Dyson Cyclone V10 Vacuum Review: Black Friday 2019

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Dyson Cyclone V10 Vacuum Review: Black Friday 2019

Dyson Cyclone V10 Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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hi everyone welcome back to my channel so in today’s video I am going to be doing a Dyson v10 review so I am doing this review because I just thought would be quite useful I’m a mom of two boys I have no idea when it comes to technology so I’m not doing review it going to tell you all about the mechanics of it and the suction power and things like that I’m gonna be telling you an honest review from mom of two boys who make a lot of mess yes if it doesn’t be ten absolute so I have got all the different parts that come with it so I’ve got two of these well I’ve got this one long pole and I’ve got two little vacuum heads one is for a hardwood and one is for the carpet I have also got a smaller head which I think this is ideal for the car and I’ve got one of these little brushes I have got shutters in my house and obviously this is perfect for that and also like laptop keyboards and things like that and then I’ve got this one which I don’t really know what’s for but I think if you push that yeah that goes up and down I’m not use this one yet so before I get into it I’m going to tell you that I had the dyson v-6 before to me that v6 was absolutely perfect it did my house really well i cleaned it really well i will say that it could only ever handle doing my upstairs in one go and then i have to charge it for 20 minutes and then it could do my downstairs that was slightly annoying its i’m one of those people who when i’m in the mode of cleaning i just want to get it done so when the battery would then run out I would almost not bother getting it back out to do the downstairs because I’d be doing something else and the kind of hoovering mode had gone so I will say that I haven’t actually tried to Hoover my whole house of this yet so what I thought I would do later on in this video is and show you this cylinder this is the bin I’m going to show you how much dirt it picks up so I was kindly gifted this from Dyson I am gonna tell you that those of you who are watching this are thinking if you had a v6 why should people a v10 I was gifted this but this is in no way shape or form answer video so it’s just gonna be a really really honest review so I thought I’d start off by showing you the bin size it’s got a really good capacity as you can see I would say it’s got another third of what the v6 has and but anyone who has a v6 and had the same issue whenever I tried to empty the bin I would always have to then get a knife and scrape around the top bit because all the dirt and kind of dust would get stuck up here at the top and it’d be really hard to empty so my husband and I would always have arguments over who was going to empty the cylinder but with this one as you can see you just pull this like red button type thing you push it down it unlocks and then you just can push the whole cylinder out to empty it’s so much easier it literally takes seconds as well so I’m gonna say that is a massive bonus already and the second feature I want to show you was that you have got three different settings on this Hoover you have got the you have got max you have got medium and you have got light I guess I don’t know how else to explain it light anyway that’s your suction power so Dyson say that when this vacuum is on the lowest mode it can vacuum for an hour so that already is really good because it would not take an hour to clean my whole house but if you go onto the middle speed it’s obviously like reduces the time and come back and forth and if you go into max speed they say it can vacuum for about 20 minutes when it comes to cleaning the Dyson all you need to do with this one if you have this little like purple compartment at the very top you just twist it to the left and then you pop it out like that and as you can see my filter is actually really dirty already and then you just rinse it out leave it for 12 hours and make sure it’s completely dry before popping it back on and you are ready to start hoovering again like all the other dyson hand-held Hoover’s this has got a little trigger down here and once you press the trigger it starts up immediately and once you let go of the trigger it stops your hoover lots of people actually say that this is annoying that you have to keep your finger on the trigger I’ve got to admit I’ve never thought that before but then when people have said that I thought does that annoy me and it doesn’t it really doesn’t annoy me so that is the whole device up here now I’m going to show you the different heads so for the one that you can use on the hardwood flooring is kind of a fluffy head and apparently this is the head you would use if you have big pieces to pick up like you have cereal that’s been dropped on the floor if you have big chunks of mud to pick up like I do with my boys that play football in the garden and then come through the house with their muddy boots on and this is the perfect head to use it then this is Chris’s favorite head because this is the head that cleans the car I don’t know if it’s like the official car cleaning head but this is what he uses and I’ve never even known him to clean the car so much as he does right now and then you have got this kind of long arm section and you’ve also got this head which is great because that if you do have cobwebs it gets right into the corners and it also is really good for skirting boards as well one of the good features about it is that you can detach all of the different parts to it by using one hand because obviously with the old one I did find I had to use two hands to kind of click it apart whereas this one that they say you can just click it and pull and it is actually so much easier another really good feature that I wanted to show you was this little kind of rubber section they have on the handle bit here so I will lean my vacuum up against my work surfaces and it’s so often and the vacuum is gone and smashed onto the floor that’s what’s happened with my basics quite a lot but with these because Dyson when they had product testers have said exactly the same thing they put this little like rubber pad here so when you put it up on the side and it starts to fall the rubber catches the Hoover right so this is a little gripped section but I wanted to show you what it’s like on my work top because it doesn’t work I have got a quartz work top and it slips off every single time my work top does have a bit of a smoother edge to it I don’t know if that’s why it falls off but it also falls off my dining table as well so I just thought I would demonstrate so I’m gonna put my Hoover there and as you can see it just slips straight off like that and if I was to put it like this and it was to go to the side again it just completely flips off so that for me doesn’t work and my work services whether it’s because the Hoover is a lot heavier than the other Hoover’s or it’s because I’ve got a slicker wooden floor it’s better on the table but again it still slips right so what I wanted to do now was I’m going to go around my house using all my different heads let’s go [Music] guys I had to just stop and show you this is two bedrooms that is two bedrooms that’s disgusting that was empty that is right I have just finished hoovering my whole house and I’m actually disgusted at how much dirt I picked up yeah I hope my whole house on Max and the factory did not run out which is so much better than my v6 because as I said I’ve only ever been able to Hoover the upstairs at once but then the downstairs and after it’s been recharged so I was really impressed with that I thought will be really good as to now show you like me dropping cereal on the floor and then show you how good it is to Hoover it up I’m now going to empty this out and then I’m going to do my little test right so here is my experiment I have got some corn flakes I’ve just put a handful like crunch them up in my hand and put them on the carpet this head apparently is meant to pick up bigger bit of like food and debris around your house so I’m gonna click that on and then I am going to go into mode one and then I’m going to try it again on mode 2 and mode 3 I’m going to see if the suction is any different between the three different modes let’s go mode one one completely gone right I’m going to do exactly the same experiment now on mode to write power to let’s go I would actually say that was quite strong so it actually pushed some of the food into the other room right max here we come you can hear the difference in the sound as well with the motor as it’s like roughed up you’ll hear it’s so much louder right oh look I just lifted up the hit the Hoover and these bits just fell out of there so max actually didn’t pick up as much as number one did I think number one was the best when it came to things like this so maybe that’s the trick you need to do if you’ve got lots of kind of big things on the floor use one but if you want a real deep clean you want to use two or max right that’s the end of my Dyson v10 review please leave any questions or comments down below that I haven’t covered because like I said I’m no pro I didn’t really know what exactly people would want me to cover in this review so I’ve just covered things that I would want to know as a mom of two messy children if you do have any other questions please just ask me and I will answer them as best as I can thank you so much for watching I hope it’s helped I would definitely recommend the Dyson v10 over the v6 what I had I can’t comment on the VA because I’ve never owned a v8 but this has just got such a bigger capacity to hold dirt and it’s really good obviously because look at all that dirt and that’s from me having the v6 for like years and this is got so much more stuff up I’m gross thanks again for watching and I’ll see you next time bye

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