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Canon PowerShot G7X Black Friday Deals 2019


Canon PowerShot G7X Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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what are you doing there Chris huh oh nothing just this grip it’s perfect like it feels so good for my hand it’s designed like like you know when you get a marital aid it’s like anatomica designed off of like your favorite adult entertainment star except this cameras anatomically designed for my hand how do they get a mold of my hand Jordan you know someone else is gonna get that after us Chris oh they’re not gonna want this after I’m done with it welcome back deep review TV viewers Chris Nichols here and today we’re looking at two cameras we’ve got the canon powershot g7x mark three and the canon powershot g5x mark two we’re looking at both these cameras today because again they’re very similar at their core and yet there’s some very interesting differences so think of today’s video as a buyer’s guide to help you decide which one might be better for you now I know what you’re thinking at home these two cameras are begging for a shootout why don’t your deny each use one of these and then we can argue with each other and we can spread our relationship business across the whole internet because that’s what we love to do I would love nothing more than to do that but we couldn’t find another cameraman however technology is going to help us out here because I am going to show you an amazing technology it consists of a picture within another picture I’m gonna call it picture in picture never been done before alright and this means that you’re gonna get my opinion when Jordan’s talking and Jordan’s opinion when I’m talking totally unfiltered it’s gonna be great you’re gonna love it [Music] ah now before I get too excited let’s just try to get through the ergonomics of both these cameras they do have very similar dial controls I do like that on both these cameras however I know that first off Jordan is gonna hate that click ease on these dials and you can’t turn that off and on something you could have done on the older series I’m really missing that however definitely something that appreciate especially over the Sony cameras on the market that are very similar having a proper exposure comp dial and it’s nice and easy to turn right where your thumb lays what this means is I can now set minimum shutter speed for my ISO Auto which I love to do set my camera an aperture priority and control that with the front rings and then very easily control my exposure of the exposure comp it’s simple its straightforward and I like that on both these cameras ooh but let’s talk about the best part shall we now first off the g7 X Mark threes grip is decent it’s nice you know but there’s a little bit of wiggle room with your thumb and you know the grip on the front is okay it’s not the greatest but this g5 x mark 3 grip it’s so good it’s got the slight but subtle perfect angle there in the front that’s totally different from the boring and Static straight angle here it just hugs your thumb Jordan I’m getting carried away you need to stop me now so as usual Canon has an excellent touchscreen interface I love the ergonomics I love the menus the quick buttons are great so easy to access Sony can absolutely take a real lesson from Canon on how to act camera easy and fun to operate the only thing I’m gonna argue about the touch shutter honestly who uses that who are these sick sick people so you see this gorgeous sunlight that we have through here on the street it’s just reminding me of a feature that I really do appreciate on canons in this small range and that is having built-in and D filters this is huge because first off we do have relatively bright lenses 1.8 and 2.8 I may want to shoot those on really bright sunny days and the ND filter can really help with that but also it’s nice because keep in mind that if you do have a lot of extra light you want to get rid of it on these cameras diffraction happened so quickly in the aperture range you really want to avoid any of those tighter or even moderate apertures if you can help it and an ND filter is great for that as I mentioned already both of these cameras have basically the identical tilt vlog-style screen on the back however the g5x mark ii has something very different it does have an e VF one of the main differences between these two cameras and honestly it looks a lot like sony’s older design so similar in fact even to the point of having to pull it out with your fingers that I don’t know I can’t help but feel that it is technology two point three six million tvf I can’t confirm that but man regardless it basically operates exactly the same way not bad you know a little bit small of course just like on the old Sony’s but it does keep your nose away from the screen so you’re not going to touch anything inadvertently and otherwise I do really love having that feature way better than not having it especially on bright Sun like this where it’s coming right into your face this has actually been very very useful but yeah canons design I don’t know so let’s talk about a tale of two lenses here the g7 X mark 2 has the exact same lens that the earlier G 5x and g7 X had a very nice 1.8 to 2.8 24 to 100 rough equivalent lens very usable for a lot of photography but the g5x mark 2 now actually adds a brand new lens design 24 to 120 but still maintaining the same 1.8 to 2.8 aperture it is a little bit bulkier but I think in a lot of cases that’s gonna be worth it I love having that just little extra range and you can see a nice comparison here between the two at the telephoto range when I first looked at both these cameras I was like why don’t they have the same lens and both we’ve got new lens why not put it in both cameras but that was the pessimist in me and you’ll have to decide yourself if you’re a cup half empty half full wherever your cup seems to be because the more I think about it it makes sense the g7x is a more affordable camera put the older lens in there I get it let’s just say actually on an optimistic point of view kudos to Canada for not sticking the same old lens in both cameras at least we do have a new lens in the g5 x mark 2 which helps justify that higher price point it’s interesting too because the competition right now with the Sony they’re deciding to go with longer lenses much bigger focal lengths but not getting the bright app but and I think personally they’re doing that because they’re trying to differential the smartphone market a longer focal length does provide something that smartphones can’t quite touch yet but I think most photographers are actually and appreciate the faster shorter range lenses here and from what I’ve seen the g5 x mark ii lens optically a little bit better than the older lens so yeah let’s be optimistic so I can’t tell you how many times we rely on USB charging on our cameras because we don’t always get chargers with the cameras we’re testing and often we need to recharge in the car it’s been a really big deal and so the Canon actually is kind of a negative point on both here they do USB C charge that is great however they won’t work with just any charger small phone chargers and a lot of car adapters don’t seem to be strong enough you really need quite powerful either battery banks or strong chargers in fact Jordan was only able to get his charge with his actual MacBook Pro adapter which is of course gigantic so keep that in mind of course they do give you external chargers but it takes away some of the convenience of just being able to charge anywhere on the go now when it comes to autofocus unfortunately this is gonna be the g5 x and g5 7 X’s weakness you know there’s a couple reasons for that first time I find the autofocus quite snappy I think Canon do a fine job the face detects seems to be working well it does have Ayad attack now in continuous those are all great features however we’ve got to compete against cameras like the rx100 5 6 & 7 in this range and the Sony’s although expensive do absolutely have the best auto focusing on the market especially the version 7 of the rx100 that camera is the one to beat so if we talk about one in sensors on today’s market they’re undoubtedly going between a megapixels no surprise here however the canons now do have stacks CMOS sensors and that’s a great thing but I wonder where those sensors came from in fact I wonder where the g5 X Mark twos EVF came from in fact I’m starting to see a pattern here hey now of course image quality is still fantastic the real downside is by using the sensor we are not getting any sort of hybrid phase detect to Tec autofocus so we are stuck with just standard contrast detect autofocus and when you’re shooting in servos you can see here you’re getting the jitters that’s just the way it is but it doesn’t mean that we’re not gonna get the latest and greatest to compete with everybody else on the market but everybody else of course I’m referring to one company a long time ago Chris and I were trying to figure out what frame rates to shoot our show at and you know we were shooting at 30 for a while but then there’d be cameras that could only shoot 24 so we said you know what let’s just make our entire show 24 frames per second we can mix and match footage from all kinds of cameras no one would ever think of taking 24 frames per second away from cameras then this happened Thank You canon so we now have 4k 30 on both the g5 x2 and the g7 x3 now it’s interesting it is using no crop whatsoever but it’s not nearly as sharp as the super sampled image that we’re seeing off the Sony cameras the upside to that is very little rolling shutter when you’re using these two now they do make it a bit difficult for you if you’re looking to choose you might say gee 5x I love having a viewfinder for shooting video very valid point I like having a little more reach also very valid however the g7 X gets the bulk of the sweet video features on this guy here we have a microphone jack on it it’s a regular three and a half so you don’t need an adapter even though there’s no hot shoe to put it on it’d be great with a little wired lavalier mic or something like that this also gets the live streaming through Wi-Fi it’s oh hey DP review TV viewers it is Jordan doing a live blog from the g7 x3 straight into Wi-Fi now the range on this is pretty bad I’m actually standing right beside my Wi-Fi router right now because it does keep acting up but this is a really cool feature it’s also really nice because I’ve got me built-in mic jack on this so I’m running an external lav right now however I can’t unplug that and you’ll be able to hear the sound that we get from the built-in microphone I mean it’s not great but it’s certainly not that bad compared to some other ones out there now I do certainly wish that the g5 x2 had this capability seems crazy that they both have Wi-Fi and only the g7 ax3 can do it however if you are the kind of person who does live video occasionally this might be the feature that makes this the camera to buy I’m hand holding it right now the image is quite nice on it I like that I get full manual exposure it is a really sweet setup now I want to mention as well this took me forever to set up I’ve spent the better part of a day trying to get this all working and when you have an error message it’s very vague as to exactly why things aren’t working but once you jump through all the hoops don’t plan to buy this camera and be a live vlogging on the day then you can get some pretty cool results and it is pretty intuitive once it’s all up and running now one thing I do love both of these have built-in ND filters on them they also gain 120 frames per second slo-mo now it’s not the sharpest but it’s a great thing to have the thing that’s really weird for me when I’m talking about Canon cameras is one of the weakest things on this is actually the autofocus this does not get the dual pixel autofocus that we see on canons DSLR and mirrorless cameras so the video autofocus especially if you’re on the long end and you’ve got a subject moving towards you it’s quite wobbly and weird you might have heard some complaints with Panasonic using a similar system okay so final conclusion on which way to go g7 X or g5 x I really do think that the g7 X Mar 3 is a fun camera I would go that way if I wanted to save a bit of money absolutely I would also go that way if I really want to do a lot of vlogging and the live stream thing is a very cool unique feature that not many other cameras you’re gonna find on the market or even gonna try to implement so that could be a big selling feature but otherwise as a photographer I really did prefer the g5 x mark 2 in pretty much every way shape and form I do like the new lens it’s a little bit more range but it’s still bright and you’re not really losing much pocket ability regardless when talking with these two Canon cameras here’s a couple things that are true to me first off I don’t think anybody else in the market is making us fun or is intuitive a camera to use as the Canon Powershot sin this one inch compact class but the other thing that’s true to me is that these absolutely compete with a lot of the older rx 100’s but again that means that you’re not really getting the latest and greatest king of the 1-inch compacts is gonna be the rx100 seventh the autofocus is way better better video I mean it just has better technology however it is way more expensive and that does have to be appreciated and that big price disparity brings me to the only thing that I think I would really change on the g5 x mark 2 because we have such a big price difference I feel we could raise the price a little bit higher on this camera but then get in a lot of the same features as we have on the g7 X Mark 3 why do we to pick between the two why doesn’t this have a mic jack as well as the g7x mark 3 this could easily also have that live streaming capability and then that would make this a very compelling and very unique camera on the market that’s still well below what sony is featuring as their flagship 1-inch compact anyways both great cameras I really do like the new lens here they handle fantastic oh and the grip oh the grip anyways enough about that I hope you guys enjoyed this and helps you out deciding which one might be better for you or which way to go in the 1 inch compact mirrorless market now please don’t forget subscribe to the channel check out our Instagram and our Twitter pages let us know what you think in the comments below and go to DP or V calm because you can see some awesome sample galleries of both these cameras to help you make your decisions even more sound thank you so much for joining us and hopefully one day we’ll get Jordan and I together and a shoot up very soon [Music] if stop it

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