Canon Powershot sx720 hs Review Black Friday Deals 2019

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Canon Powershot sx720 hs Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Canon Powershot sx720 hs Review Black Friday Deals  & Sale 2019

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Wow where you going I can’t this cannot coming soon we’re going on YouTube do 18:8 bones urban tech reviews and in this video today I’m going to be doing my review of the Canon Powershot SX 720 HS this camera was released in 2016 you can get it at Best Buy’s where I got it from for three hundred and twenty nine dollars and the colors that it comes in is black which is this color right here and you can get it in gray type of camera that this is this is a digital camera point-and-shoot or compact camera any one of those names fit this camera precisely now the reason I got this camera to throw this in there is not for photos not to take photos and all that which you know some people use digital cameras for especially Long’s doing digital cameras I didn’t get it for that purpose I got this camera for the purpose of shooting my You Tube videos you know I mean song I rarely vlog but I might start getting into vlogging a little bit more but I have other cameras for that as well but really just you know sit at the desk and use it to you know do my mouth boxing’s my reviews and stuff like that and this camera is a very easy to transfer the content the videos my reviews to wherever I need to transform to which is another reason that I get it but let me get back into the review and so you know get back and get back into the meat and potatoes now I have 20 point 3 megapixels optical zoom of 40 times in a digital zoom of four times on the busy the video resolution is 1920 by 1080 which is for HD and 60 frames and 30 frames per second you can also shoot at a 1280 by 720 at 30 frames per second and 60 640 by 480 at 30 frames per second as a three inch LCD monitor right here which is a non articulating screen which means it doesn’t rotate doesn’t flip it doesn’t do anything it’s stuck in place you know I mean screen doesn’t move at all the PPI of this are we back my dad had wanted two kids at the door all right so then 122 thousand pixels arm the battery and this which is right here is a 1250 milliamp battery pack if you want to buy extra batteries it’s the MB 13 l mb 13 l and to make sure and they say you can get up to 350 five shots on one full charge and you can get 5 hours of playback all right that’s pretty sense a lot of playback all right and built-in Wi-Fi which you see Wi-Fi button right here so built-in Wi-Fi and NFC and you see I right there which is near field communication which means if you have a smart device unlike the iPhone because the iPhones don’t have NFC we get a Samsung or another Android device you tap them like that and they supposing is connect that’s what NFC does image resolution of 5,180 for about 3888 and like I said that’s not my main focus a baneth camera was not to take pictures even though I probably will take a few but that’s not my focus my focus for my point of having this and bonus was to use videos to shoot videos um storage has no internal memory so the only way you’re going to be able to store it is if you get a memory card and your memory card goes down in there down there slot and why I have it okay well although I’m recorder up in there there’s a couple of different kind of memory cards you can get but you always want to get a class 10 you see I tend with the most circle around it you want to get those because those are your hat capacity they can hold HD videos and stuff of that nature they can take that type of video if you get anything I’m anything other than a class 10 then your video might come out choppy you might lose part of the video your pictures and and stuff like that so make sure where regardless like this is 64 years of to 32 so make sure that you get the class 10 so regardless of how many gigabytes you get make sure you get a class 10 I like SanDisk they’re pretty uh pretty reliable so I rock with Santa’s fell from rocking with them for a little bit on the last couple joints that I got so SanDisk is where you go alright so you put the car down like that push it down with a little click just like that battery is the same way take the battery turn it that way push it down I’m not gonna put that in wrong yeah I did alright so push it down is there click on the battery – alright there you go you guys just push that little orange piece over but it’s nothing alright so back into it so like I say it has no internal storage you have to have an SD card to to save anything on this camera so if you don’t have any card you ain’t gonna build a saving any pictures or videos or anything you’re not even if I’m going to allow you to take a video alright uh it has in a image stabilization in an optical image stabilization so kind of help you out on them shaky pics of shaky videos if you have to do built-in flash flashes right here to pop-up flash so click that button your flash pops up flash is only available in photo mode you will not be able to use flash in video you know for extra lighting won’t be able to do that you gotta back other lighting um we autofocus that built-in autofocus I forget the aperture I think it’s like s 3.2 or something I didn’t put them on notes and actually forget but I’m pretty sure something around there for maximum aperture one memory card slot which is going through that no internal memory for HD at 1920 by 1080 and we went through through that the height of the camera is 2.5 inches the width is 4.3 inches the depth is 1.4 inches and the weight of the body only with no memory card no battery is eight point six ounces 846 four ounces of that or what the battery is 9.5 two ounces all right it also has a note touch screen so this screen right here with all the fingerprints that you’ve seen right now it’s not a touch screen as nine focus points so anybody who know anything about cameras or you know a little bit about cameras you know that when you try to take a picture or something like that you want you want to have something to focus on so you’ll have nine different focus points on the camera and you can use some cameras a death or a DSLR that I used to have the Canon t6 I um I think it had like nineteen I want to say I might be wrong on that but I think I’m thinking it was like 19 or something like that I’m a face detection we went through the pop-up flash in the digit 6 processor um built-in wireless format for your videos and B mpeg-4 h.264 and it has also if you open up this slot right here if you open up this slot right here to micro you have the micro HDMI slot right there and this is your micro USB slot right here this is a spot for your wrist strap if you decide to use a wrist strap then you can use that put that in there and um that’s good for really the outside right here you got your chopped off melt so you want to you know put this on the tripod you can do that and you got a grip right here so you know people taking pictures or whatever like that you holding them like that you got a grip you know I mean a speaker grill right here I think the I want to say that the microphone is up in that area and so maybe it’s a microphone and a speaker grill all in one right in there I know on the UH the 620 a head like it was like one little microphone spot up there so that’s it for the outside you got a menu button too you know the buttons laughs out by and play by but let’s get into turn on the cameras all right so this will be the first power up of the camera so let’s check it out see what’s going to Canon logo put in a time a day you see the lens protrude so the lens lens came out so let’s put it in gain stuff all right so we got the time being all that and whatnot put in there so we wanna just go through a couple other modes you see right now it’s on auto mode so you just turn it down clockwise or counterclockwise you can change two different modes a Live View mode program shutter speed priority aperture priority manual standard portrait you have a portrait mode creative shot auto hybrid auto and back to lamp so you got a whole bunch of different modes like I say these modes are for people who are going to be taking pictures and stuff like that if you use in video then there’s no need to use any of those modes now the Y power button is right here is your play button so if you want to play any things you have on on the camera and this is a picture that I took so you got a Captain Crunch box picture in the house you know I mean so you get different stuff like that so you can close uh check out your videos and pictures like that you got a Wi-Fi button right here so you tap that camera goes back in and then you put in your Wi-Fi and only put in on my information real quick so the nickname I use was the urban tech this is the function button right here is going to be your local button so click that you’re OK now you can transfer our images and stuff like that to computer smartphone between cameras your prints and Wi-Fi and uploads to a web service if you want to do that quick stuff ok so we want to back out of it um now the way that you connect this camera to to send pictures or videos to smart device or something like that then all you do is first thing and turn this off real quick I want to burn the battery up first thing that you got to do is you got to download an app called canon camera connect this by camy look up canon camera connector canon connector camera connect something like that so app looks like that alright so you download that app it’s available on Android iOS Windows and Mac um so you download that and then what you do is you click you turn your device on go into the Y power settings we’re just going to close your camera out and stuff like that then you click the app it’s going to open up so I asked you a whole bunch of things also got a minute I’m an airplane email hold on let me let me get out of airplane mode Wow stop asking me stuff let me get out of air cleaner all right so I’m not an airplane mode moving back up and you skip all that stuff unless you wanted those type of people like to be all that I skipped like three times all right connect the camera just connect the camera or camcorder for the first time all right so when you try to connect to a smart device and this is what you got to do see the SSID is Arvind tech password right there click switch Network and now I’m searching and you want to use the Wi-Fi connection which is my Wi-Fi name in my house click that and then you gotta enter your Wi-Fi password so if you have a password which most people showed it you got Internet and after you enter your password or whatever click Next and you want everything Auto we are dedicated at Apple’s already started so now you got this thing pops up and you want to click that so camera Canon Powershot OSS car connected smart device can now operate manual access a memory card and I always think this touch screen always had headache and now let’s connect it like that so now you see on here is connected to the urban tech council too so I could do remote live viewing so if I do that I click that and now whatever my camera is in front of I can see on the screen you know I mean on my phone so that’s dope right there and I mean consider whatever like that so it’s pretty dope um you want to get out of that you can check out the images on the camera you know I mean just like that check out images location and camera settings you can get in to all of that time D and stuff like that so that’s how you connect your camera to via the connect the camera to a smart device to iOS device it’s the same way same process if you want to connect it to and on Android devices the same exact process so it’s not different at all same hat I mean everything’s the same alright so um getting into the next thing I can’t show you NFC on this because I’m actually using my is southern edge for um to shoot the video so I can’t show you via NFC and how to tap it but like I said it’s it’s really easy like if you had NFC you go to NFC on your smart device you enable NFC and then all you do was tap it and like it should come on it should connect your devices um I’m not going I might do a video later with like candid camera shots you know I mean so you can get the quality might do a video later also with video shot so you can get quality of video but on my upcoming videos should be used with this camera so you should be able to get that let’s get into a little bit more in the camera so if you push this button push it up and then you can change the timer because if you push it down each any determine so 10 second timer two second timer and a custom timer and at off if you press it to the right if you held it it will pop your flash but I guess not alright so if you push it to the right or life you can change see how big again i’ll smaller get but um if you also if you having trouble focusing say like you got this right here and you’re trying to focus on it in his blood now you gotta think right now and looking through out of the screen through a camera through a phone so it’s not going to be you know what it really looks like so what you want to do is you want to click that like that I mean you want to tap it damn usually tapping gives it a focus there go so you tap it and you get a focus now also get the menu if you want to get into the menu just click the menu button right here but um you got the digital zoom you can change that standard zone or you can have it off I like to keep it on standard auto focus zone keep it on or off auto focus assist beam you keep it on or off flash settings and go into that you have a readout lamp you can turn that on or off and you also can go down to it turns off mercury lamp correction have no idea what it means now the review image after shooting I never liked the review damage always turn that off I don’t like to review the image after I take a shot on Grail Labs I like keeping the Grail arms on I just think it makes it look a little better um image stabilization settings so you can be continuous you can turn it off a dynamic image stabilization you can have it on standard low alright and near minions like your back button – so click the menu button and take you back auto level you can enable or disable or disable a display area low medium small medium large auto settings again a seek assist which is relocate a lost subject lightly shake camera to zoom out briefly alright so Auto Zone which it automatically zooms to resize people optic optimally for the scene and 50 ID settings so right there is like face recognition I guess you can program it to somebody K so it has ended automatically knows who it is now this is where you get into other settings you can mute key anywhere it’s clicking and all that like I can do – so now you don’t hear a click which I hate that click I hate the sound okay Henson pitch you can turn that off so I’ll turn that off too on your date and time you can set that time zone Linden’s retraction how long it takes to retract the lens Eco mode you can turn that on off Power Save mode you know Auto power-down whenever display also if your phone is offer you know turn it on pounding or on for certain amount of time you can own and automatically power down brightness I like my brightness fully up so I’m giving you what it look like fully up and as far as you can go down startup image which is the Canon image you can turn that on or off you’ll format this memory card and I recommend that whenever you have a new camera and you have a new memory card I recommend formatting a new memory card you know me always formatting so you know you get the best out of that memory card file numbering whatever that is you can create folders monthly daily whatever units you want to use so depending on what country and you can use whatever video system you can change that Wireless settings see whatever tech can change the Wi-Fi settings NFC on and off password secure detection so you can secure password in their target history so remembers you know me our cameras or whatever else you connect it to recess for sending so if you want to send the picture the recess or it’s available to be sent and certification logo display so the logos look like change the languages have a ton of languages to see to for 600 yeah if so you have some languages on added knows that many all right so a lot of languages that you can use and then you can reset the whole camera a donut you can reset the whole camera alright so that’s the settings in a nutshell alright so that was all of the camera settings if you want to get into the menu like I said so you can also check the info so that changes if you click the info button right here you keep clicking it and then different info pop up on the screen see my battery’s about to die so you’re at the top of the screen how many shots that you got 9999 and that’s at full HD 30 frames per second and actually want to change that which I think you change it not that way right here to change this coax best ratio recording how you want to record it so a 640 by 480 that’s 2048 by 1536 3648 out 2736 and you can go 5000 180 for about 3000 1/5 3888 that’s why I keep it in right there that’s available by clicking that the function button in the middle so you click that and you can change I get different settings you continue to 30 frames per second for HD 30 frames per second let’s go to 60 frames per second alright you can do drive mode where you can change this from continuous shots to one on one shot single shooting movie quality we did that alright so what else can you get it to now the most that you have on here you got exposure modes which you have hybrid auto which is machine hybrid auto you can auto which is that one yeah creative shot mode you got the program mode sports portrait standard manual aperture priority in all of those so that’s you know if you willing to get into that you know people are going to be taking you know pictures and stuff like that you can definitely use that to change everything you can go manual focus you can change and then you will focus if you’re in are you got to be out of auto mode to change the manual focus so say you’re in a manual right now and then you clicked on the left thing right here and you can change it so you can go manual normal and go manual focus or you go macro focus a macro you know mean you can like I said I’ll probably be keeping everything on auto you know so if you go aperture priority or whatever you could change everything there way as well you see like the flesh is off on that one so when you click the flash to actually turn the flash on and then show it all is actually it is letting know that you don’t need the flash but if you want to put it and uh on flash that’s what you have to do all right so charge the battery because the battery dies but I’m viola ka bones urban tech reviews.

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