Canon Powershot SX530 HS Camera Review, Black Friday Deals 2019

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Canon Powershot SX530 HS Camera Review


Canon Powershot SX530 HS Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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worth Wow the Powershot SX 530 HS 16-megapixel 50 times zoom [Music] some of the specs on it the max resolution recording videos 1080p at 30 frames per second it records okay again you need to be in good lighting once you hit some low light like even right now it’s really cloudy I’ll show you what it looks like here it’s probably not gonna be great verses in Sun it cleans up quite a bit okay fully zoomed here 50 times soon shooting in auto mode kind of following it along here just following along and kind of at the mercy of the focus because it’s not a touchscreen focus just kind of frustrating I’m used to just touching the screen [Music] but boy this thing is fun I can’t I can’t express how much fun I have with this and just give you an idea to zoom again let’s do them all the way out and that’s what I was just looking for 50 times very small probably weighs under a pound [Music] so this is vlogging in broad daylight and as you can see when it’s really bright out what is really bright out in the sun shining you get a pretty decent picture quality however once you get inside it goes downhill quickly now it does not have a viewfinder it’s got the flash LCD screen in the back it’s not a touchscreen unfortunately it’s a fairly decent price point under $300 so it’s just very easy to use right out of the box let’s go over some of the functions on here this is your zoom different scenes again video mode can shoot manually AV aperture priority TV for time value the P programmable with the auto exposure live mode which is a little different not something I’ve seen before again what you’re probably going to use mostly is the auto I use the manual mode a lot when it’s low light but mostly the time shooting auto if it’s good light [Music] back here the back buttons you’ve got to play you got a macro and a manual focus ISO flash your display menu button right here and here is your your cell phone transfer to cell phone searching you’re not going to find one because I don’t have it on and then back to the cell phone thing over here it does have NS NFC transferring here’s your microphone or your speaker so that actually if you come to the front of the camera three point four to six point five aperture fifty times zoom it does have image stabilization here this is your zoom knob right here now let’s go over some of the menu options here that are fairly actually pretty cool okay let’s come down here digital zoom like I said I turn that off because it gets really grainy really fast but it’s really cool if you like video that’s where I took that’s where you can take it of just a country mile AF point soon now down here it tells you everything that it does but I’m just gonna kind of go through here assist beam I guess this little light here kind of flashes onto something and helps you focus flash settings review image shows you blink detection image stabilization settings a couple different ones I haven’t seen a whole lot of difference between any of those now it is not a touchscreen unfortunately so you do have to mess around with those quite a bit so I mean nothing extravagant there but pretty cool now let’s take it over to manual and see some of those settings when you’re a manual shooting let’s start here with the I don’t know if you can read it right here your maximum shutter speed on this is actually 2001 mm of a second your maximum ISO is actually 3200 and the aperture you know obviously that’s I can go way up let’s see how the max aperture on that guy so f/8 8.0 seems to be the max let’s see if it’s zoom Danna photos so there’s our max aperture then over here to kind of it so here’s your toggle you know your adjustment knob for the different settings toggle between over your ISO so on manual mode you do have some options there now you also have a way to customize some settings with this function button button you can do in here with your self-timer your drive mode you can go from single to continuous shooting continuous shooting on this is not very fast let’s give you a an example here so here I’ve got there you go if you heard that I don’t know but it’s fairly slow it’s not groundbreaking but it’s it works I tried it with birds and it did nothing for me out it’s not fast enough to get flying birds you’ve really got to work hard to get some birds I’m not very good at that anyways I’m new to that anyways okay let’s go over some more functions your image ratios 16 by 9 4 by 3 1 by 1 again probably a fairly standard right here you’re recording sizes large there’s our 14 megapixel 7 minor pixel 3 ok and then HD you got a you got basically 1080p at 30 frames per second and then down so that’s the max and again the ok so if you’re wondering why I would get a three to four year old camera when I already have the t7 I it’s because I wanted something small light with a super long range that I could throw in a bag take out and take around with me and not worry about it I have to have a huge telephoto zoom and I have to pay thousands of dollars to get that zoom because I just want something to walk around and if I want to get a bird up in that tree this will do it now granted does have to be good light but that’s true of almost any lens especially telephoto you know so for the price point and what I wanted to use it for this thing is perfect and I have seen some people that actually do excellent work with this exact camera I’ve seen some people on YouTube you can look them up I’ve seen some people on Facebook Instagram that used this camera and take fantastic photos now I don’t think this is gonna be great for portraits because I had trouble creating that bokeh effect but for landscapes and just for your general photo needs and with that zoom it just opens up a whole ton of options and I think it’s a great addition to my little photo experiment collection here that I’ve been building or massing so the Powershot SX 530 HS that’s it I’m gonna link it in the description below if you guys want to check out the price on that I think it’s coming in just a little bit under 300 I’m hoping that price will keep dropping but I’m having a lot of fun shooting with it and I said it’s a great addition alright thanks for watching bye

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