmetic but when you spend money on gear you’d like it to look nice and stay looking nice so that’ll be interesting to see how that plays out and how this amine finish holds up over time now when it comes to the form factor a lot of people were complaining that it’s the same as the last two generations the hero 5 black hero 6 black hero 7 black has adopted the exact same shape personally myself I’m okay with that just for the fact that it allows you to use gear that you’ve purchased for some of your other cameras for example the GoPro silicone case the super suit the batteries and dual charger even ND filters all of these things are paddleball because they’ve kept the same form factor so in those early first few days when I bought this hero 7 I wasn’t sold on the fact that it was worthwhile justifiable to spend $600 Canadian or 399 US on it I didn’t feel the features were compelling enough to justify that if you already owned a hero 6 black you know you pretty well have a good camera already – some of the new features but you know they haven’t really changed the internals that much that you’re gonna get that much better video quality you’re getting a few extra features and some kind of gimmicky things but was it worth it to upgrade but fast forward two months later and I think my opinions really changed some of the new features on it like time warp and hyper smooth even the photo timer have come in really handy and has made the camera very enjoyable to use I’ve done some really interesting things with it that definitely could have not have done with the hero 6 black and yeah so let’s talk about some of these new features so one of the marketing tactics that GoPro has taken with the hero 7 black is they have been calling it a gimbal killer they’ve introduced the new hyper smooth technology and it now works in 4k 60 which is brilliant that was definitely one of the features I was missing in the hero 6 black because I shoot 4k 60 almost all the time just so I can slow the footage down if needed and having that little extra polish on there is definitely missed you know you’re always having to bring a gimbal with you and yeah it’s just extra gear sometimes you don’t need now I don’t know if I would go as far as to call this a gimbal killer by any means but the hyper smooth is actually quite good there’s a dramatic improvement over the hero 6 there’s been tons of examples on the internet showing that so as for a gimbal killer definitely not because there’s gonna be situations where you still need a gimbal but I would have to say that 80% of the time that I would normally use a gimbal I don’t have to anymore and that’s huge for me I mainly use my GoPro for family vacations I would adventuring hiking camping trips fishing trips that we do and you know not having to bring all that extra gear especially if you’re out on a boat on a canoe you know you’re trying to get some nice cool smooth footage and you know you’re got a gimbal and you’re worried about getting water on it and where do you pack it throwing it around you could get damaged this is all you need to take now you can just hold this in your hand and get some pretty rock-solid footage for me cameras are all about convenience and if it’s not easy and convenient I just don’t use it I have a ton of gear kicking around my little office here and I tell you most of it doesn’t get used because I just don’t want to carry it along with me sometimes I do if I’m doing specific things but for just an everyday hike I just want to grab the camera and go so the hyper smooth stabilization in this camera is a big win and I think that one thing alone is well worth you upgrade for me I’m not saying that’s for everybody after playing around with it and seeing what the camera is capable of it totally changed my mind on what I thought of this camera so then when we take a look at time work you can do some really cool things with it so let’s take a quick look at a time war video most people call them hyper lapse videos so on the right hand side is the hero 7 black in time work mode and you can see the video is nice and smooth and looks really good on the left hand side I just left it in time-lapse mode so it’s not smooth note or anything and you can see quite the difference now you could achieve similar results on the hero 6 black but inquired downloading all the still images putting them into an editor stabilizing everything and it was a lot of work the time work feature is just done you know you press record you do your little walk or drive or whatever you’re doing and it’s done waiting for you as video now the only downfall to it is that it is not crystal clear there can be some distortion as you can see in that video that I showed you especially when you’re in low-light conditions and in that force it was kind of dark you know so it’s not as clear as if you were out on the road or out in the open Sun it will be a lot clearer the other downfall to it is that it doesn’t export as a 4k video so if you’re a person who likes to upload everything in 4k you’re not able to do that with the time work feature yet hopefully that will come with a firmware update maybe we’ll have to wait till next year so now when it comes to the new menu GoPros designed I really like it now it did take me a few days to get on to it I felt it was a little clumsy at first and that’s just because I was used to the old menu I’ve been using GoPros for a long time and especially the hero 6 and hero 5 I do a lot of shooting with them so I was kind of on the old system so it does take a bit of time to get used to but once you’re past that it’s really nice I really like how simple it is everything is at your fingertips it’s just laid out in a very smart and organized way I think GoPro did a really good job with that the other nice thing they did was finally add a photo timer and for the life of me I can’t understand what took them so long you set your time I press the button you get a nice little countdown you also get a countdown on the front screen when you’re doing selfies so that’s pretty handy now when it comes to the new HDR photo on the GoPro Hero 7 black and kind of torn on the feature on whether I really liked it when it was rumored that it was coming I was quite excited actually because I was hoping that it was gonna take proper HDR bracketed photos so when you took a photo you’d be left with three bracketed photos and overexposed and underexposed and a normally exposed one now the reason I wanted that is that way I could import them to my computer put them in my HDR software and set them and merge them the way I like it but unfortunately that’s not the case the GoPro does it all by itself now I’ve got some samples here and I’ll throw them up on the screen now you know it does a good job at bringing up the highlights and making sure everything’s nicely exposed but I find sometimes it’s almost too much now I can’t quite put my finger on it I think it’s that the contrast is just not enough contrast in some of the photos not enough depth it kind of it doesn’t overdo the HDR look you know it’s they’re not too oversaturated or anything like that but I just find some of the photos taken with the HDR feature turned off the automatic HDR feature they just look nicer when it’s not bracketed now that doesn’t go for every scenario there are some photos that I have taken that look much better when HDR is enabled so yeah it’s just one of those things I think needs a little bit of work yet and I’m hoping that GoPro changes its mind and will include the bracketed images it has an option where you can save the original bracketed images that’d be really handy for people who like to do their own processing in things like Lightroom or Photoshop when I’m taking HDR photos on a DSLR I like to use photomatix to to merge them so yeah I’m really hoping that GoPro introduces that in a firmware update so another feature that the hero some black introduced is portrait recording you can see there that the menu changes now portrait recording is not for everybody and you know if you read forums and different things there’s a lot of people that are very against it but personally myself I don’t use it a lot but there are those times that I do use it especially for things like Facebook stories or Instagram stories that’s just kind of a natural flow of it for YouTube and stuff like that definitely landscape is better even for myself when I look at my youtube analytics about 70% of my traffic comes from mobile and I think that’s the whole point with portrait and Instagram and those kind of things it’s just a more natural way to view video because people are scrolling they don’t tend to turn their phones too much and then you end up with these small little videos so shooting in portrait mode does have its advantages and its place again not for everybody and it’s something that you won’t use very often but it’s definitely nice that they have included it for those who do want it now they’ve also made some changes to the audio I don’t really know the technical details of what they’ve done but apparently they’ve reengineering x’ and it has helped quite a bit i’ve done some tests and it is noticeably different you lose that kind of muffled effect in certain situations and that’s really good especially for those people who use their gopro for vlogging now you don’t always have to bring along a separate audio recorder to capture the audio the audio that you can capture on the gopro is pretty decent and definitely usable so we’re nearing the end of my video just a couple last little bits of information of course they included live streaming with the hero 7 black I haven’t really tested that yet that’s something I don’t really do so I’m not really going to make any comment on that there are tons of videos on YouTube already going over the live streaming and you know the different aspects of that the other nice thing that they did do and I’m really glad they did is that they made it compatible with the Karma grip and the Karma drone there are so people that use the Karma drone it wasn’t the perfect drone by any means but it’s a good drone and I still enjoy flying it I own many drones by DJI parrot but you know the Karma drone was fun to fly and it could produce some really good results I’ll just throw a quick clip up on the screen here this is my maiden flight with the hero summon black mounted in the car [Music] so yeah folks that’s pretty well it now just to wrap up here definitely if you own a Hero 5 black it’s definitely worth the upgrade the improvements going from a Hero 5 to the hero 7 are well worth the money and definitely something you would not regret doing now the big question is if you own the hero 6 black isn’t worthwhile to upgrade personally myself I think it is definitely worthwhile using some of these new features and the stabilization at 4k 60 just the improved stabilization in general made it very worthwhile for me I don’t regret buying it at all in fact I probably barely use my hero 6 anymore except in videos like this when I’m doing comparisons now one thing you could do if you only hero 6 black and you want to go to the hero 7 black you could put your camera up for sale online you know try and recoup as much money you can from it that way when you upgrade to the hero 7 black you’re not spending the full $400 and then it might be worthwhile you know you might only have to chip in 150 and then you’re able to make the upgrade so yeah that’s my thoughts on the hero 7 black I really like it I think GoPros done a pretty good job with it now with that said I think GoPros got their work cut out for them for next year minor firmware upgrades are definitely not going to get people spending their money I think they’re gonna have to do something drastic I’m really holding out for a one inch sensor I think GoPro could do it I think the technology exists but definitely either way it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with for next year well folks I want to thank you for watching my video I’d like to hear your thoughts on the hero 7 black maybe down in the comments what you think of it and if you got one what your user experience has been with it it’s nice to read other people’s opinions and whether they love it or they hate it and yeah so comment down below and let me know what you think if you enjoyed the content of this video give it a thumbs up it helps people know if this video is worthwhile to watch thanks a lot don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you in the next one.

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