DJI Spark Drone Camera Review, Black Friday 2019

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DJI Spark Fly More Combo Alpine White Review, Black Friday 2019

DJI Spark Fly More Combo Alpine White Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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hi you want to know how this little fella get out of this box I’m going to show you the full unboxing of the DJI sparks fly more combo and I’m going to give you the full review of this little one so stay with me okay so this is the new DJI sparks fly more combo I ordered it in Alpine white since I ordered it right from the start I received also 16 gigabyte microSD card with it so let’s take a look inside the box ok so we are used to this from the navikev different boxes in here oh nice also a travel box the drone itself ok so this is the first ever opening of this box Wow is then that nice look how small it is this is incredible I mean I have really small hands and wow I’m impressed I’m seriously impressed by this I mean the medic was was one thing but this this is just crazy small god I would wish this one had 4k recording we have one additional battery we have additional props if we crash it so and well that’s actually it for for the drone itself so let’s take a look in the treble bag what’s in there seems kind of like the back for dramatic this time they supplied us with instructions how to place all the stuff in there and there is a picture of thematic so this back can be used with the Mavic it’s either good for the spark or for thematic so if you have thematic you can use this also really nice well done Vijay okay so we have more stuffing in here we have the indoor flying guards and this is how it looks inside the back so you actually can really easily manage all the cables in here this is the charger for the spark AC plug and now let’s get to the interesting part the thing everybody was wondering about and waiting for the new DJI controller for the spark I guess from the dimensions it’s pretty close to the one from the medic but it’s lighter definitely lighter not as heavy as the controller from the medic and you don’t have the USB connection on the side otherwise it’s kind of similar you just have one wheel on the left and they added a button on the right so this is pretty much all it for the controller for the spark and in the front of the bag there’s another pocket and there you find the multi charger and a USB charging cable with this charger it’s different than with the medic this charger is charging up three batteries at once now I’m going to show you how to put on the pro card it’s so freakishly easy alright so here is the big difference to all the first reviews you got out there because the prototypes that DJI was shipping to all the testers contains prop guards that were different than those the old ones with the prototypes snapped on to the spark but those you have to twist them on and you have to lock this little lid here so it sits tight in place and it cannot fall off if it’s hitting the prop guard stupidly or something so that’s one of the biggest changes compared to all the prototypes the DJI send out at the beginning so after I applied all the prop guards I notice that there is a white mark on the prop guards always keep your eyes open for the white markings on more’s cuz white propellers go for the white motors and white prop guards go for the white motors this is solid let’s get the bird fueled up and go for the first fly so listen closely because this one will be probably my most important advice I can give you if you get the fly mole combo for the DJ’s part the first thing you have to do after you unbox your stuff update this part and also the controller because if you go out there and you try to fly it won’t work or you will have weird bugs and stuff so make sure you connect your spark first to your mobile phone update this one first and after that update the controller cause if you’re connected to the spark and you connect later to the controller it will prompt you that you have to do an update so under any circumstances do the update of the devices first so with the spark you have three different possibilities how to control the spark you can either control it by your palm gestures without any controller or an app or you can control it through your controller if you choose to control it with the controller you don’t necessarily need to use your app but you also can control the spark with your mobile phone so how does your mobile phone connect to all those devices because you don’t have an USB port where you can plug your phone in as you have it with dynamic for both devices you need to connect to them with your Wi-Fi since a lot of us live in areas where there is a lot of Wi-Fi around expect a lot of Wi-Fi issues + connection losses and stuff like this this is something not a lot of people talked about yet so choose your connection wisely in this setup I am wearing my little fellow GoPro here and I’m going to show you how it feels to palm launch a DJ our spark and I’m also going to record the whole session on my iPhone so you can see what actually the app is displaying you while you’re doing stuff like this so let’s get to it so you can see the spark is pretty stable so no pressure here so let’s take it for a spin okay so now let’s get it back in and I’m going to show you how to land the spark again so this is pretty easy the only thing I have to do is to recharge with my home and automatically recognize it and that did this is how you land the BJ’s park on your pump the spark also has a beast mode this is something that many people talked about here so if you switch your spark into sport mode it completely behaves like a toy you can do almost 180 turns on the spot and it’s ridiculously cool and fun to fly like this if you thought the medic was wild Hornet wait till you see this little fella with those fast movements you definitely can see that the spark would benefit from a free axis gimbal next up we are going to test the smart features of the DJI spark first up of the smart features is the quick shot mode circle in this mode the spark is circling you in a steady pace while it is keeping you in the middle of the shot at the end you can see that the spark is struggling while it is turning I guess it was because we had a lot of wind that day next on the menu is the helix feature in this mode the spark also keeps you in the middle of the shot while it is ascending and it’s moving in a spiral movement around you in this footage you will also notice that there is some stuttering when the spark is engaging in the sideways movement and again this could be because of the high wind velocity I had that day and as you can see on the wheat beside me it was pretty strong after the shot is complete the spark returns to its starting point so keep that in mind if you are traveling forward next up is the rocket mode in this shot the spark engages you in the 90 degree angle and is starting to reveal your surrounding DJI I hope you’re listening I would love if I could adjust the speed of those smart features this would be so cool if those movements could be faster than they are pre-programmed when it’s finished with its movement is the slowly descend back to you and the last of the quick shot features is the dronie in this feature the spark automatically is moving backwards and revealing what is behind you also new is the feature to create panoramas this is the normal field of view of the spark and with the panorama feature you can stitch together free by three pictures of this field of view to create this wide-angle you can also create vertical panoramas that consists of three pictures that are in a row alright so this is my first review of the DJI spark what do you guys think do you like the new features what are you looking for the most hit me up in the comments and tell me what you think about DJI’s newest addition in my opinion the spark has some really neat features and besides form factor there are really cool new intelligent flight modes in it and it will make droning more accessible to people that are not so much into tech there are some things I don’t like too much about the Spark one thing it’s the connection quality sometimes it can be a bit rocky but on the other side if it loses its connection it will return to your last known home position so even if you lose connection and if you’re outside and I’m guessing you will use the spark mostly outside and not within your living room or something so I guess you’ll be fine with that the Palm gestures DJI showed off at their announcement of the spark I’m not sure if they are there yet my impression was that based on the lighting conditions the sparks sometimes has problems to recognize your Palm so it won’t be working all the time when it works it works great that’s for sure since I think DJI will improve their palm recognition I don’t want it to include the palm gesture navigation in this tutorial because I’m pretty sure they will give it a big fix in the next few weeks I rather give it a review a few weeks later so my result on the spark is really positive I was really surprised on the quality and how easy it is to manage and to fly the only rocky part I encountered was the update process at the beginning but after I figured that one out everything was smooth as butter I’m pretty confident that we are about to see a lot of more sparks flying around in the next few weeks don’t forget to subscribe to my channel cuz next time we are pitting the DJI Mavic against the DJI spark so stay tuned for some awesome results and I’m hoping to see you guys next time this thing is seriously it’s kind of like a toy this is amazing I can’t believe it if you haven’t seen it

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