Dyson V7 Animal Review: Black Friday 2019

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Dyson V7 Animal Review: Black Friday 2019


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hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope y’all are having a great day today’s video is going to be an unboxing and a demo of my new Dyson v7 animal I had the dyson v-6 and it died today oh my gosh is so sad I took the entire thing apart yesterday to clean it and which I’ve done many many times and I put it back together and for some reason the roller would not work I tried everything you guys like I watched so many videos on YouTube on what to do and they kept people kept saying it was dirty and I’m like I know this thing is not dirty I just cleaned the heck out of it so we ended up we had bought that at Costco and so I called them and I said hey what do I do like should I go through Dyson or should I just bring it back to you guys he’s like well you could do whatever but we’ll give you just the amount that you paid for it and then you’ll just have to repurchase it and I was like oh all right so I gotta bring a new one because they don’t make the v6 anymore so I didn’t necessarily want to get a new one but I was kind of forced to because our other one broke and I needed one because I cannot live without this thing this is the dyson v7 and this one has 30 minutes of fade free suction so I believe the v6 had 20 minutes it looks very similar the other one was pink and yeah it looks very very similar the attachments I think are pretty close to the state yeah I think they pretty much are the same if you guys have never tried a Dyson before I highly recommend them we’ve got a big one – like one that you plug in but I just love the cordless one I like to use it I use this thing probably three times a day just I’ve got two little ones that are very very messy with crumbs and this thing comes in really really handy so alright let’s dig into it boy so this is what the box looks like I just have to give a huge shout out to Costco like I mean their return policy is insane you know in our day some broke I was like well now what do we do and like my husband he’s like we got it at Costco just take it back and I’m like well they take it back yes they will it’s so flippin cool so thank you Costco all right so first thing in here is the wall mount so I’m hoping this is the same size as the other one because I already had the two screws and everything so hopefully I could just put it right back in that spot why is this so exciting for me it’s like Christmas okay so here is one of the attachments this looks a little bit different this looks different than the other one and then this one here this one has so it’s got like part right here and this is good like to get pet hair up like off the couches and then it’s got the freshers here too so that’s cool it’s kind of like that two and one I like that one power cord hole that says Jason v7 animal and this one it’s very pretty I think my last one was pink so oh my gosh this thing is so pretty I feel like this is heavy wow it has a charge hmm I feel like it’s heavier high suction extended run max suction okay so I think if you turn it over here that’s gonna pick up the most but then if you want to use it a little bit longer you put it over here on the extended and then I think it’s just telling how to open it oh this one is a little different oh okay so you pull up on it oh wait what this is way different what has happened oh okay so you pull up all the way and then the bottom opens the other one it had it over here and you just kind of push down so okay so you push that down let’s try that again oh cool I love that how these open at the bottom like it’s so much neater I feel like okay cool and here we have the bottom roller part and so on the other one I took this out and I don’t know what it was doing but like it was almost like it was locking like see how this one moves SuperDuper easy enough sort of that other one would it was like it was getting blocked like I don’t know what was wrong with it so yeah this is all very similar that’s what that looks like okay so here is the little handheld attachment this is weird what is this little part for this is weird oh okay so it would like that and that looks really weird but then it goes like that so then you can use it okay that makes more sense so yeah I like how they have these little texturize things down here at the bottom like to help with pet hair we’ve got a cat and a dog so this will be nice to pick stuff up off the couch oh yeah so the v6 has this attachment to this one’s pretty cool I’ve used it in the car before so it’s got like although the other one like really been you know so you could get really into spots and this one doesn’t really Bend but it extends out like that you want to put bring it in but yeah so it’s nice and tiny to get into small spots and like that so now we are going to put this bad boy together okay so attaches right into attaches right into here all right that is what this bad boy looks like I love these things I don’t know how I vacuum didn’t survived without this thing alright let’s do some demo [Music] [Music] alright guys there you have it that was my little unboxing and demo of the Dyson v7 it’s so quiet I love this thing so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I’ll see you guys next time bye.

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