Best Wireless Headphones & Earbuds For Running (TOP 3 PICKS) Review, Black Friday Deals 2019

Hy everyone if you like go to morning walk and enjoy listen music, so please you check the best Best Wireless Headphones & Earbuds For Running (TOP 3 PICKS) Review Black Friday Deals 2019.


Best Wireless Headphones & Earbuds For Running (TOP 3 PICKS) Review


Best Wireless Headphones & Earbuds For Running (TOP 3 PICKS) Review Black Friday Deals 2019

what’s up guys I’m Jeff Rizal dizzle better known as Jeffrey the jet better known as mr. Marathon now that I’ve run a marathon when I proposed to Amelia anyways that’s not why we’re here although it’s partially why we’re here we’re gonna talk about the best headphones in earbuds for running so I haven’t done this video I don’t think in a long time if ever but I’ve obviously tested so many different pairs of headphones and earbuds out there true Wireless regular Wireless this brand that brand that I have a good idea of what my opinion is for what are the best ones like obviously you’re buying one so which one should you get now if you enjoy the video in your new smash that thumbs up button run all over that thumbs up button you see what I there we money yeah that’s right okay subscribe let’s get to it [Music] [Music] all right so what makes headphones good for running well there’s a couple of things right so the first thing is probably just comfort you’re gonna be using them for extended period of time probably 30 minutes to like a couple hours so you want them to be really comfortable now that is subjective but you know I’ve tried out so many that I think I have a good idea of what’s gonna work for most people out there so comfort is one thing the other thing is a secure fit so you don’t want them bobbling around you you want to secure fit to where you never feel like they’re gonna pop out or work their way out of your ears so just as an example I tried out what I they be the SOL Republic amps air 2 and I love those true wireless earbuds like they’re some of my favorite they have amazing audio quality but they don’t do a great job of locking in your ear so over time they work their way out you don’t want that with running headphones you also want a good cable management system so if you don’t get true Wireless you don’t want that cable hanging around all over the place you want some sort of cinch or cord or some sort of ability to make that cable a non-factor you’ve want probably pretty good audio quality although I think that’s of lesser importance because most of them are pretty passable one thing that I think a lot of people overlook is clicky and tactile buttons I can’t tell you how many pairs of headphones and earbuds I’ve tried out that have like touch capacitive buttons and they might be fine for at the office but when you’re running you need something that when your fingers are sweaty and you’re on the fly you can easily make those adjustments to volume track management pause play etc they have to have a decent microphone for if you’re gonna take halls and they have to have some sort of waterproofing rating they’re not to be ipx7 certified so they don’t need to be completely waterproof but you don’t want them to break if you sweat a lot you also want a decent Bluetooth connection now if you don’t have a good Bluetooth connection you’re gonna get all sorts of crinkles and cracks and interferences with a signal I know that used to happen to me a lot like years and years ago if you have that with your current earbuds that’s a sign you may want to upgrade because if like little body parts if an arm gets in the way and it cuts out the signal that is not gonna be tolerable so just a couple of things obviously a ton of headphones check that and and fit that bill these are my three favorites let’s start off with what I would consider the overall true Wireless and this probably comes as no surprise because I’ve covered them a lot on this channel they are the Jabra Ally active 65 T’s so I love the standard 65 T comfortable fit really nice design they have an adjustable EQ settings within the mobile app they even have something now I would consider an x-factor feature so great sound isolation passive sound isolation I made that mistake in the past passive sound isolation but they have a here through setting that allows in sound from around you so if you’re running in an urban environment or just anywhere that you want to be able to hear things around you that’s something that you may utilize and a lot of earbuds don’t have a hear through settings so I really appreciate that about 65 T’s they also have solid battery life so five hours on a single charge pretty good considering the size of these true wireless earbuds and then an extra 10 hours in the charged case if you’re running a marathon 5 hours should be probably long enough for you I think most people will be good with the battery life and if you factor in the case is good as well now they are also IP 56 certified which is water and sweat resistant but you you can’t submerge them I don’t think you have any problems with the waterproofing if I could only choose one true wireless earbuds for running I would probably go with the 65 t just a solid secure fit and they check a heck of a lot of boxes now an alternative to them would be the J lab epic air elite so they had the J lab epic airs which I liked but the epic air elite are much better they have a very secure fit the only thing I don’t like and the reason they didn’t make the list is I don’t love their touch capacitive sensors but there are a nice alternative of the 65 T’s now my budget pick I think are gonna surprise some people so I’ve kind of in the last like couple of weeks been on a quest to find are there any good cheap wireless earbuds that would be good for running the short answer is there are some not many there’s a ton of knockoff headphones on Amazon as you probably know and I settled upon the elects comm I think they’re just called the Bluetooth earbuds I don’t even know if they have a model number now I’ve seen probably twenty other pairs of earbuds that look exactly identical to these I mean completely almost exactly the same buttons everything but what I appreciate about these is a couple of things number one the price is really low like $20 or under typically that’s a little bit more affordable than the other ones and I’ve noticed that their buttons are somehow a little bit more clicky so the volume buttons on the top SS track management buttons and they’re very clicky and tactile they have a nice pause play button on the side but most importantly a very very very secure fit they almost fit like the the Beats powerbeats 3 but maybe just slightly less secure and a way more affordable they also are ipx7 certified a submergible down to a meter for a minute a couple of things I don’t like though one is the microphone is a little far away from your mouth because it’s built-in so when you go to talk on the phone it’s not gonna be your favorite but I think that is actually a little bit better than having the remote in line because then there’s a symmetry then the cable isn’t heavier on one side than as the other and they come with the cinch which I know isn’t a big deal but they do a really good job of kind of keeping that cable out of your way you can either wear them you know down you’re tucking down your shirt this way or down the back I think for 20 dollars they’re probably the best budget headphones that you can get for running now me personally my favorite running earbuds if I could only have one would be the j-bird X threes now I know I sound like a broken record because subscribers I mean I’ve been using these for out probably going on three years I love them they’re affordable they come with foam ear tips so they have great sound isolation in a very comfortable fit and you can wear them in two ways right under ear or you can wrap them around your ear and almost get like a true wireless experience that’s part of the reason I selected them because the cable is completely out of your way and it dangles I guess against the the back of your head here and that means that you don’t even notice it’s there it’s almost like using true wireless earbuds but you still have the remote that you can use and they’re a lot more affordable and they are water and sweat resistant and you can adjust the EQ settings within that j-bert app you want more bass you can do that you want more mids you like listening in a classical or country music or something you can make that adjustment within the j-bert app I just I don’t know I’ve tested so many types of earbuds I just keep gravitating to these because they are so versatile and they do so many things for you and now that they’re a little bit older they’re really really affordable now a newer alternative to the X 3s and the ones that I find myself using the second most would be the j-bird Terra Pro Soutar Pro a little bit more expensive I think they’re like 160 bucks right in around there and they don’t completely eliminate the cable but they have a pretty good system they come with a braided cable the one thing that I really like about them though is they have this switch fit system so you can rotate the actual earbuds themselves to more quickly switch from under ear to around the ear and so if you want new running earbuds ones that came out recently I’d go probably with the Terra Pro I’m such a value hunter though I think I would probably just stick with the X 3s I love them I mean I I love the tarah pro 2 I just maybe gravitate more towards the x3 so I’ll link all of these in the description and one thing I forgot to mention is our website and mobile app so for anybody that’s new we look for deals every single day we have a full time person that does this and they find amazing deals on jaybird bose JBL pretty much any big name brand you know about and they post about it on our website and our free iOS and Android mobile app so that’s linked in the description I hope the video was helpful and you got something out of it this is kind of like a culmination of like all the research all the testing that I’ve done over years like these are the best ones for running let me know what you think write us down below in the comments have a great day

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