Brother Embroidery Machine PE770 Review, Black Friday 2019

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Brother Embroidery Machine PE770 Review, Black Friday 2019

Brother Embroidery Machine PE770 Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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hi this is can deal with candy hangs rough designs and I am in the official classroom of the Soudan short workshop today I am doing the tutorial on this Brother PE 770 it is up for sale in my studio for 450 dollars and it does come with extras so if you purchase this machine outright meaning you bought it off of eBay or Amazon or HSN one of these companies the retail price for this is $7.99 you can find it on sale at times for $5.99 or $6.99 but for the most part for 450 dollars plus the extras that you’re getting if you purchase it from candy Hainsworth is phenomenal so once again those who are looking to get into the world of machine embroidery this video is for you because not only are you getting a tutorial but you’re getting extras let’s get started for starters this embroidery machine comes with one 5×7 hoop which is going to be this and this is going to give you a maximum embroidery area of five by seven okay and it also comes with the grid so you can line it up let’s say for example you are embroidering over a pocket this is going to allow you to align it up so you can embroider it in a straight line ideally one of these Kosta well I found it on eBay a new one on eBay for $29.99 I’m sure you could buy them used and so forth but one comes with the machine and if you was to buy the machine outright you would get one and I’m actually giving you a second one okay so that’s the $30 savings there and I’m also giving you a four by four frame and again it does come with the grid the grid I found on eBay for $26.99 so so far your savings for this four hundred and fifty dollar purchase you’re getting three hoops one that automatically comes with the machine and two extra ones so that is almost a $60 savings i am also including the writer box and this is called the pet basic and what this allows you to do is upload embroidery files from your computer to a memory card now the memory card does not come with this but you could purchase the memory card by itself I am throwing in the box now if you bought the set meaning the box which is the writer in the card I found it on the internet for about one hundred and twenty-one dollars and if you bought the box by itself I found it on an Internet for $49.99 so that’s roughly fifty bucks but with this deal you are getting at least the box you would have to purchase the memory card but already I’m saving you roughly $50 so we got already that we’ve already almost saved sixty bucks with the extra hoops plus another $50 from the pet basic box that you’re getting with this deal now some including okay so you’re going to get two brand new packs of needles this is the universal needles and this is a size 14 and this is a variety of ballpoint needles and it comes with size 9 size 11 and size 14 that’s going to allow you to embroider on different fabrics like stretch knits or cotton or polyester so this is what you’re going to need and the best part about it is the machine is already going to have a fresh needle in it anyway so if you need to open a pack if it breaks or something like that you have it opposed to having to run out and get it when you are in the middle of a project and it’s one of those things that we really don’t think about because we’re so excited so you have it that I am going to include it in in for you now one pack of these needles is two dollars and seventy nine cents and this one is two dollars and 49 cents so this is a little over five dollar savings and then these are the grips for the embroidery hoops and I’ll show you how to put it on to put it on all you have to do now the orange ones are for the five by seven hoops all you have to do is just slide it over that screw there and once again we will go through it and it’s really gripping on it but for the most part all you have to do is just slide it on there if you need to trim it down a bit even though this one that’s really good and really snug as you can see you can trim it down with a pair of scissors this is a pair of embroidery scissors you don’t want to use these on anything else but for snipping little fine threads in your embroidery and roughly these cost about ten bucks if you was to buy it outright so for the most part you got about another fifteen dollar savings here a pen plus your one hundred and seven dollar savings that we already talked about the hoops in the Pez basic box so far we’re looking at a hundred and twenty one hundred and twenty-two dollars excuse me in accessories with this machine now here are two items that do come with your machine are you going to get two bobbins okay one is usually loaded when you get a brand-new machine and then one is usually empty we have a bobbin already in there which is just the extra so that’s going to be thrown in there and I believe I can’t see it from where I’m standing but I believe that these are the two metal ones and there is a plastic one so if I know correctly I believe the plastic one actually comes in with the machine and not the metal ones but I’ll look that up just to be sure and then this is going to be your t screwdriver to change your needle so once again we will go through all over over that so I will make sure that I cover those things that you’re going to need to know when operating this machine so let’s take a look at this embroidery machine briefly and I cut the machine off so I turned the power off because I want to show you what the embroidery unit is this is actually the embroidery unit and some what people refer to it as the brain because this is actually the most important part to operate in this embroidery machine and what happens here is it just snaps in I’m going to bring the camera a little closer so you can kind of see it snaps in right here and if you turn it over there’s just a little a little pull so you pull it back and you push it in and then your release okay so if you wanted to take it out you would pull that little lever that I just showed you and pull it out and if you wanted to put it inside you would just you don’t have to hold the lever all you have to do is just press the unit in and it snaps in this unit also has an automatic thread cutter which is this lever here and the reason why I’m showing you this is because when I’m going through the motions of adding the thread the camera is going to be positioned so when I reach on the side and push it down you’ll be able to remember or recall what I showed you earlier if you lift this up you’ll see the spool pin this is where the thread is going to go and if you need to tilt it a little bit if you have or somewhat of a larger spool you can do that and then I’ll show you how to actually attach the this is also going to be your bobbin pin and this is going to be your bobbin spool pin as well I will also show you how to refill your bobbin and then on the side here we have the hand wheel you never need to use that this is just going to control the needle but I’ll go over it just so you’ll know it’s operation and its function this is going to be your screen your LED screen so I guess I can cut it on the power button is going to be located on the right side of the machine and let me get a better angle so you’ll see where the power cord is how to cut it on and also where the memory card for that pet basic box would be inserted okay so here is your power cord and then here is your power button I’m just going to turn that on and then in this slot this is where the memory card would go and then this is where you would put in a USB cord if you wanted to upload files from your computer directly instead of using a pet basic box in the memory card or you can even use a flash drive on this as well so let’s say that you didn’t want to invest the cost of a memory card I’m not even really sure what the cost of a memory card is but you can look that up and I’m sure you can find those on eBay but you don’t even have to you can just use a flash drive a USB portt flash drive to go in here or you can connect it to your laptop or your computer okay so let’s take a closer look at the menu now before I move forward I just want to tell you what this embroidery machine have okay so for starters it has 136 built-in embroidery designs six lettering fonts and 120 frame pattern combinations we already looked at the 5 by 7 embroidery area this is a of a backlit screen that it has um it has an automatic thread crimp trimmer it has a drop-in top bobbin voting system so I’ll go over that with you but for the most part it really is a good starter machine it also have a memory and it allows you to store embroidery files in its memory so if you have a favorite embroidery file that you use quite often instead of always having to upload it from either a flash drive or a memory card or even your computer you can store that embroidery file inside of this embroidery machine so let’s talk about those 136 embroidery files that are already built in it’s going to be located here in here okay so if we press this one because this is a touchscreen this first file that we pressed have 70 files and it numbers it so this is number one of seventy number two of seventy if I wanted to go to number three four five I would simply press the arrow going in that direction and let’s say I wanted to get to number thirty what I could do is press the number ten and it’s going to jump ten spaces so you see I’m already at number 28 through 70 and then if I wanted to get to thirty I could just press the arrow and it will go on to the next embroidery file and it would lead me to number thirty so let’s go back this is your back button and now we already looked at let’s say roughly 70 embroidery files let’s go to the next ones this one have 66 files and again is that one out of sixty and again if I wanted to jump ahead I could just simply press the ten it’s going to jump as long as I keep pressing it and it’s going to get me to the whatever embroidery file that I like now just to start us to looking at these there’s a built-in butterfly there’s a flamingo we have some kind of reef in that looks like some kind of animals and let’s see what else it has here a badge a snowman a crown a sailor’s boat a cat a Merry Christmas so it does have a lot of embroidery files and once again there are 136 that are already coming in here and the next thing that we’re going to talk about is the font now the font would be this one with the lettering on it we would simply present and it’s going to show you all of the fonts that are included you catch your regular standard block font you got your your varsity fund your Times New Roman font you have something that looks like child’s play fine you have something with a bit of a curve that’s like a quarter for fun so you have your fonts and we will go over how to add let’s say a name to something but for right now if we wanted to let’s say at candy up I would press the cause effect and automatically it’s going to come up to the uppercase letters I would start with the K and if I wanted to go to lowercase letters direct your attention down there you see the highlighted a is uppercase I would just simply press the lowercase and is going to switch and then I would just spell out my name which is K a and then in D I a okay and let’s say for example my name was something else with the I don’t know what Z or anything I would just simply move the the the keep the arrow over to the remaining part of the letters I don’t want to delete it yet but you know what I will delete it I will just come back and now I’m do it again because I wanted to show you the other features of this so we’re back up there the menu where the font is and I’m going to go back to the original menu now we’re looking at them frames and this has a hundred and twenty built in frames so what’s going to happen is each shape is going to have let’s say its own Araya T of frames that you can and brought it in so for example we’re looking at the circle if we press the circle is going to show you the stitch patterns okay and it’s going to ask you to select a stitch so if I wanted to embroider a circle but I wanted to embroider a scallop circle I would simply press the scallop and then we have the circle that’s in that scallop shape and if we wanted to see the other frames that they have I would simply press that arrow now I like that badge so I’m just going to press the badge and once again I could embroider their badge if I wanted to embroider it in the dotted line there you go like a perforated line there you have it I’m just going to go back and then go back to the main menu and now we’re going to talk about the lower the lower row here the first icon is going to indicate for a memory card if you had a memory card you will put it on the side where I showed you the second line the I’m sorry the second icon is going to indicate embroidery files that are saved to your embroidery unit so that’s why it has an arrow that’s pointed upward because it’s telling you that okay if you want to upload embroidery files from this unit you would simply press this and you will be able to upload some embroidery files that you have saved yours to saved here see it sends one p1 and p2 so it’s telling me that two is saved here or showing me the first two that is I could just simply press it if I wanted to use it and then I would press that upload button there and then it will upload the file and part of the file we’ll get into how it breaks it up and how it prompts you to change the thread a little later but just let’s go back and we’re back at the main menu the next icon is the US beep now the USB icon again you can actually plug a USB cord into your embroidery machine and then have it plugged into your laptop or your desktop or you can plug in your USB port so I’m sorry flash drive so if you were getting an embroidery file from your USB flash drive you would press that so actually let’s actually load one so I have one here and this one just comes from Staples and what happens is when you plug it in it’s going to start blinking at least this one does because this is the Staples one and I’m just going to press the USB icon because it will tell me if it is ready or not let’s see if we can get a clear view to see what happens so let me press it and it’s retrieving pattern and now if you notice the light started to blink faster now I have found and this is just my experience with this machine and I’ve had another two other machines that are in the p/e 770 family I had a PE 750 D and I also had a PE 780 at one point okay so it all have a different feature so but they all pretty much work the same what I have found is the Brother PE 770 Series depending on what flash drive you use USB flash drive you use sometimes it could take 30 seconds to upload sometimes it could take 60 seconds okay in this case it took about in my opinion that was about 45 seconds so it just depends now I also will tell you too that in my opinion this machine can be a bit fussy sometimes it doesn’t like every USB port I just want to be very upfront with you so you don’t have any surprises there our brother USB ports that you can buy we just show you they are usually blue now mines are a bit beat up because I use them but the USB the Brother USB flash drives I don’t know why I keep saying port so the flash drive they roughly cost about twenty to twenty-five dollars whereas you can get a regular staples brand as you see I have regular USB drive for eight bucks ten bucks or so so you paying for the brand for this same thing I mean I bought the brand at first because I got you know just so excited but then I realized that staples brand was just as good however I want to point out that when I used try to use SanDisk it it gave me a issue so I want to just be clear that it may not use every every drive so don’t go out and just buy a bunch of drives you want to take your time with this in this case I know for a fact that it does use the staples brand staples is everywhere it can also order it online and it used a brother brand okay so just like the other files to retrieve your files from your USB Drive okay you’re just going to place your arrow and just keep going if I want to go ahead a little bit again I can press 10 it’s going to skip you know to the next 10 up actually let’s see well you know what my files are a little bit larger than the files that’s here so we’re slowing the Machine down I’m sorry I forgot to tell you that part so it’s actually skipping it in units of 5 because my save embroidery files are larger but I want to get to let’s say K since we’re going to be embroidering my name so I’m going to select the K um and this is going to be an applique and which is a patch and I actually think that this might actually beat tutorials in one because I’ll show you how to do that so anyway I press the K I highlighted the embroidery file that I want I’m going to press the uploading icon

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