Braun Series 9 9290cc Review

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Braun Series 9 9290cc Review


Braun Series 9 9290cc Review Black Friday Deals Sales 2019

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here we go everybody Braun’s series 9 shaver has arrived the question is will this replace the old norelco philips norelco series 9000 razor that i had been using for a while I’m gonna do a quick unboxing and then I’ll tell you my thoughts about the razor and actually why yes folks were on the brink of switching to the braun series 9 first things i don’t like about this razor they old norelco when you push if you push too hard in your face these pieces no tendency to fly off and the blades just feels like I’m shaving forever and ever and ever another thing that I don’t like which could be a positive negative sum is when you want to trim your sideburns or other parts your beard you have to take this piece off put these keys on and charge on this was good I’ve had this for a while the other thing that I cannot stand about this philips norelco razor and then we’ll get to the Braun unboxing is the fact that when you do want to change these blades there’s a little piece inside an orange piece that you have to use this weird tool that they send and once you change them once they always seem to pop out if you apply too much pressure but I know what you’re here for the series 9 so let’s get right to it you know everybody so this is what you get with the braun series 9 shaver we got this one on amazon and I’ll include it in a link in the comments if you’d like to purchase it or see what the pricing so we’ve unboxed it and these are some of the things we’re gonna go over what’s in the box so you get the stamp flesh your cleansing kit as they call it will show you this this is gonna go in and eventually you’re going to use this as your daily in your bathroom and you can charge and clean the razor you did in a charger which can be used both portable and plugging into the dock or you can plug it in and charge your razor directly if you’re traveling with the razor it’s important to know once you do buy the razor and unbox it for the first time you should which says in the instructions but you should also make sure you plug in your razor whether you use the dock or the direct charger the first time and let it fully charged before you use it just to get the best optimal battery life out so you do get the razor we’ll get back to that you get to charger you get a little brush for the for the foils that are up there you get a nice travel case your instruction manual and a how-to which is still in the box a how to charge and not charge obviously you don’t want to charge the razor and submerge it when it’s fully wet so let’s talk about the razor you get the braun series 9 what differentiates the braun series 9 from the series 7 aside from a slight it slight difference in the actual dock is the foils i don’t know if you can see in the video but these have a slightly different foil these are supposed to give a slightly better shave it’s nice with the braun series 9 you can actually just squeeze the top comes off and when you actually replace these later which is what i could not stand about the norelco the whole top case actually gets changed which makes it very easy snaps in when you clean it the sideburn trimmers on the side and again as I mentioned before this could be a positive or negative for some people depending upon if you have the 50 or not or side bones of what you’re trimming or not everybody we’ve had the razor’s now for about two weeks and I could honestly say it’s probably the best shape I’ve ever had so it’s it’s actually official I’m gonna dump the old philips norelco 9000 which i’ve grown recently especially after using the braun series 9 I’ve grown to hate this raised around and explain some of the things I like and don’t like about both racers but this is really a great great razor it takes a lot less time I feel for me personally to shave with the Braun Series 9 it’s an excellent excellent shaver some of the things I’ve hated about this but charging back to me is a piece of garbage and for me to switch this back and forth so if you’re traveling you do need to trim your sideburns or if you have a beer there are some attachments that come with it but switching this back and forth to me it just feels cheap and garbagey and again when I press this on my face a lot of times that the piece pops off so I’ll put pressure when I’m shaving it’ll actually fly off pretty easily which you can see there it’s supposed to come off but not that easily when you’re the other thing I cannot stand about this is if you can see those orange pieces inside when you need to change the blades on this there’s a tool they give you you have to twist the old blades come out the new blades go in but then you have to twist these on right and they never stay on right and then what happens is that what you’re shaving these pieces will fly up and it’s just a huge inconvenience this basically was fitting to the old Phillips talk like that and then get a larger core this we’re getting rid of let’s go over what we like goodbye philips norelco and hello to my new favorite razor Braun again it’s snaps really nicely and you hit the button once the the cleaning solution is in there it works great the razor works great is quiet you have this mechanism here that you can lock so depending upon when you’re doing parts of your face this will actually lock in it won’t move and you just move it again it’ll move and you want to use the sideburn trimmer again you’re just pushing that up and then you’re gonna trim your sideburns or whatever you need to do with that the only negative I can honestly say about this razor is this when you travel it’s great but this may have an issue you may need a slight extension depending upon where you pick a dock in your bathroom in relation to don’t AC adapter in the wall shaving quality absolutely amazing I was blown away the first couple days and I thought it was just a fluke but it it gives you a truly great close shave I never was able to achieve the shave which I get with this with the old norelco series it’s easier to clean the dock is much nicer the dock works better and when you’re actually cleaning them dock it actually the razor itself is much cleaner you can also do this why try the other ways razor was a wet/dry razor as well my old Phillips Elco but this truly works much better as a wet/dry razor so you can use shaving cream or whatever you want with this and it works phenomenally well the charge has been outstanding on this it lasts a really long time once you do that first charge and again I recommend when you buy the razor to plug it in first before you use it let it fully charge and then do it so it’s really nice in the dock and you clean it there you get a nice travel chain travel case and some easy instructions and a little brush hey everybody I figured we’d show you quick and I made the video the cleaner and how it goes in basically you just raise her out there’s a button on the back we plug this right now and you’re just gonna press the button and this is gonna slide right into here and before we do that there’s a piece that you have to remove so let’s go back plug it back in for the sake of this video okay let’s do that and we’re gonna make this clip out just give it a little tug like that we’re going to put the cleaning solution right in the back it’s important once you do put the cleaning solution in to keep it level because it will spill push down and boom you’re ready to go take your razor let’s get it level there you’ll see it’s charging and one would want to clean it we’re just gonna hit this button here and it’s actually very quiet when it does it’s cleaning the initial block everybody we’re gonna test out the razor this morning I got about three days of shave stubble you see that about three days Stumbo we’re gonna see how quick I can take it off so here we go [Music] [Music] no pulling whatsoever and you can see that just one or two passes I’ve got most of the grub off the norelco would struggle and rip your face to pieces while using this [Music] it’s just one or two passes and notice most of its gone so it’s a great razor just wanted to give you an idea out well it takes hair off three to three days worth of stubble this was three days of not shave in conclusion I can’t recommend this razor enough it’s it’s really amazing I was blown away by it it saves me a lot of time when shaving please feel free to comment and ask any questions we will do our best to answer them and we’ll also put a link to Amazon in the description they have some good deals now as well look forward to seeing you on the next video.

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