Canon Powershot ELPH 360 HS Review Black Friday Deals 2019

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Canon Powershot ELPH 360 HS Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Canon Powershot ELPH 360 HS Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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the camera it’s probably the most important thing as a filmmaker including myself however I’m kind of running into a situation with my own personal setup let me explain for my usual camera setup for filming these videos I usually use a GoPro Hero 4 as my action camera which is usually on my chest when I’m fishing and my dad’s Samsung s6 edge now there really isn’t anything that is wrong with my dad samsung s6 edge it has a great camera has good features like time-lapse and slow motion however it’s given me some issues for one it’s my dad’s phone I’m not able to use it all the time even though he’s very generous when out letting me use it and second the battery’s acting like a potato and so it needs a battery case and a battery pack to charge the battery case because the battery case doesn’t get charged overnight so he needs the battery pack to charge the battery case to charge the phone yeah that’s not gonna work I need a new camera now I’ve worked with a lot of cameras over the years so I should have a replacement however all the cameras I have either just have plain terrible cameras run on double-a batteries or again my phone has a terrible camera so I have this and that’s gonna lead us into today’s video hello everyone opens John Evans fishing adventures I’m Evan be as usual welcome to another episode of gear review with Evan today we’re gonna be doing some gear of you about something that’s not really into fishing as you can tell from the intro to this video and that is cameras now I know this is a fishing channel and I should be talking about fishing but like I said you know I know a lot of you guys might want to be into the YouTube you know game and I do know a lot of people here on this platform that are into YouTube and make their own YouTube videos so just recently it was my birthday and so I got you know some presence of course and so I’m going to be reviewing them for you guys for you guys so hopefully you can make a decision maybe you want to get a new camera maybe you find something interesting in this video that you might be like hey I might need that that could really help me so I will be making another tech review soon about actually what this camera is sitting on but let’s actually talk about the camera itself so yeah let’s do it so the specs on this camera are actually really good it has 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second which means that you won’t be able to do super slow motion without it being laggy but you will be doing able to do time lapses and semi slo-mo video in post-processing it has 12x optical zoom which is a lot better than digital zoom which is mostly found on phones because it’s actually distorting the image rather than actually cropping it and losing pixels however when you add on its digital zoom you get 48 X zoom which is extremely good and of course has flash for night time picture taking and it helps ask three modes like a burst mode and a picture video mode which I will not be using much of let’s not check out how to navigate the camera and what you get so the things that you get in the package are of course the camera itself a battery charger it’s just a wall charger there’s no micro USB sadly a battery this isn’t the battery that came with the camera it’s just a spare that I bought off Amazon a warranty a limited time warranty and some instructions but I’m not going to read them because I know how to use a camera so and you also get a lanyard to put on the side of the camera as well ok so let me show you how to navigate the camera so first we have the on/off switch button which obviously turns the camera on and off we have the shutter button which takes the picture we have the zoomin and zoom-out slider so that zooms in and that zooms out when you slide it we have a mode switch right here which switches it from regular shooting mode burst shot mode and we also have a photo picture I mean a video picture mode which basically basically takes a silent video right before it takes a photo so that’s what these this little switch does I wouldn’t mess with that unless you really use those modes next we have the video button so that takes a video and this is the playback stew where you can watch your videos or look at the photos just remember that this LCD screen it does not display your photos and videos in the highest resolution it’s gonna look a lot better when you watch them on a computer per se this is your navigation wheel now all these little buttons do something for the most part when you’re actually using the camera but they also function as navigation buttons so that’s up-down left-right and okay and then you also have the Wi-Fi button which connects it to Wi-Fi we also have a menu button which takes you to the menu to adjust settings okay so now that I’ve shown you all the buttons let’s actually turn it on and show you how to navigate the camera so just turned it on so yeah this is where these things come into play so I get I already showed you what these buttons do let me show you what this little navigation wheel does so when you’re in the camera let’s first look at the info button so when you click info it just displays this stuff so that displays how much video you have left the video quality I’m not sure what that does I believe that’s pixel quality I believe that’s showing what mode you’re in which is Auto I’m in Auto right now flash and a battery life or you could turn that off to just make things less clutter but I want to keep it like this this helps lets you determine flash I’m going to keep it off because I just find that annoying because of the flash I’ll turn it all I need to this basically zooms in on people automatically which basically does that I’m not gonna mess that I don’t really need that per se this I believe is to focus in on objects I believe I’m pretty sure but in my case it’s auto focus right now and then this button right here a lots lets you adjust settings like timer drive modes so single or continued shooting so it also be a way that doing the first mode you’ve got aspect ratio pixels that would be Wi-Fi if you turn on Wi-Fi quality of your video I’ve currently got in an audio auto if you put it in program you can actually mess with a lot of the cool features like ISO white balance that sort of stuff but I’m gonna just keep in an auto because it’s a lot easier and for my filming I don’t need to have it be that precise and that’s pretty much it for navigation anyway let’s go into testing this camera and see how it compares to my dad’s Samsung s6 edge let’s do it okay so the next test is the close up okay so the next test is the close up up as you can see so we’re gonna get super close to it I’m gonna first go for the it’s got very good close-up this thing I have to manually click on it and even that it’s really struggling as you can see I’m trying to repetitively tap it it’s trying so hard to get into focus range but this thing about to touch it with the lens and it’s still in perfect focus look at that this thing however I’m tapping it this the object it is just not going into focus now if I go out it’s in perfect focus but this thing I can get it as close as I really want to the top of a button and it look at that that is an I’m in my opinion that looks like much better focus than this thing so I think in my personal opinion I think the power shot is doing a lot better when it comes to focus I don’t know how the audio sounds so I will put an annotation somewhere on the screen I’ve probably already done it too which one sounds the best in my opinion so let’s go on to the next test okay so what we’re doing right now is the outdoor test so this I just walked outside it was like 30 40 degrees out but I’m just gonna see it’s nice out here also kind of testing the audio the wind noise I’m going the Canon EEP lah EP Eliot you get the idea the Canon it is pointing the microphone is pointing straight at the wind so I don’t even know if you can hear me we’ll see how it does there’s some little white letters on the side of this car we’re gonna see if we can read it who knows maybe even read the tires I don’t know we’ll see there’s a car going past right there so let’s zoom in we’re a start with the phone now the phone has 8 X optical zoom and did you know it has 8 X digital zoom so the quality is gonna look a lot worse so that’s as far as we can zoom in and I’m sure the quality has gotten worse now let’s try with the freaking Canon which is going to be absolutely so we’re zooming in it’s pretty slow zoom oh my gosh now that is 12x optical zoom right there that is 12x optical zoom so the quality shouldn’t be worse it should be just as good now we’re gonna go in onto the digital zoom because this thing has a total 40 X digital zoom and that is what we’re going into right here that is 48 X optical I’m having to hold the camera a little bit see look how far that is that is insane that’s insane how far you can zoom in this thing it’s a little wobbly so you definitely want a you definitely want a tripod for doing this and definitely a lot more of a stable environment than how I’ve got the camera right now okay what we’re doing right now is a stable t-test we’re cut this is our house right now we’re right now just kind of testing how stable is it I’ve got the camp let’s just see how stable this puppy is it looks pretty stable a bit of low light it looks really good in low light so far decent okay this is the staple t-test for the Samsung s6 edge so far now this camera does have image stabilization but I don’t have it turned on because it kind of zooms it in and crops it and you know it’s one of those crappy like you know it’s a crappy phone stabilization so okay we’re walking over here now we’re going to go in here just to kind of test a little light we are gonna do a separate low-light test however however that’s just going to test a little bit so far from the looks of it it looks like it has better it has worse stabilization than the canon powershot it looks like it is not as stable it looks just a little bit more jerky in the corners [Music] okay so now this is kind of the more setup tripod shot so this is as if we’re talking to the camera down here and so the reason our both sitting here is because you know it’s so that way to see how good is getting people in frame yeah I think it’s gonna do good at both but this is also another indoor shot kind of see how it does with like facial facial features does how many features that and you know just overall stuff with that so and maybe also focus this is just another test so anything you want any thoughts on the camera it’s an awesome camera yeah that was a pretty good price – I was like $180 this thing yeah awesome it’s an amazing deal for what you get good zoom its compact they don’t have a great big clunky thing you gotta haul around yeah it’s like almost the size of your cell phone like an old flip phone you know it’s very nice size good focus good zoom good good decent quality you know decent quality for video you know I’m stuttering a lot right now oh well so that’s pretty much concludes our tests anything you want to add from what you’ve seen nope okay happy birthday oh yeah I think this is actually my birthday the day we’re filming this so let’s go see what the footage looks like and thus concludes the final review of the Canon PowerShot ELPH 3 6 ths this is the first time I’ve actually mentioned the entire name in this video that’s kind of sad anyway so in conclusion I would say this camera definitely beats out my dad’s Samsung s6 edge+ battery case plus the thing that basically makes it like point like 10000 milliamps yet he still can’t keep the thing alive for an entire day anyway I would definitely say that this camera beats my dad’s old Samsung flagship there’s definitely probably things that’s nice about having a phone on you for example it’s very easy for a user to use you don’t need post-processing in order to make special effects like time-lapse and slow motions that sort of thing you can just edit it right on your phone in fact it has an editing software on it already which is nice this thing of course doesn’t but if you have like post-processing editing software which like good editing software’s like free like DaVinci Resolve if you want to learn it tons of other different software’s to choose from which make for great editing as long as you have a computer to run them so in my personal opinion I think this is a great starter camera for 180 bucks there’s what not much that can beat this thing there are other models of the elph line lineup that are cheaper but they are definitely not as high quality I got this camera because it has 1080p HD some of the other ones shoot in 720p granted they do look very good for 720p I didn’t want to take the risk again after I’m gonna say in conclusion for the tenth time during this conclusion there’s 11 that times I’ve said it as my dad right here so out of all the testing we’ve done would you say that this camera is definitely better oh absolutely yeah I mean I would say that this is probably more fragile than at the Samsung I feel like if you were to hit this thing or drop it I’d feel more scared about whether it was going to be Cairn uh his phone I think we’ve almost dropped it in water before and it’s still fine I think yeah it’s hit the ground I mean look at look at the screens ground this is the entire thing is crap we’ve almost dunked it in water I mean we put we put that thing through a beating so anyway thanks for watching hope you enjoy it I know this was not a fishing video but we will get around to them very very very very very soon after one last tech review that should be coming maybe this week so thanks for watching hope you enjoy and of course this is Evan and John signing out I got to be careful in doing this because I don’t wanna break the lunch menu to adjust settings can you stop sleeping we’re recording a video you were snoring we’re losing breathing [Music]

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