ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Review: Black Friday 2019

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ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Review: Black Friday 2019


ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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continuing with our series on low and mid-level robot vacuums we have the echovox d bot n 79s we put it through about 16 tests and this video will be the results and our review links in the description for current prices as well as links to all the other robot vacuums we’ve tested in this series and let’s get started the d body in 79 is one of the best selling robot vacuums online probably because it’s so reasonably priced as well as having decent reviews so let’s get started with the pros the power was pretty good for its price range we tested its airflow with an anemometer and found that I had 12 CFM on high power and 9 CFM on low power which is higher than both the Samsung our 70 40 and the Roomba 690 but still quite a bit lower than some of the others in this series but when you consider how much cheaper the d-bots n79 is I think 12 CFM is pretty good it’s more than adequate with its pickup ability on carpet it picked up all the debris in the test from fine debris to pet hair to large debris with no issues on both its low and high power modes on hard floors it again picked up all the debris in the test it did scatter a little bit of debris with it’s too fast spinning edge cleaning brushes but no more than the Roomba or other robots with similar mechanics here again it was slightly better on high power but the low power setting did the job just as well all in all it was pretty good with pure pickup ability it had much better than average battery life getting two hours on it’s a low power mode and we tested it at 83 minutes on its high power which puts it near the top of all the robots we’ve tested in any price range that being said you’ll need the extra battery life because of its navigation which we’ll talk about later it was also better than average with its edge cleaning it did leave a little bit in the corners but it was still better than average it’s also pretty good about making sure to clean edges during its regular cleaning runs despite being a random navigation robot despite its average air flow it did much better than average with the crevice pick up test I’m not exactly sure why but I guess it’s the well placed rubber guard which creates a nice seal on hard floors it has decent features it comes with a handy remote control as well as an app where you can schedule cleanings you can change power settings or select modes like edge cleaning where it only cleans edges or spot mode where it cleans in a spiral pattern and it can also be controlled much like a remote-control car which is fun it’s really quiet we measured the decibels at 62 on high power and only 60 on low power which is really quiet for robot vacuum the final pro is that I had no trouble cleaning black carpet which some robot vacuums can’t do because they’re cliff detection sensors think the carpet is a cliff and in case you’re wondering it’s cliff detection sensors work just fine the dustbin is not quite a pro and not quite a con it’s just a touch below average we measured it at about one and a half cups not as small as the Roomba 690 but not exactly big either on the plus side it was extremely easy to remove and empty the bin and the filters are well placed and easy to change so let’s move on to the cons as I mentioned it’s a random navigation robot meaning it uses a simple algorithm to bounce around randomly to clean your home which is not in itself a con most of the robots in this series are random navigation BOTS but I feel like the D BOTS n79 station is not as random as it should be for example in all the pick up tests it consistently missed the middle of the test area even after five minutes or so of running and although it did a really good job on the obstacle course in terms of hitting most of the areas even around the obstacles in the empty room test it had some significant missed spots even after fifteen minutes of runtime I’m sure we get those areas in the next run but it’s worth mentioning although the brush seems well built and sturdy it’s very prone to hairs getting stuck much more so than others I have tested it’s not a huge deal but you should expect to clean it regularly in our deep clean test where we rub exactly 100 grams of sand into a medium pile test carpet it scored only 58 percent which is the lowest so far granted no robot vacuum is all that great with deep cleaning with the highest I’ve tested so far being 76% and I expect the next two robots will be testing which are all in the same price range as the D BOTS in 79 won’t be able to do much better those cons are somewhat nitpicky because in general I was really impressed with the D bot and 79 s I actually think it’s a much better buy than the cheapest room by the 690 which is still more expensive than the D button 79 it has decent power it does what it’s supposed to do ie pick up everything in its path and it has amazing amounts of battery life it’s not perfect but at this price it’s a solid buy that I feel comfortable recommending that being said I have two more to test in this series before the big competition so be sure to subscribe to vacuum Wars for more links in the description for current prices as well as the next video in this series when it becomes available and thanks watchin.

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