Canon 5D Mark IV Review Black Friday Deals 2019

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Canon 5D Mark IV Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Canon 5D Mark IV Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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so let’s jump straight in with the ergonomics of this beast of a camera and just holding it in your hands you immediately realize that you have a quality robust piece of canon equipment there’s been no skimping on making this quality fine crafted piece of art in fact it has canons renowned waterproofing system making it suitable for all types of working conditions and weighing in at just 800 grams less than the 5d Mark 3 you can take it on all types of shoots and projects and it’s almost manageable for a full day of work on the right of the body you have got your duel card slots for SD and CF cards on the left hand side you find connections for HDMI a PC terminal which can be used with the flash with an external cord a USB 3 port for those lightning quick transfers and a microphone and headphone input which means Canon was definitely thinking about the videographers and filmmakers for this one the 5d mark 4 has an impressive 30 point 1 megapixel full-frame sensor a big step up from the twenty two point three megapixel sensor of the mark three but obvious needs to the far cry from the 50 point 6 megapixel sensor of the 5d sr and of course the main reason most of us get full-frame cameras in the first place is down to the large sensors that allow us to shoot higher iso s which allow us to shoot in low-light conditions without copious amounts of grain and for the mark for the standard ISO range expanded up to 100 to 32,000 as the mark 3 ISO values only range from a hundred to twenty-five thousand six hundred which means it’s great in low-light but again with all cameras a major factor will be what type of glass you’re putting in front of the sensor and I always recommend Canon L glass for photographers you’ve got a continuous shooting rate of seven frames per second with autofocus that puts it out one more than the 5d Mark 3 you also get a built in GPS used for geotag information this enables you to find out where your photos were taken by the Canon Mac utility which you can download for free so if you’re traveling around and find an awesome location and then get some great shots and then forget where you took those great shots you can find that location again via the geo tagging information one of things that most professionals will appreciate that we’ve already spoken about about the Canon 5d Mark four is that it retains jewel CF and St Carson also even if one of your cars was to fell after a project or a shoot you still have the peace of mind of having all of that content when you get back home another massive plus of the mark four are the focus points you have 61 AF points in total forty-one of which a cross type and of course you have canons unrivaled dual pixel autofocus and video is where DP AF really shines providing quick accurate focus without manually zooming the lens DP AF also makes following and keeping focus on moving subjects much easier and more accurate this brings us onto another added benefit of the mark 4 which is the touch screen and you can easily manage focus and switch between subjects while shooting video using touch screen in Live View for still photography you can tap anywhere on the LCD screen and get quick accurate focus now this is a huge benefit for filmmakers and videographers alike especially for Canon users as you don’t get auto focus lines whereas you had to eyeball it in the past to make sure that things were in focus the touch auto focus ensures that your subject of interest is in focus and 99% of the time although there have been a few odd occasions where it’s been a bit soft to canons credit most of the time it’s fully sharp like most modern cameras the mark 4 has Wi-Fi functionality which is extremely useful to transfer your content to get photos and video clips onto your phone and up on social media but it’s also really useful to have an extra screen via your iPhone or iPad or whatever device you’re using which allows you to check what you’re shooting or filming if you want to be in shots again this is great for vloggers and people like me who have to shoot b roll by themselves and a great point here is that the touch focus functionality also works via your external devices another great feature of the 5d Mark 4 is that it can do time-lapse functionality yes it has its own inbuilt intervalometer at the touch of a button you can have your very own time lapses without having to setup any additional kit which is great especially if carrying lots of it is not an option for you now when it comes to video and FPS we’ve got the option of 60 FPS at Full HD video that’s 1080p or a hundred and twenty FPS at 720p the 4k filming is a bonus but it only goes up to 30 fps which isn’t great when compared to other camera systems on the markets and it has a crop factor of 1.7 for when compared to full-frame and this is because it only uses part of the sensor which is something to bear in mind for future proofing especially as we move closer and closer to 4k becoming the standard having that cropped 4k probably isn’t a great idea when it comes to dynamic range the most notable improvements according to the DxO mark comm is the landscape score of 13 point 6 evey or exposure value this is nearly a two-stop advantage over the 5d Mark 3 which was recorded at eleven point seven evey so while we’re talking about dynamic range it might be a good idea to mention another benefits of the mark 4 which is you can have Canon C log installed C log is a logarithmic tone curve that produces footage with extra wide dynamic range and it’s claimed by Canon that C log delivers 12 stops of dynamic range at 400 ISO for natural results in high contrast situations the flat nature of the image produced on the LCD screen does make it hard to see the details so Canon have installed a vivid picture setting that puts a fake colour correction over the top making it easier to see but the outputs will still be that flat C log image now you do have to pay to get this functionality in a store on to your Canon 5d Mark 4 I paid 84 pounds from a recommended dealer to have it installed of mine that’s about 100 dollars but it does make a massive difference to your color grading something to consider for all of you budding filmmakers out there so like I said before I’ve been using the mark for since March of 2017 and I’ve used it to film weddings promos and events but how does it fare in those real-world situations well let’s spend a little bit of time now to talk about those specific situations wedding videography if you follow me on instagram you will know from my pics that Jay got married in the summer of last year and if you don’t follow me on Instagram then come on man follow the Kai creative to lie anyway I use the 5d Mark for to film his wedding and one of the highlights for me was using a glidecam during the photo shoot I set up the 5d Mark 4 with the 24 2005 which is the lens that’s currently on here and having that tap autofocus was invaluable for tracking focus on the faces of the happy couple interviews so since March of 2017 I’ve used the 5d Mark four to shoot literally hundreds of interviews and case study videos once you’ve paired it with a 70 to 200 millimeter f-stop 2.8 L lens it’s almost impossible to create anything but professional-looking interview footage now if you’re interested in using this camera for interviews I’ve already created a video on how to create professional interviews you can find links to that video down in the description below event videography so recently I filmed a company event a GM using a couple of 5d Mark fours and again a great selling point for using this camera at events is that you can pretty much use them all day you can literally film all day without having any overheating issues or crashes which is something I’ve heard happens to other camera brands you can easily switch between your camera and video modes to get some decent footage and some decent photos again the tap autofocus is a massive plus especially when filming the audience and then switching to the speaker and again the high ISO on the full frame means less grain especially in the poor lighting conditions of that old London Hotel promotional content another recent opportunity I had was to go to Imperial College London and film some promotional contents so we were out and about in London all day going to the different campuses using the 5d Mark 4 and this time the 50 FPS really came in useful those slow-motion b-roll shots just added that much more extra professionalism into the finished content vlogging if you’re considering buying a camera for vlogging and vlogging only this is not the camera that you should buy you should get something like a g7 X Mark 2 in fact I’ve really done a review video under the g7x mark 2 you can find a link to that video down in the description below but if you insist on using this camera for vlogging like I do then you need to use the Wi-Fi functionality because the 5d Mark 4 does not have a flip screen you can’t see yourself you can’t see if you’re in focus but by using the Wi-Fi functionality pairing it to your phone and then using the Canon app on your phone you can then make use of the tap functionality tap in your face and that ensures that everything is in focus so if you’ve decided to bite the bullet and purchase one of these workhorses of a Canon camera what is it going to cost you at the time of making this video you can purchase a brand new 5d Mark 4 from the official Canon store for 2999 dollars in the United States or 3,200 pounds in the UK or even better buy one second hand for around $2,000 or 1700 pounds depending on the condition so if you’re already a Canon user and are familiar with this setup you will love this camera the familiar feel the button placement and the menu system will all be things that you’re used to and with the addition of some new magical options so should you buy one well of course it depends on what you want to do and what type of budget you have I personally can honestly say that a large amount of my personal income comes from working with this camera it’s part of my job it’s what I do and I’m currently looking to the future for the next best camera to jump to as of year what Canon has offered in the way of mirrorless full-frame systems hasn’t tempted me over so for now I’m sticking with the mark 4 so if thanks for watching if you’ve got any questions or comments about corporate videography do let me know in the comments section down below if you haven’t done so already do subscribe to our channel stay creative imagine implement and inspire and I will see you guys next time on Kai creative.

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