DELONGHI ESAM3300 Coffee Machine Review: Black Friday 2019

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DELONGHI ESAM3300 Coffee Machine Review: Black Friday 2019


DELONGHI ESAM3300 Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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okay um what I’ve got up for sale is a DeLonghi magnifica it’s a latte maker and expresso it also is a little draw on top here this grinds its own coffee but if you guys are gonna Brown coffee you put it here you dump it here and it’ll do the same thing so you don’t have to use brown coffee if you don’t want to close this up the coffee beans sit in this side over here there’s also a size of grind it’s uh you want your grind finer or rougher the first thing you do or I do now this is a tray here it catches the water but I don’t like it in there so what so I put a cup on it and the first thing you do is turn it on and you wait for it to warm up now it’s warming up right away now they go through a series of grinding and whirring and carrying on now here’s your water tank it’ll let you know when it’s low the light will come on there’s a cleaning system built into the carpet into the machine it cleans itself the booklet comes with it so you don’t have to worry about that okay it’s going through now chemically clean up the novels so it’s going to pump hot water which is doing right now hey there it is it’s clean now also let’s come down for two cups back up for a bigger couples which I’m using I’m going to dump this water out now the next thing you do alright do is I put milk in my cup oh I put it up maybe not quite half and you want to add a little flavor then I usually add about once once one cup ro teaspoon tablespoon I dumped that in this is a good stuff here this is coffee nut it’s really just eating with your finger it’s really delicious okay now the next thing you do is I want to run the steamer to get it going do you turn this over here then you wait and this a little noise you know I’ve got steamed I take the milk there if you don’t say that milk is cold but you don’t want to sign the tub you can fill it isn’t it starts to heat up I don’t want to get all the chill off the milk cause I want this one the hot hot it gets on the cup here the hot air pockets gonna be okay shut it off probably doing this all wrong for me other people do it but this is always work for me yeah push my link up now it’s going to grind the beans there’s writing the beans [Applause] and that’s gonna drop the coffee a lot of people gonna make an expert’s up and yell crop the mill then you’ll make the coffee and then put the syrup in it and then pour that the froth milk into the coffee this is the way I do it it’s almost too good to run over a little bit cuz that’s how I like to do it and it’s done you take this out thing off my drop here and there you have it you put a little cinnamon on top you’ve got your latte let me see that hmm good well that’s it it’s a machines in great shape when you clean it there’s instructions in the book that tells you how to clean it a little Lila come on it’ll tell you when it needs to be cleaned and then it tells you to push a series of buttons and it will self clean you put vinegar and air and you run it through for a few times it’s all according to how many minerals you have in your water on how long you need to clean it there’s also a setup that sets it for your particular water what you can do and that’s about it so thanks for okay so this is my review of the DeLonghi magnifica I’ve had it for about five days and it’s already broken I called the customer service they can’t figure it out so I’m gonna return it because I’m pretty disappointed so I’ll cover some of the features that it has and then I’ll go over exactly what the heck happened so the de’longhi magnificus is super Automatica whatever that means for each manufacturer I don’t know but it’s essentially this one grinds I’ll get into the hopper it grinds and it compresses the puck brews the coffee and injects the puck into its own little container so effectively all you would have to do is put a coffee mug underneath it and brew it and just push a couple of buttons it sounds good in practice but it sounds good in theory but it doesn’t actually work that way so we’ll start with the the bean hopper back here I don’t know exactly how much it holds maybe like a cup cup and a half this is filled to the max right now it’s brand new coffee that’s well it’s gonna go to waste because the freaking thing is broken but once you pour it in there it’s got your own little adjuster it’s pretty much like any other coffee grinder that has a built-in grinder you can only adjust it when it’s in motion which I guess is to protect the the grinding mechanism I don’t know exactly but it makes it sort of difficult because this thing will grind in I don’t know maybe like four seconds so you got four seconds to adjust this thing to exactly what you want and then if it’s not well then I guess you just wasted a whole bunch of coffee this is also one of the things that I mean you’re gonna see this more in the review but this thing just there’s just a lot of small little things that really irritate me about this machine especially something that costs over $500 the majority of it is plastic I’ll get to all the plastic pieces later but this cover is one of the first things it does not stay open okay there it is now it’s gonna if the micro burst of or anything like a fly farts in this general direction it’s gonna fall down let me see if I can get it this thing up no anyways what that means is that you can’t do any one-handed operation here you have to have two hands and then anybody who’s ever poured beans out of a bag knows that it’s it’s pretty difficult I mean it’s like pouring out liquid it’s just it kind of wants to go everywhere so so I don’t know maybe you can hold it with like your pinkie and do something but either way it’s just like come on DeLong you couldn’t figure that out you couldn’t just get this to stand up or have some sort of different window all right so moving on from the bean to the right of that is the coffee bypass this sounds great because when you want to get a super automatic you don’t want to lose anything right to be able to just push a button get your coffee and not lose any functionality so what this provides for is pre-ground coffee so you say you have a bag or a special flavor that you can’t buy and whole bean you can just shoot it over here this one actually sort of stays open again it’s really cheap plastic a nice little feature what initially seems like a nice feature is having this scooper in here but in effect you can see it’s sort of stuck underneath the door so when you go and grab it it doesn’t come straight out it has to come out at an angle now if there’s any coffee left in there that means that the coffee is gonna spill into that area and just getting all the nooks and crannies and if you overshoot it’s gonna spill in the back of the machine so a nice nice intentions but poor execution once you get your coffee oh yeah look at that see that’s gonna happen I wants to get your coffee and you track them pour it in here another great thing is that it the goddamn scoop doesn’t actually fit into the hole hole and coffee doesn’t ground coffee doesn’t want to come out like water it kind of clumps together and it pops out so if you start from here it’s gonna shoot all over the place what you would want to do is to have the entire scoop go down and then tilt it but you can’t do that without the thing falling on top of you so once again DeLonghi has failed here a good idea of poor execution to the right of that is the cup warmer this is probably the best feature which is pretty sad on this entire machine it’s large it’s covered in popular right now as you can see this is just normal use of skin and everything’s gonna get covered in coffee because it’s a freaking mess but it’s large it’ll cover two whole mugs you could probably put six espresso tiny little espresso containers on there here I put some espresso containers on there so you can kind of see it’s always on when the machine is on which is nice you don’t have to push any buttons to activate it there’s no buttons to adjust the temperature or anything it’s got this nice sort of beveled surface there that makes it look pretty and I don’t know I guess it keeps your mug from getting too hot but it’ll get pretty warm and it probably takes maybe like 10 10 minutes for your month to get totally warm and it’ll be warm to the touch and I guess it’s it’s I don’t know it’s a nice feature I guess all right coming down here to the I guess the menu options for this coffee machine and again I just want to reiterate everything is plastic on this thing with the exception of this plate for the cup warmer and the great that spill great everything else is just really it’s plastic and it’s not even high-quality plastic it’s just a really cheap feeling plastic you can see everything kind of rattles when you tap on it and especially these buttons see I’m just tapping these buttons I’m not actually depressing them or activating anything and it’s just they rattle this is all really cheap plastic the knobs have a good feel to them but again it’s really cheap plastic so you have your on button over here you get through a 1 cup I want to make one cup of coffee you go ahead and push that I want to make 2 cups of espresso push that I want to get just hot water push that on your left here is the amount of water that the machine is gonna push through the coffee and over here is the amount of miss if I remember I think this is the amount of coffee again I’ve only had this for a couple days I got to use it probably made 10 cups of coffee and I broke but this is the amount of coffee that it’s going to grind and your last adjustment of course is just gonna tell the Machine how fine you want the coffee to be so I guess a strength of the coffee is gonna be a function of how fine the grounds are and then how much coffee you tell the machine to pour into like a little lip pop maker a couple lights down here this one is going to you I think this one tells you it’s out of water this one I think this one tells you oh yeah this is if the your reservoir down here it’s full this one tells you to buy a new coffee machine no just kiddin I don’t know what it means it means a bunch of is broken and then you have over here the descaler I guess the cool feature when you get it it comes with a hard water tester and you put that in your water of course and that’s gonna tell you like on a scale of 1 the for how hard your water is and then once you know you can go ahead and adjust that there’s a special sequence that button is your press but basically you tell the Machine my hard water tested a 3 out of 4 so this is going to modify the cleaning interval so mine was a 3 and I set that and then 4 years oh yeah this is your conflict bypass so before you put the coffee in here to bypass the grinder and everything you just push that button on pour the coffee in and then ideally you would brew the one or two cups but you can only do one at a time actually that I think about it over here is your steam wand knob I know this looks like it’s pointing this is I don’t know this is just a personal thing but the design of this makes it look like it’s pointing down but what actually the lever is pointing over here so it’s off right now and then you twist it and shoots out steam all right moving down to the rest of the machine we get the brew head I guess cheap plastic once again this thing will adjust that’s nice but I don’t know if you can see it’s just really cheaply in there and then you have your steam wand over here the steam wand is it’s nice I guess it swings out it’s nice that this comes off and you can easily clean so that’s convenient however the actual location of this and the fact that this does not swing out in any way means that you have about I don’t know three and four inches of room to get a cup in there and then God forbid you want to get anything else in there and steam more milk because you had to take all this apart to actually get to this so this thing swings out and it just seems like it’s always in the way if you want to get back here to open it up to clean it then you can this thing is kind of in a way you can see it’s just kind of and it sits in between the door for the brew group and your water and I’ll show you how this water thing comes out but it sits right there so if you have it over like this then you can’t get the water machine out and then if you have it even all the way over you would think oh maybe I could no that’s still on the way over there so this is the only place that it’s not in the way but it still is you can see

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