Best Grass Trimmer

It is really difficult to keep your lawn or garden to look nice. It gets tough when you are going to choose the best tools for your lawn. So, the chief tool to keep your lawn neat and beautiful is the grass trimmer. These trimmers trim all extra or rotten grass from your lawn.

Are you tired of the low voltage battery of your grass trimmer? But today many trimmers on the market come in maximum voltage batteries that make your gardens, front steps, or flower beds look graceful. The high voltage machines of the trimmers offer nice edging and an elegant finishing to your lawn. There are many different models of trimmers on the market. You can choose according to the need of your lawn.

To get the best grass trimmer to increase the beauty of your lawn continue reading the article until the end and pick up the best trimmer product for your lawn. If you do not have enough time to read the whole article, then here is our top pick that is top-rated by its users. This is Black+Decker 40V Max String, Trimmer. This trimmer is enriched with several stunning ergonomics. It comes in a cordless electric powerful battery that makes it efficient in performing its yard job. It is a 13-inches wide swath trimmer and makes it able to deliver the best trimming results.

Best Grass Trimmer

If you are in search of the best grass trimmer for your garden, then the following is presented a comparison chart of the 7 different trimmers regarding their general features and prices. So, choose the best from the list and invest wisely.

Best Grass Trimmer Reviews

Continue reading to get in-depth reviews of the top 7 best grass trimmers!

1. Black+Decker 40V Max String Trimmer


If you are looking for the best powerful motor trimmer for grass cutting that comes in long battery runtime then here is the Blak+Decker 40V, Max String Trimmer. Black and Decker promise to deliver the best outdoor power tools to assist you in every field. It comes with a lithium-ion battery.

The battery run time is so long that you can easily trim all the grass nicely. It is a 13-inch string trimmer that is perfectly suitable for both lawn and garden. Whether you want to trim or give a neat ending to the surface grass, you can easily convert it into a trimmer or edger in a few minutes according to the requirement.

When it comes to the features of this string trimmer they are incredible. They include the 40V Max battery, power command, automatic feed spool, and the converting shaft. You can adjust the run time and power through the power command of this trimmer.

The powerful 40 V max battery runs for a long time. If you have a bit taller grass grown on your lawn then give instructions to the power command for fixing the time and power according to the thickness of the grass. The power drive motor delivers impressive power to cut the grass smoothly. It comes in 5-inches shaft length. To provide your lawn bumpless trimming, it has an automatic feed spool.

Blak+Decker 40V Max String Trimmer is the best economical string trimmer on the market. The Max lithium 40 Volt battery gets charged quickly and is cordless. You can easily set the trimmer through PowerCommand according to the grass. It is light in weight so would not let you get tired. It is portable and perfect for edging.


  • Long battery runtime
  • Rotating head
  • Telescoping shaft


  • Battery gets drain
  • Replacement spools are expensive


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2. Greenworks Electric Corded String Trimmer


Are you tired of the batteries and charging of trimmers that are not working well? Then here comes the Greenworks Electric Corded String Trimmer that is an easy plug and goes. It is a 4-AMP string trimmer. GreenWorks are the best manufacturers of trimmers on the market. It comes in a 13-inch diameter cutter size. This ideal size will work efficiently with the dual-line and auto-feed system of the trimmer.

If you need a light-weight and economical grass trimmer GreenWorks will serve you best in this purpose. Let’s talk about the features of this amazing grass trimmer. It comes in telescoping handle, light-weight construction, quick start technology, constant power, and auto-feed system. This 4-amp electric string motor trimmer is capable to offer the striking results of cutting and trimming. There is no rocket science to start the motor.

The QuickStart technology turns on the machine with one touch of a button. If we talk about the telescopic shaft feature of this trimmer, it is rotating. You can easily adjust it according to the height of its users. The convenient cord-lock helps you against the tangling up of the trimmer. Plus, this incredible trimmer comes in 5.2 lbs body weight that makes it easy to use and handle. The Greenworks Electric Corded String Trimmer is known as the lightest in weight on the market.

Greenworks Electric Corded String Trimmer is known as the top quiet electric trimmers. If you have a small lawn or backyard in your home then it is the perfect trimmer tool. It is efficient for smaller areas. It comes in powerful battery and budget products. It has a 3-year-warranty so do not think much about the wastage of money. Grab it up and make your lawn looking fresher.


  • Powerful unit
  • Light in weight
  • Economical


  • Requires cord
  • Poor Automatic line field

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3. Dewalt Max String Trimmer


Dewalt Max String Trimmer is known as the best brand for household tools. Dewalt offers the best durable products at budgeted prices. It is a 13-inches cutting swath with a brushless motor. It comes with a variable trigger. There is no need for gas for the operation of the trimer. It is easy to start, compact, and light in weight. The weight of this trimmer is just 14 lbs that will make you get tired after the trimming operation. There is no maintenance of carburetors or filters is needed.

Let’s talk about the features of this stunning grass trimmer. If your lawn is much messy with extra grown grass then it comes with 0.080 dual-line bump feed. This drive design motor runs at 0-4,600/ 0-6,000 RPM. The variable speed control switch triggers the power to control as Hi/Lo to choose the performance.

If we talk about the battery and power of the trimmer they are amazingly perfect. It is designed with a patented gear drive that delivers extra torque for extra care of your lawn. The beast power of 20-volt MAX 5.0 lithium-ion-battery offers incredible run-time. This powerful battery is capable of delivering the trimming and cutting of the hardest areas. This battery comes with a charger so before starting your grass cutting plug it on charging.

The Dewalt Max String Trimmer is the cordless trimmer nowadays. It is a perfectly detailed constructed trimmer. The striking motor of this cordless trimmer is perfect for craggy surfaces of your lawn. Now, leave behind the hardworking of hours and hours for serving on your lawn. It delivers the best striking trimming experiences. It is easy to handle and use.


  • Long battery run time
  • Variable speed control
  • 3 years limited warranty


  • Only suitable for low heightened grasses
  • Not easy to handle


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4. WORX WG 163 GT Trimmer and Edger


If you need to neatly edge your lawn ending then here comes the 12-inches WORX WG 163 GT Trimmer and edger cutting swath that will nicely cut the grasses from each corner. WORX WG is the best seller of the stunning grass trimmers. They produce the best trimmers that are not only durable and loaded with features. It is a 2-in-1 trimmer and edger. This 2-in-1 conversion of this trimmer makes it more accurate for different tight-spaces of cutting and trimming.

This WORX WG 163 GT Trimmer and edger is loaded with a lot of striking ergonomics and features. It comes in instant line feed, spacer guard, flexible wheels, and a powerful battery. It will serve you for both purposes whether trimming or cutter. You can convert this string trimmer into a wheeled edger in seconds. It is updated with a Command Feed Spool system with a push-button. Simply push the button and command the trimmer for line feeding. The 20 V battery of the trimmer is compatible with various powers tools.

Are you weary of the untrimmed uncomfortable and toughest spaces of your lawn? The head tilting and rubber wheels of the trimmer make it easy for you to trim all the edges and corners of the lawn. Trimmed your beautiful flowers and plants along with the unwanted grass thanks to your old trimmer? This WORX WG comes with a spacer guard that will protect all your flower and plants from getting accidentally trimmed. This spacer guard will keep your garden beautiful by taking care of the ornamental parts of your lawn.

To talk about the best budget trimmers on the market today the WORX WG 163 GT Trimmer and edger is one of the economic trimmers. If you are searching for a trimmer for your mediocre sized backyard or lawn then the WORX WG 163 GT Trimmer and edger is the perfect pick for you.


  • Wide cutting path
  • 2-in1 trimmer and edger
  • 2 rechargeable batteries


  • Not powerful

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5. Remington RM2510 Rustler Trimmer


If you are in search of the best trimmer that is at an affordable price too then here is Remington RM2510 Rustler Trimmer. Remington is known for having a long-lasting legacy of manufacturing the best grass trimming products on the market. They are producing the most reliable and affordable products that are not only loaded with incredible features but comes in a stunning versatility. It comes in the 25cc 2-cycle engine. This engine is compact and easy to start thanks to the QuickStart technology.

This Remington RM2510 Rustler Trimmer is designed as a curved shaft trimmer. This curved feature cuts and trims the grass of your lawn smoothly. You can easily trim and cut the grass from corners easily thanks to this curved design. This curved design makes the trimming as easy as crow flies and will not let you get tired. It comes in dual line bump head so making you enjoy your yard job.

You will just have to tap the head so it will start feeding on the trimmer. This bump head will make a new trimmer line on the ground making it more easy and quick for you. This bump head will trim all the thick or thin shrubs or herbs from the surface. Talking about the versatility of this Remington RM2510 Rustler Trimmer, it comes in a Quick Start technology so leave behind all the pulling efforts along with your old grass trimmer.

The Remington RM2510 Rustler Trimmer aims to deliver striking results. It is an incredibly perfect trimmer for your home lawn making it look more attractive and fresh. It is light in weight so you can easily handle it and use it for hours without the worry of after job fatigues and tiredness.


  • Affordable
  • Quick
  • Light-weight design
  • Dual-line bump head


  • Tough to start


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6. Makita XRU02Z String Trimmer


Makita is one of the top-rated brands of string trimmers. It is widely acknowledged for the high-quality string trimmers that are equipped with all the demanding features. This Makita XRU02Z String Trimmer is a cordless 18 Volt LXT lithium-ion battery.

Makita XRU02Z String Trimmer is a 7,800 RPM high performing faster-cutting speed. This charged battery can be used for up to 45-minutes. It is equally compact and easy to handle. It is known as an ideal trimmer and edger to freshen up your lawn to the next level. Besides its easy to use it is loaded with incredible features such as the padded strap for the comfort of the user. The shoulder strap assists in the transfer of the weight from the arm to the shoulder of the user.

It is fully loaded with features that do not let its user get tired. Makita XRU02Z String Trimmer comes in a 180-degree rotating head. You can easily convert it to a trimmer or edger and start the operation rendering the grass condition of your lawn. The telescoping shaft aids you in adjusting the height according to need. Moving to the interesting feature of this grass trimmer that is the battery warning system that warns the user if the battery is full by turning on the indicator light. It is designed to automatically notifying the user whether it is time to change or stop the motor.

If you are tired of the fatigues out of the trimming and cutting of grass of your lawn or garden then it is the best pick you should go for. It is light in weight and weighs only 6.4 lbs. It does not need any maintenance.


  • 7800RPM
  • Cordless
  • Quick battery charging
  • No assembly is required
  • Padded strap for user’s comfort


  • Refilling is hard
  • Not suitable for tall grass


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7. Greenworks PRO Cordless String Trimmer


If you are hunting for the best bump feed trimmer then here is the Greenworks PRO Cordless String Trimmer. It is the Greenworks manufacturer’s product. It is the top popular brand for cutting the heightened grass on the market. Greenworks PRO Cordless String Trimmer is innovated and high-quality product. It is a 14/16-inch string trimmer with a bump feed attachment.

Let’s discuss the heavy-duty battery of this trimmer that is versatile. It is compatible with various tools. The battery is powered by an 80 V battery. The battery does not come with the trimmer users buy it separately. It comes in a brushless motor. The engine of this brushless motor performs at a 32cc gas engine. It is a longer run time trimmer that is durable. You would be tired of the noisy operations of your lawn trimmers but this trimmer works quietly.

The aluminum straight shaft keeps the balance maintained. To control the power of trimming or cutting of the grass it is updated with a variable speed trigger. This variable speed trigger is varied through the Hi/Lo speed trigger option. It is durable thanks to the construction of high-quality heavy grades. This heavy-grade construction assists you to perform various lawn or garden trimming tasks.

The Greenworks PRO Cordless String Trimmer is the best bump-feed attachment trimmer. If you get frustrated with your old slow and noisy trimmer then it is the best pick to go for. It is equally suitable for the homeowners whether the area is smaller or big.


  • Highly suitable for tall grass
  • Quick charging
  • Compatible to gas


  • Heavy
  • Battery and charger are not included


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