Fire TV Cube Review, Black Friday 2019

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Fire TV Cube Review, Black Friday 2019


Fire TV Cube Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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Alexis stop I recently picked up a fire cube TV and this is the 4k model I they were on sale for the Black Friday two weeks at Amazon kind of has been running here normally cost 120 bucks which was a bit expensive in my opinion but they cut the price in half for $60 it looks like this it’s Alexa table so you can talk to it and long story short this thing is a fire TV 4k stick and an Alexa dot or echo or whatever you want to call them put into one device it’s a little bit more powerful than that and let’s talk a little bit more about what’s actually in the box inside the box you have the cube which is a decently solid feeling piece Electronics has some really super shiny glossy side so if you touch it a lot it’s going to be a fingerprint magnet but this thing’s gonna be sitting in your TV cabinet so it’s not really gonna do that you also have included the power cable an IR sensor so you can actually put it away or you can talk to other things that are away so it can kind of use the remote control from that and then you also have a dongle which allows you to hook it up Ethernet if you want and also use external USB storage which is a feature that a lot of other versions of streaming sticks don’t have available to internally this thing is the exact same as the fire TV pendant that thing is kind of weird to me it’s about 60 or 70 dollars you just plugs into an HDMI port and just kind of hangs off I always found that kind of a weird solution I know it’s pretty common with things like the chromecast and things like that but it’s kind of a weird solution to me I like something that kind of sits where he needs to be or just kind of stays in place not hanging I always didn’t like that so it comes with two gigs of RAM 16 gigabytes of internal storage which is double that on the original fire stick the original stick came with only eight gigs of storage when you look at the operating system which runs about 25 gigs you’re only left with about five-and-a-half gigs worth of space on the original stick this one you have plenty of space for games apps whatever you want to have on there’s enough room for all that plus as I mentioned earlier you have the external storage it really helps this thing also runs 4k has Dovie Atmos support and it also has HDR 10 reach support not anything that I’m doing anything was this is running on a 1080 TV for me but I figure more power is better when I’m going through this because hopefully it’ll respond faster and work better than what the fire stick TV did now before I dive into all the ins and outs of this thing and what I think of it that it thought the week that I’ve had it let me just talk very quickly about why we’re doing this we bought this because we got rid of cable and we wanted to go through and figure out a streaming solution what we have will use direct to me now which I’ll talk about that at some point in the future because I have some words about that but it goes through and connects my Netflix my Amazon Prime and a whole bunch of other services that were subscribed to it brings them all in-house to one spot which is really nice really easy and also if we decide to go with another streaming service let’s say we got rid of DirecTV now we can jump through pretty much any other streaming TV service without any hassle it’s just as far as adding in the new app signing in and we’re ready to go now one of the things I really like about this is that it has poise control now we previously had three different remotes we had a remote for the TV or remote for the cable and then we also had a remote for our sound system now the problem was is that our sound system won we lost it so we haven’t used our sound bar and the good quality sound and a year and a half and we’ve bought other remotes we’ve lost them as well so we just kind of stopped buying remotes for it now with the Alexa remote you can go in and actually control sound up and down but the big thing is I can just there and say Alexa turn on my TV and it will turn on not only the TV but the sound bar as well which is a giant wind I can also have it switch input so I can talk to my TV and say Alexa switch to Xbox and it will automatically switch over to my Xbox input it’s super super convenient and very very quick and easy to set up as far as talking to your TV I think you’re still gonna want to have a remote for most of the things you’re doing you don’t have to reuse the remote if you don’t want to but for my circumstance on what I’ve seen I really think they’re most the way to go for most things on this it’s faster than voltage control it’s a little bit easier to use and it’s kind of intuitive we’re still used to having remotes and even though this was a much smaller remote than what we’re normally used to it’s a little bit easier to use than just using your voice and again it’s much much much faster Alexa open Netflix hears Netflix [Music] alexxa go home but as i said this thing runs all of the popular streaming services you can use an internet browser on it if you want it to if you’ve lost your remote you can use your phone to connect to it and use it that way but again you could just use your voice if you wanted to I tell Alexa turn off and on TV all the time to open up different apps and one of the things I really like is it connects to all the other echo devices that you have in your house so I have an echo dot in my kitchen when I come down in the morning I say Alexa turn on TV and before I go into the living room the TV’s already on and ready to go stupid yes convenient yes unnecessary absolutely but it’s one of those things that I just really like to have and it’s one of those conveniences that is just there it’s unnecessary but I like it as far as the usage of this thing goes it’s pretty quick and responsive some apps are better than others DirecTV now really needs some work it’s much much much slower than all of the other apps on the device but as far as how everything else works it works great I can ask it to search for something it finds it if I don’t want to say something I can type it in it’s really just a catch-all for pretty much anything you want to do and I’ve had personally no problems getting it to switch inputs and the first time out I mean you do anything all I did was power my devices on it found everything and mapped them and I was able to just talk from there and it worked so is this thing the most amazing streaming device in the whole world probably not there’s other streaming devices that are really good but this thing is solid I mean it’s really solid I don’t think I’m gonna be switching to anything else at this point I can talk to it I can go through and use all the popular streaming services and it just works my only thing that I’m really upset about right now that I’m still trying to figure out a solution for it is the YouTube app doesn’t really exist you can do it through the browser which is silk want you can go all the way back to the original Amazon fire that little tablet that came out like five or 10 years ago that was the original browser that they kind of offloaded silver work for so it seemed faster I don’t notice it being any faster on my TV than anywhere else it’s really not made for that but if you want to use YouTube you have to use the browser where you can use a third-party app and third-party apps from what I found are rather lacking they have weird graphical issues where the screens bumped up or they just don’t function the way that I would want YouTube the function I’m very used to using YouTube on my xbox and having it on the Alexa is just not the same and it’s there the only other thing I would really suggest that this thing does is that the buttons be mapable in a different way for different apps so what I mean by that is the home button will take you home all the time which I hit that by accident when I hit and playing pause but the fast-forward button I’d really like that to be able to skip forward things on DirecTV now I know that’s an app based issue but if that could be something that can be worked out now make like so much better especially with you go like YouTube if there’s button where I can just click on subscriptions and scroll through them instead of having to go back to the home page and scroll through everything that would make life significantly easier but this device again is basically an Amazon echo and then you have a fire stick TV all put into one does it have all the bells and whistles of either one for the most part yes you can’t make phone calls on it can’t do text messaging on it but for controlling things wirelessly or we’re simplifying your life it is an outstanding option that I am absolutely in love you have questions or comments about the aleksa cube just leave it down below and I’d be half the answer until next time


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