Bose QuietComfort 35 II Review, Black Friday Deals 2019

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bose quietcomfort 35 ii review

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Review Black Friday Deals 2019

these are the pose QuietComfort 35s version 2 and they’re my first premium pair a truly wireless and noise cancellation headphones that I’ve ever used now there’s a lot of different headphone I can get for that $350 price tag I can go get the so many WH 1000s the Beats Studio threes and even the Microsoft studio headphones but at the end of the day I picked the Bose so here’s my review after using them for a couple of weeks now the quiet comfort 35s really start with that sleek design personally for me this is what separates it from its competitors it’s not clunky and everything about it just screams premium from the matte black finish to the soft leather cushions you really can’t deny how professional and sleek this thing looks and it really doesn’t stop there in my case I picked up the matte black version but if you’re not into that you can also get all silver midnight blue triple midnight which is just all blue or if you don’t like any of those options you can pay an extra $50 to get them custom colored besides color these things are super lightweight and flexible which is pretty important when buying any pair of headphones they can fold for travel the top-end can fully stretch the only way about 11 ounces and they come with a sleek travel case as for the button layout on the left ear cup you’re gonna find an audio jack which yes they do come with an audio cable and an action button which can be used either for noise cancellation levels or an assistant don’t worry we’ll go over the action button in just a second on the right ear cup you’re gonna find a little bit more in the far back there’s three different buttons the top for volume increase the bottom for volume decrease and the middle serves for a pause or skip button below that is a charging port which for some reason is still microUSB and then finally on the side of the ear cup there’s a switch so you just push it forward to turn the actual headphones on as mentioned before the ear cups are gonna have a nice leather padding which is not only just good for looks but also for comfort ability they’re soft but not too soft to the point where they feel flimsy now personally for me the biggest flaw I normally see in headphones is how tight the top band gets now normally on headphones when you put them on they’re super tight and then they ache after long uses but luckily with the Bose they’re not that tight they just lightly sit on the top of your head and then they come with a cushion on top which just stops aches from happening at all during the editing process on my last video the air pods video I have these guys on the entire time now those edits normally take about six to eight hours and having these guys on they didn’t hurt at all during the whole entire process next I really want to talk about sound quality which is such a upgrade from my air pods now if you watch me for a while you know like you know that I’m not an audiophile at all so everything I’m about to say please take with a grain of salt the sound of the Bose are actually really good I guess the best way for me to describe it is that it gives you a much fuller sound it’s over the ear compared to the air pods that go directly into your eardrum so now by trapping that sound around your ear you’re allowing it to move more freely also just the overall speakers and drivers in them are gonna be super crisp and super loud everything that you expect from Bose but speaking of loud loud leanness but speaking of how loud these headphones get that brings up the topic of sound leakage because no one likes that at max volume obviously sound is gonna leak but when you listen at normal levels like 60 percent they’re not noticeable and won’t annoy others as for the noise cancellation it’s honestly amazing the best I’ve ever heard were not heard but one key thing to know is that these guys aren’t super magical they won’t make the world completely silent like if I have these on and I’m not listening to music you come up to me you yell in my ear I’m still gonna hear you it’s more targeted towards small noises and white noise now on boses website they claim that these guys can get up to 20 hours of listening time now I don’t use my bows all day long normally I only use them when I’m editing or just sitting around the house listening to music and over those two weeks that I’ve used them I’ve only charged them twice which is actually pretty impressive so if you’re someone like me that just casually uses these really premium headphones you’re not gonna have a problem with charging at all finally as mentioned before these headphones feature an action button which can be used for an assistant now the only real difference between version 1 and version 2 of these headphones is that assistant at first I thought the assistant was a little bit gimmicky like I was never gonna use it but as I tested it out I really found it to be super cool now in my case I only use Google assistant but you can also use Amazon’s Alexa overall I’m super happy with the Bose I think it was a great purchase for me personally well I’m definitely gonna have to do a comparison with the Sony WH 1000s those would like the two I was juggling with when I was deciding which pair to get so let me know if you guys would be interested in that and I’ll see you guys next time all right

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