Canon EOS 5D Mark III 2Video Camera Review, Black Friday 2019

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III 2Video Camera 4K Camcorder AiTechny Ultra HD Review2.3 MP Full Frame CMOS Review, Black Friday 2019

Canon EOS 5D Mark III 2Video Camera 4K Camcorder Black Friday 2019

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of course the holiday is coming up you might be getting your shopping done you might want to have something to actually record the family as they’re opening up their presents don’t want to use the phone maybe use a prosumer type camera and you’re looking up on Amazon you’re seeing all these deals and you see a lot of these these brands that you don’t know the names of but you want to get something that’s not gonna break the bank so what do you get we’re gonna take a look at this one this is from kick tech this is the 4k Ultra HD camera comes with a onboard microphone and we’re gonna take a look at next on geek Izzie hey everybody Jeffrey powers here from geek axanthic magazine put in a geek he got me and today we are taking a look at this the digital video camera for came from a company called kik tech I chose this one simply because it was tagged as an Amazon choice first of all I do have to mention that this camera is not specific to kik Tech in fact if you do go further down that Amazon rabbit hole you will see other companies with camera and microphone or camera and light bundles is going to be the same exact model camera this model is the HD v5 34km model it’s pretty comparable to something that you would get in 2012/2013 very plastic but it is pretty sturdy it feels like some of the earlier handycams that I have purchased on my own for doing videos like this inside you can go up to 4k technically it’s actually 2880 by 1440 otherwise known as 1440p or i guess you’d say 4k i if you’re not sure that’s okay basically it’s not true 4k you’d end up putting it into an editor and stretching it out to 4k and it would work that way it also only does 24 frames a second in 4k even if you get the capture of all those pixels it’s gonna go 24 frames so watching the ocean pass by is gonna be a little bit choppy and not as smooth as if you’d see let’s say a 1080p at 60 frames a second but that said you could do 2k at about 30 frames a second and you can do 1080p in 60 frames a second which will look a lot better the the Keeley sensor inside is a 13 megapixel CMOS sensor once again this is a technology from about 2012 it’s also meant for small devices so your your tablets your webcam is your phones all of these would have this 13 megapixel sensor CMOS sensor in there so they’re just basically putting it around a prosumer camera case not too bad and get some good functionality out of it they do have a lot of good features in here like night light function in it so if you know light and you want to take a video of your baby sleeping or something like that then you can do so it does have photo feature of up to 48 megapixels so you can take a picture with this or you can take video and of course putting in a card there’s actually takes SD cards and the TF cards the smaller SD mini cards I did a full unboxing over at my group Wirecast pros on Facebook showing you everything that you get let’s get into the review first of all we’ll talk about the microphone because this is the easiest the microphone actually does have a connection between the camera and here it’s not a shoe connected microphone so you need a cable basically I don’t have it attached here because it was easier to move things around but this microphone actually runs in with a low shelf filter it’s got a plus 20 DB boost and a minus 10 DB retraction so in whatever situation you should be able to get some good sound from this so consen state capital right behind me is Wisconsin’s Liberty Bell that was presented to Wisconsin we are in 2k mode using the Wi-Fi to connect for the cameras no microphone I still have to pull that box I’m pretty impressed with how this mic works it’s the camera itself that I’m not really too impressed with like I said this is this is would be a camera you would get a webcam you would get around 2012 2013 the features that I do like about it the battery is I can find batteries easily however you can’t find a battery more than 2500 milliamps so if you’re looking to do a lot of recording without a plug then you’ll have to have a lot of batteries fully charged charging doesn’t take too long to do only a few hours but it does keep the charge and I’ve had this camera running for at least an hour outside of being plugged in and it worked really well by plugging in it’s basically a USB connection so if you’ve got a USB charging device in a portable charging device you can plug that in and keep it charged as you go it does have an HDMI mini out so you can plug it into a TV and see how how it’s recording or projected out to the public or whatever you need it to do features inside of here there is there is some slight stabilization features but I haven’t really seen them to be really great in photo mode you actually have the lines that pop up that can that’s supposed to focus in your face rather than the background but I’m finding a lot of photos and a lot of videos a little bit blurry to what I’ve seen high-end cameras do a photo with a lot of daylight will come out a lot better than in doors or anything with low light biggest problem I found is the SD cards I was putting in different types of SD cards and some of them were working with the camera some of them are not working with the camera and that’s a that’s a big problem when it comes to stuff like this because you go and you buy the best SD card for your camera so it’ll capture everything and then if that SD card doesn’t work then what’s the point of paying that much for the SD card so I found that getting something a couple years old an SD card it still be class 10 something that’s less than 128 gigabytes in size for your SD card we’ll go in here and you’ll be able to record up to 4k otherwise some of the SD cards will actually freeze the whole camera and you don’t want that happening especially if you’re out there shooting something the camera does connect up to Wi-Fi into your phone using their special app which once again if you went to the other manufacturers it’d probably be the exact same app that actually works really well when you see it on the phone it might be a little bit behind where you are so you definitely want to give it a little bit of time to let it catch up to you for photo and video and of course when you hit that button for recording video you’ll notice that it’ll start to record and then then you’ll capture that that beginning part which is not a big deal you just you know fix it and post editing USB connection does a couple different things one is it turns it into a webcam surprise surprise and then of course the other thing is to use it as a storage device so you can transfer your files over to the to the computer it records mp4 files so expect mp4 compression off of your videos you know that MOV or anything like that so it’s gonna capture and it’s that that’s gonna definitely compress the video before you even touch it in post editing you know all the camera does the job so if you’re trying to capture something you don’t want to use your phone maybe you want to give it to the kids to do some recording expect a lot of shaking expect a lot of if they’re holding it with their hands is a vlogging camera probably not the best vlogging camera out there for the price as for PC streaming device I did hook it up to the special software but it doesn’t hook up and then any other programs that I use I did hook up the HDMI to a capture card and it does capture it however if you have this plugged in and capturing the display will actually flash the charging symbol in this corner right here so that means that you neither have to edit that out or just live with the charging or unplug it so you can just completely get rid of the display so you know I’ll give it about two to two-and-a-half to three stars for this review but this is meant for low-cost Amazon I bought it on Amazon for $149 I didn’t realize that was a special going on it’s now at 221 dollars and of course it comes with the microphone it comes with the fisheye lens which is also it’s a fisheye lens and a macro lens so you can close up shots and of course you can get the whole shot and like I said as a vlogging type situation but for $221 I think I can find a camera that will do a lot better job won’t need this and of course I’ll have to figure out the microphone from there because it will have a microphone jack input on some of those cameras those cameras also will be about five six years old but I run cameras five six years old in my studio and they work perfect and that’s what I look for is something that’s gonna give me a decent picture and work well not have to worry about the cards or anything like that so you’re gonna you’re gonna be on your own if you decide to get this camera but it does say Amazon does say that it’s the best deal out there and it might be the best deal out there but it might not be the best camera out there and simply because of the brand of camera and then there’s nothing that kick tech can do about it they just bought a whole bunch of cameras and put it in with a bundle so that’s it this is the kick tech camera with the microphone bundle uh two batteries and of course the the fisheye lens a macro lens says go what do you think you have this camera tell me what do you think are you getting this camera let me know by tweeting me over at geek is Eng using at and of course you can follow me on the social forward slash key Kazan go ahead like subscribe comment down below and until next time you guys geek out and when I find the right camera at the right price that will be perfect for streaming and vlogging and everything like that I will definitely be talking about that as well thanks a lot and geek out

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