Best Ladder Reviews

A ladder is an essential climbing tool for any home. If you are a builder or electrical contractor, need to complete home renovations or general maintenance, prune fruit trees, or change a light bulb, a ladder gives you quick and easy access to hard-to-reach places.

And if you constantly climb on a kitchen counter to reach the top shelf of a cabinet or grab a wobbly dining chair to change a burned-out light bulb, it might be time to invest in a good & amazing ladder rather than your luck.

From smaller everyday tasks like cleaning to larger DIY projects like drilling and painting and even more complicated outdoor tasks like cleaning gutters and trimming trees, there is a ladder for every type of housework.

Our top pick for the best ladder is the Little Giant Ladders Revolution Multi-Position Ladder. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a serious DIY enthusiast, the RevolutionXE is the only ladder you’ll ever need.

Little Giant Ladders have designed a high-quality ladder that features robust construction, an innovative convertible design, secure locking systems, and Tip & Glide wheels.

With all these features in one, RevolutionXE is unmatched in performance and safety.

Best Ladder 2020

Our comparison table will also help you choose the right one for your needs:

Best Ladder Reviews

So, what’s the best ladder? Let’s find out from the options given below.

1. Louisville Fiberglass Ladder


Not only is the Louisville fiberglass ladder the perfect height for most residential painting projects, but its clever molded features like a paint can hanger and brush slots make for a cleaner job. Let’s further explore why it’s the best ladder.


Most homes built in the last twenty years have a minimum ceiling height of nine feet. Many new homes also have ten and twelve-foot ceilings.

With the eight-foot-tall Louisville Ladder FS1508 fiberglass ladder, it will be easy for you to get to the ceilings and of course the entire wall space in almost any home – or most locations as well.

The painting requires an A-frame style ladder. After all, you can’t prop the top rung of a ladder against the wall you want to paint, and if you’re working on a ceiling, there might not even be any nearby walls that can offer support.

While projects like changing a lamp or changing an air filter may take just a few minutes, painting a room (or the exterior) means spending a lot of time on that ladder, so choose one that is stable and sturdy. what is this ladder?

Each step is secured with six sturdy tubular steel rivets, while the feet consist of thick rubber pads with multiple squares in a waffle pattern allowing excellent stability on all types of surfaces.

What sets this ladder apart from the herd of other A-frame paint ladders is what you’ll find at the top.

The plastic molded top of this unit features perfect slots for brushes and other tools, ample cup holder space suitable for smaller paint or stain cans (or a mug), a hook for paint can, and screw corners, nails, and other hardware.


  • Comfortable and lightweight,
  • sturdy tool organization,
  • stable foot design


  • Quality control issues cause some “new” stairs to arrive damaged


This ladder comes in several height options, although we recommend the 8 or 10-foot option.


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2. Louisville FS2005


The Louisville FS2005 Step Ladder is constructed of fiberglass for durability and stability and has a 250-pound service rating.


This 5-foot model is a great ladder for painting and other projects. It weighs about 14 pounds and folds up easily for storage in your garage, shed, or basement.

While this medium-duty ladder is not a commercial-grade option, reviewers are very pleased with its strong performance on housework.

Additionally, users appreciate the molded top that contains tools, nails, and other accessories needed for small jobs.



  • big ladder to paint
  • strong performance in housework


  • Specifically not


Ladders are a safe option for reaching elevated areas and for completing tasks like changing light bulbs, cleaning gutters, or painting a room.


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3. Little Giant Select Step Model 5-8


If you are an advanced DIYer, we recommend the Little Giant Select Step 5-8 model.


The legs of this ladder can be extended outward, transforming it into a 5, 6, 7, or 8-foot ladder. Since you can place those adjustable legs in uneven lengths, the Little Giant can stand on a flight of stairs or flush against a wall, both of which are unsafe positions for a traditional stepladder.

It also has a platform step and a great tool tray that doubles as a handhold. It costs too much to use for simple household tasks, but if you’re doing a lot of work around a house, the versatility and value of features on this ladder are worth the cost.

The telescopic legs transform this unique model into a 5, 6, 7, or 8-foot ladder, and it can be placed against a wall or on a set of stairs.


  • A versatile and unusual stepladder
  • the versatility and value of the features of this ladder justify the cost.


  • Expensive


It is an amazing product for dyers.


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4. Best Choice Products 3 Step Ladder


This lightweight 3-step ladder is easy to store, allowing you to keep it on hand for any job around the house.


Whether you’re working on a DIY project, a minor paint job, or even having trouble reaching for certain things around the home, this portable ladder will make a difference. It has been constructed of high-quality durable steel that can withstand any task or repeated use. It has also been reinforced with a weather-resistant white powder coat so it can be used in and around the home in any weather.

This ladder has four legs, all of which are covered with non-slip rubber stoppers. These rubber plugs not only protect your floor from scratches or ruin, but they also keep the ladder sturdy and secure on any surface.

It has been designed to keep it as safe as possible when cleaning, painting, or using around the home. The easy folding ability allows for effortless storage and the locking system keeps it secure.


  • Ideal ladder to use at home
  • Small and secure storage with easy folding capabilities
  • Secured with non-slip rubber feet to stay upright on all floors
  • Coated with weather-resistant paint
  • Durable steel that can withstand repeated use


  • Specifically not


This sturdy three-step ladder is the ideal tool for the home, as it can be easily stored and used for any task.


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5. Ohuhu Telescopic Extension Ladder


The Ohuhu Telescopic Extension Ladder can be stored in the trunk of a car and carried under one arm, but it extends up to 12.5 feet.


The first time I saw one of these stairs, it was hanging by the arm of the inspector who came to look over, under, and around my house.

He was a burly guy, easily 6’2 “and weighed 250 pounds, but he went up and down his Ohuhu telescopic ladder a dozen times in the next few hours, bending it to move it around the house and yard several times during the process.

When he finished, He collapsed it back into a package compact enough to be grabbed with one hand and casually carried through the door and into the back seat of a car.

The Ohuhu EN131 telescopic extension ladder has a maximum extension of 12.5 feet, which means that an average height person can use it to reach surfaces about fifteen feet off the ground, which is more than enough height for a myriad of residential and commercial.


  • Highly portable,
  • compact and easy to store,
  • anti-pinch safety features


  • Spreading and collapsing may require force and jerking


While this ladder is solid enough for commercial use, and especially for a moving inspector or contractor, it is ideal for the home where storage space is at a premium. The ladder is only 40.2 inches tall when collapsed and weighs just a few ounces over 25 pounds, so most people can move it with ease.


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6. VonHaus Steel 4-Step Ladder Folding Portable Stool


If you need to do small DIY tasks or reach hard-to-reach spots in your garage or around the house, the VonHaus 4-Step Steel Ladder from the” best ladder” is a folding Portable Stool- a great ladder for any home or workplace.


The VonHaus is lightweight yet very strong and its sturdy, high-strength steel construction with a powder-coated finish increases its long-term durability and can withstand a maximum load of 330 pounds.

VonHaus has designed your ladder with safety and practicality in mind, and it features 4 wide steps (7.9 x 11.9 inches) with grippy rungs, and the large non-slip feet offer additional stability and keep you secure on the ground. while protecting a variety of flooring types from scratches or damage.

Its easy folding action and portable steel frame mean you can fold the ladder down to a compact size for convenient storage in a closet or attic and transported in your vehicle to and from your workplace or camp.

If you prefer a smaller ladder, VonHaus also makes a 2- and 3-step ladder and you can choose between white or black.


  • Price payable
  • Very good quality
  • Robust and also strong
  • Ideal for home or work use
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged steel construction with a powder coat finish
  • Maximum load of 330 pounds


  • Unlocking the stairs can be difficult at first


All VonHaus products come with a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, you can register on their website and receive an extended warranty for free.


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7. Werner 6212 Stepladder


For over 60 years, Werner has been the most trusted name in ladders, and they are the # 1 choice for professionals more than any other brand, as their quality ladders are designed to withstand even the most challenging tasks.


Werner’s 12-Foot Bright Red and Yellow Step Ladder are specially designed for heavy-duty industrial use, making it the perfect ladder for most indoor and outdoor home projects, especially if you need to do some electrical work, and you need access to high ceilings.

It is constructed of lightweight fiberglass rails, which are not electrically conductive, making it safe for use with electricity, and its 1A safety rating means it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds (combined weight of user and materials).

All Werner products are manufactured to meet or exceed all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) code requirements.

Werner offers a limited number of replacement parts for 15 years from the date of manufacture of your product. All other available component replacement parts are offered for sale for 5 years from the date of manufacture. Visit their website for more information.


  • Excellent quality
  • Bright red and yellow color
  • Strong fiberglass frame
  • Can be used with electricity
  • Solid construction
  • Provide 12 feet for high ceilings
  • HolsterTop with tool loop sockets holds drills and other tools while you work
  • Weather-resistant for outdoor use
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI rating and meets OSHA for safety
  • 15-year limited replacement warranty
  • 5-year general warranty on spare parts


  • Voluminous
  • Difficult to store
  • Aluminum metal ladders make it a bit heavy


Whether you work in a commercial workplace or are a DIY enthusiast, the Werner ladder has been designed with a high level of functionality and will help you increase your productivity for any type of job, indoors or out.


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How we picked and tested


For this guide, we look at two styles of ladders: stepladders and extension ladders. Due to their lengths and features, these two styles complement each other. To actively maintain a home, it is a good idea to have both.

The ladders have an A-frame design and are self-supporting. Residential models are typically 4 to 10 feet tall (although much larger sizes are available). Unlike extension ladders, which are best for outdoor work, ladders can work well indoors as well. They are good for tasks like trimming trees, fixing ceiling fans and painting interior and exterior.

Of the companies that make quality ladders, Louisville and Werner are the most prominent. But several other companies, like Gorilla and Little Giant, have their offerings.

Extension ladders are supported by a house and are capable of reaching very high heights. They are not self-sufficient and therefore ideal for tasks along the walls of a house or on the ceiling, such as painting, cleaning windows, repairing siding, or repairing roofs.

An extension ladder consists of two ladders, that is, a fly section nested within a base section, both of identical length. With the use of a pulley system, you can extend the fly section upward and lock it to the desired height.

For extension ladders, Louisville and Werner are the only two manufacturers worth considering.1 In addition to offering a wide selection of ladders under their names, these two companies are also responsible for ladders manufactured under other names. Louisville makes ladders for DeWalt and Werner owns Green Bull and Keller.

The Louisville and Werner brands are the most widely available and in my experience, they are the most common on construction sites. They are both trusted names.

Together, an extension ladder and a properly sized stepladder make a good complementary pair. Ideally, with an extension ladder fully retracted and placed against a house and a ladder placed alongside, no part of a house’s sidewall is inaccessible.

Where the reach of the stepladder stops, the reach of the extendable ladder begins. Together these two types of stairs give you the ability to access the entire exterior of your home.

After using our picks for several years doing all kinds of home maintenance and repairs, we are confident that these picks will hold up well in the long run.

I hope this article “best ladder” will help you out thoroughly.

Thank you for reading!

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