Cuisinart Coffee Maker Review: Black Friday 2019

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Cuisinart Coffee Maker Review: Black Friday 2019


Cuisinart Coffee Maker Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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hi I’m Frank back in the kitchen and today we’re reviewing a coffee maker this time it’s the Cuisinart DG B 800 it saber grind and brew 12 cup coffee maker it’s not cheap but we’re gonna find out whether or not it’s worth the price you pay we’ve gone through a lot of coffee makers in this kitchen we’ve had cure eggs we’ve had mister coffees we have had we actually do have a big espresso machine but very rarely use it that’s mostly when we have some special guests over want cappuccinos or lattes or something so we needed a good coffee maker something that would make really good coffee and we wanted it from beans this time rather than from just ground coffee as you know ground coffee goes bad rather quickly all right let’s get into it so the unit comes really well boxed it’s very nice system it comes with a with a charcoal filter as well that fits in into the water tank this this little filter here actually is the instructions say the soak it for 15 minutes before first use in just in cold water we’ve done that and then we put it into this into this receiver and just snaps and it just goes in the back of the of the water though the water tank and it that’s in there it’s it’s secure in there as well so we’ve run we’ve done the other thing that it asks us to do and that is that we’ve run one full thing of water we did not use the really nice gold fine mesh reusable filter for that run just in case it was something in the system that might be I don’t know gets stuck in here or whatever so we use the standard paper filter we’ve run that through the water looked clear we’re done with that now so we can we can now go back to our new gold filter and this is very simple just closes on the top and it locks in place when you press it it’s click click so it’s time to see how this thing works we’re going to take off the stop this is nice because it seals around the rim which means that there’s no moisture no air and when you’re using beans that keeps them relatively fresh we have some Sam’s bought French roast beans because I couldn’t find the beans I really wanted and it’s just a matter of filling this to do a little bit there’s our beans in there and I tell you this is the first run that we’ve done with this machine so we’re all going to share this together and then this just goes back on top and it locks in place and it closes and seals very nicely from here we have an on and off switch the on on switch comes on and because we’re going to be grinding if you’re running just water or you’re doing ground beans which this is also capable of you can just push this grind off button and use a paper already don’t even have to use a paper filter but you can use just regular ground coffee in the hopper and it will grind but we want to grind this time when you when you first turn it on of course you’ve set the time which we’ve already done and you have the opportunity to set the number of cups that you are are brewing because we’re going to be filling this with a full 12 cup load we set that to 12 and then on the strength we just can start with a mild a medium and a strong brew I happen to like very strong brews so let’s see how that works I’ve got cold water in here all we’re going to do is is fill the the tank it’s a full 12 cups now I will tell you that in playing with this initially the one thing that not really all that excited about is the top of this carafe most places as you know the carafe lifts up on a lever this one has these little indentations and it just comes off completely I’m not sure I’m all big on that because when you put it back on it you have to make sure it snaps in place but yeah we’ll probably get used to it alright so we’ve got the water tank filled we’ve got our beans in here we’ve got our grind set and the number of cups of coffee that we’re going to brew this little button in the middle of the of the cup setting is where we start it and we’re going to start it right now let’s listen and see how this sounds [Music] [Music] remember it’s filling the what would normally be the filter pot with the right amount of ground coffee now to prove so let’s see when it stops here [Applause] finally I guess it’s the heavy strength that caused that and now it’s gonna start running through so we’ll just let it go here for a minute I’m gonna stop the video at this point I’ll come right back to you in the next second it’s already brewing and we’ll see how it does and we’ll test it and see what and how easy the the the gold filter unit is able to clean real easy all right we’ll be back in just a second all right well it’s done and we timed it from the time it started actually brewing through the through the filter it took seven minutes and 15 seconds to completely fill our 12 cup pot a couple of things before we test our coffee there is a warming capability on the system I hate some of the coffee makers that we’ve had that shut off after 15 or 20 minutes and you still have half a pot and you want to keep it warm and you come back and want to get a cup of coffee and it’s lukewarm if that this one can be set up to four hours of warm time so that is an easy programmable feature of the of the coffee maker it’s come set as it’s standard at two hours but it can be extended up to four hours additionally there are instructions in the manual for how to clean this thing and decalcify it this is very important to us here because the water we happen to have in the house here is got some heavy amounts of calcium so things build up in a hurry we’ll probably clean this a little more often than then you would normally with really good clean water and you do get a clean notice on here you’ll get a flashing light that says it’s cleaning time it’s done with vinegar half and half with water that’s a run-through you take out the filter run it through and it should be good to go the other side of this is that you can pull the carafe out during the brew if you got to have that first cup of coffee before it’s done and it will stop you can do that for up to 20 seconds with this unit and get your coffee put it back in and it’ll continue to brew alright well it’s time let’s let’s give it a shot yeah see what it looks like we got some really nice-looking coffee nice and dark it’s just what I wanted it’s looking pretty strong and smells good let’s give it a shot that is good coffee and I mean that sincerely all honesty this is really good coffee I used my other coffee maker this morning and just kind of digging it just to get the caffeine rush but this is awesome this is going to be fantastic I love this all right well we’re we’re pretty much done I I got to give this a big thumbs up this is gonna be our standard coffee maker on the counter now I think for some time I have no regrets about this at all again the only little tiny thing that I didn’t like was the way that the carafe lid comes off but my gosh that’s not a big deal at all you’re not gonna use it that often like that it makes it easier to fill the carafe with water with it off but who knows so if you if you want more information about this if you’re looking at this at YouTube I’ve put links to the this and a couple of other items in the description below if you like this video and the way we review please give us a like and and subscribe we do cooking we do gardening we do reviews and we do projects for your home and kitchen so please join us as we continue to develop this YouTube site and also on Facebook and elsewhere and you know just as an example right now I’m doing a video from right in the middle of creating it this is a chicken soup made from scratch and that video will be available also very very shortly so we’re doing a lot of things like that we’re cooking on the grill we’re doing sous vide and other things so please join us in the meantime check it out it’s great take care

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