Garmin Forerunner 935 Review: Black Friday 2019

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Garmin Forerunner 935 Review: Black Friday 2019

Garmin Forerunner 935 Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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hey everyone Kevin here as the title of the video suggests what I’d like to do is talk about us this is my Garmin Forerunner 935 and if you look at it here you can see that I did my final review about it first and me 2017 I did some other videos about it as well you can see that some tutorials this as a fantastic watch as a cheap watch I paid our own the thing was for sexy at the time still retailing over 400 in the UK it’s not a cheap watch and but as a fantastic watch it’s very very versatile and so I’m just going to quickly talk about a tetanus video because I thank him I’m guilty of you know just the same as any other youtuber and who reviews products is that you review the product after a couple of days or after a week or so and then you don’t revisit it later on and you know a pennies can change after a month or after six months and things like that and I noticed the other day that you know my review was a year ago so I decided to do this video and so you know there’s there’s a lot to love about us and other before the board that I wasn’t really reading a watch much so that kind of took a lot of it to be used to the four CDs but after that you know am fantastic and was the cable so as far as charging it you know I don’t want to go over the same things I you know see it last year but you put this charging cable in the back long-term battery life as something that you’re never too sure about when you buy something like that’s because everything’s fine the first few weeks of the first month but a year Lea I can’t tell any kind of visible a difference in part a life than what it was at the start but a life is fantastic and if I’m running every single day and I’m bonding the GPS then overstand when it burned up the body cracker but if I’m not actually you know using the GPS and things like that this will last a couple of weeks I think you know we could – and it’s very very quick it charging as we also from a body point of view this thing is excellent and and I jumped from the older Dom in Phoenix one and the Garmin Phoenix Phoenix one I would go and do like a two-hour run me my friend when I was cheering for the Marlins a few years ago and at the end of it I had like thirty percent battery from 100% grantee that was a very old watch but still you know I jumped from you know the gallery in Phoenix one essentially this is a Garmin Phoenix five you know I see Angela’s got the same functionality you know a say from a few features unless you’ve got a few extra ones and no that doesn’t as good-looking as the Phoenix five as far as a watch go the Phoenix 5 is it looks sturdy and all that and but I like the fact that this is light and I use us for everything everything I read all the time I wear it to bed it tracks my sleep my heart rate and if I do strength training and the drummer for those from weeks and it’s a lot I put it on I can track swimming they can try rowing it can track hell walking can do lots of things that I really don’t even you know didn’t even need to check and but it does it anyway so a year later I am still very very happy but I’ll just kind of bring over my overhead camera just now and kind of just show you some of the features and just as a remainder what this watch can do maybe go so you can see here and you know I’ve actually dropped a sort of drop things on the glass a few times and I haven’t really noticed any major escapes so this thing is built to last it really is and so you can see it tells you the time near that’s really easy to use you know the value of art is no feature since I’ve gotta and to be honest I don’t use them and you know bring the camera up so I’m okay like so you’ve got things like you use that I use that menu a lot to lock it because if you don’t lock it your keys and I hit the buttons but always Locker you’ve got things they are you know sync and you can connect your phone for notifications and things like that as well I’ve always stayed clear to that I just find it annoying and but that’s one you can control music as well but you know basically I mainly use us screen for the locking the keys and now you can see here it was my heart rate and last week not so much I’ve walked I’ve not I’ve actually got a knee injury just now which is why I haven’t been running and no notifications and now when you only actually start an activity and you just push that one start/stop and then run I’ve got this default you can change them which one’s default but you do that you can see I’ve got the ones that I use mostly talk trade my walk pool swim strength the pill swim is one of my favorite ones because you know I used to do like a hundred links in the pool and you know you get to like link to 70 nearly cuz that’s 70 is a 60 is it 72 and you you know because you’re you’re swimming you’re bored swimming as quite a boring activity after you do too many links but that’s link tracks that you know it shows you and how many you know languages dead and when you need to turn back and things of that you know see 2,400 and whatever and yeah it’s got everything it’s go absolutely everything and and I say there’s a lot more things there that you can add these things I have an a DJ but you can add those to the main screen and then move them up to the top it’s pretty crazy you’ll go much tracking yeah and but and the settings area you can change the different watch faces and all that as well you can actually download a lot eight different things on it us as we all different watch faces you can integrate it with a lot of different services and you know different apps and all that as well I’ve tried a few these things though and yeah the rookie they work fine and all that but eventually after I’ll just remove them I just kind of go back to the core functionality but that has a huge amount of functionality on this watch and I’ve touched up or nested in the previous video so don’t go over and all that again but yeah I would say though that this is great and I would say that you can’t talk about this without talking about the companion app and you can see here connect Garmin Connect over the last few years they have really really improved this and I’ve had this app installed on my phones for years but really like over the last few years they’ve really really upped their game on this as far as what it tracks here this is a heart rate steps stress calories and I and you can see you know what I did yesterday not very active yesterday over 5,000 steps and thus seven these three wait sessions it sees heart rate steps we have not actually updated we in a long time so that could be way off and but there’s there’s a lot of cool things that it shows you like him for example when I start running you know someone who’s got a smile it’s good to see my view to max now that’s awesome and oh not at all but um but it’s been hired it’s been law but it’s good that you know it’s been a lot higher as you can see he can see the I was obviously doing a lot more running at the time so my view to a max would have been like keen blue but I mean knee isn’t a bad way and he’ll starts as well as I say it’s sleep you can see how many hours sleep you’re getting and I don’t know how reliable that as I can adjust quickly glances have a form honest it’s not something I check all the time and you can add calories and all that as well that’s well that’s integrates with like my fitness power when other apps like that so if you’re really only checking how much it in and all that you can add it to this you know can integrate both apps together and so yeah as it’s hard to fault that’s a really a South default and you can you can see don’t let go of courses and all this as well and you can download Dufferin budgets different apps and it’s fantastic I really do love it and the thing is no I’m showing you that’s just no and but I don’t actually check I don’t actually check these this app a lot and I maybe check it like once a week and sometimes I’ll check it after a run just to see if I want my piece and that was like but by and large what I love about this is that I just weird I just use it as a normal watch I can use the stopwatch some things and I can check my heart rate if I’m training and but it’s a fact that it’s always on my trestle if I decide to go for a run I don’t have to go and put it on I’ve not actually bought a heart rate monitor for this because I found that the heart rate motor honor it seems to be fairly accurate I use the heart heart rate monitor what my gum and Phoenix for years that you know the one is strapped across your chest I believe that as more reliable same with running you know I assumed that after you put one of the the GPS little tags and your shoes you can buy the little things that you strap to your your trainers and where it tracks your cadence like you’re running cadence and you know it’s maybe giving you a more accurate representation of how many steps you run walked etcetera but I’m really happy and I like the fact that you know I’m really happy with the way this is built in the fact that everything’s just bolt in and it just works and that’s why I like about this after a year and the battery life is still amazing but very very quick to charge you know like and you know I wouldn’t even know how long that is but you know I’ll put it down the end I’ll do something I’ll quite quickly check Dona and it’s 100% and that’s me for another week or two and you know as a watch or what’s great it’s there’s not – can I click on on the on the rest that anything like that but that’s why I like about it it just works it just works and once you’d know how the menu system know that works you know if I’m doing any activity how walking running swimming strengthening training anything like that you know I can just click boom a goal and it’s tracked know I’m not someone overanalyze II stats you know Percy but I am someone who tries to keep fat doesn’t does it always work out that way about a try kefir and I go through spells when my knees and sometimes I’ll do running some things will do a solid womenís dungeon some things will do swimming up some things will do circuit classes when my knees okay I’ll try and do some runs that hit you know as I say the hills in my breathing and I like to do running as well and that’s think tracks everything and it gives you although I don’t all eyes over steps a start some things that you know after I’ve got a couple of runs for a few weeks I can check and see if my vo2 max is going up I can check my paces increasing if I’m if I’m burning more calories all these different things it’s all there but you know that’s as an a cheap watch it really hasn’t achieved watch and there are many cheap alternatives and you know in Russia and spend five hundred pounds or in you know I kind of desi watch I bow would spend on that the way I can I sold it to myself at the time as yes it’s a lot in money so Baba’s blood but the way that I looked her eyes if I keep it for two years or three years then you know 450 pounds were orbit it was over three years and you know if you put it into a monthly basis it’s a very small place to pee for the information that gives me for the use of la for for everything so yeah I love this watch when I got it I really did love it you know after a border I really did and it’s not the most excitable cars just black but I am obviously I can’t change the straps but yeah not the more you see about one year Leah still happy still happy with my life they’ve added a lot more features and functionality to the watch but I kind of use it and a very simplified way I just keep it on my cell from when I’m doing any kind of exercise any kind of activity I push start and when I finished a push stop and then it all goes to the app it just works and that’s what I like about it it just works there’s no there’s no a clashing there’s no I’ve never found any kind of bugs in the system and it just works it’s a very kind of fluid system and very polished I guess is what a billing for I don’t believe there’s any other thing there’s a successor to this oh right now I don’t believe so and I don’t know if they you know will maybe see you know I don’t think that I so jump over to the Garmin website you can see that the nine three five in the five cities though are the ones that they say all the most expensive ones the most and you know when you go down you can get these these kind of one’s cheaper but you do get less functionality 9:35 remain is the best watch as as they say a premium GPS running triathlon watch with rust based heartrate the Phoenix five has you know this sheer 99% of the functionalities a few different things they don’t have it with each other I opted for the the 935 because it was later and when you’re training you don’t want to pack heavy watch on you so yeah there hasn’t been a successor and but if they do at least one Lea last year or the next year I would seriously consider selling this and buying the next one I’ve been nothing but happy with us so yeah this is Harris has been there the Garmin 935 gammon 4runner 935 sorry to give it’s fill title and one year later I am very very happy with my purchase it’s one of the best things I’ve bought I don’t regret buying it and you know if I just if I keep this another year and then it’s value is nothing then so be it for the great run with her and I certainly you know by another come and watching a future so thanks for watching guys and I think any questions about this watch please do post a comment below and please do check out my older videos about this as well till next thing guys Takia [Music] you

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