Best Gas Leaf Blower

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about a leaf blower is how loud they can be. Thanks to technology, newer models are not that noisy anymore and much more efficient in their functioning too. Typically, leaf blowers are of course used to clear dried leaves quickly and painlessly maybe from the driveway, patio, or the garden. It can also be used to blow off snow, dust, and other debris.

You will not be investing in just a leaf blowing machine, it is a rather multipurpose machine that you can use innovatively for some of your cleaning adventures. After a great deal of in-depth research and assessing countless customer reviews, we have handpicked seven of the best gas leaf blowers in the market. Before you hop-on to purchase a leaf blower there are some features you need to keep in mind.

The type of gas leaf blower you want to opt for – backpack, wheeled, or handheld. Mostly, back and handheld leaf blowers are used, in our review, we have all three types of leaf blowers with different engine-power, air flow rate, airspeed, fuel-tank capacity, speed controls, and noise levels. These are a few of the imperative features you need to be careful about and make a decision based on your needs.

Checkout our top-pick, the Husqvarna 952711925 125B Handheld Blower is one of the best gas leaf blowers because it outperforms other blowers in terms of engine power, durability and efficiency. It features a 25 CC engine, with 425 CFM airflow and 170 MPH airspeed. With the cruise control system, you can vary the speed, and has low-sound levels at 94 dB which is reasonable for a powerful-machine like this.

Best Gas Leaf Blower

Best Gas Leaf Blower Reviews

Scroll below to find the best gas leaf blower that meets all your needs!

1. Husqvarna 952711925 125B Handheld Blower


There is a reason why Husqvarna 952711925 125B Handheld Blower is on top of our list, Husqvarna is a very well-renowned power tool manufacturing brand based in Sweden and has been around for some time. From the many high-quality and powerful tools, this handheld gas leaf blower by Husqvarna is a leading product and highly-recommended by its users because of its incredible build-quality along with a robust 25 CC gas engine that produces 1HP of power.

You get a 5-year warranty with this product if you sign-up for the extended warranty program which is a strong indicator of durability and reliability. When it comes to airflow rating this leaf blower offers 424 CFM with an airspeed of 170 MPH. A very handy feature is the cruise-control system that allows you to vary the speed and make it easier to handle the machine when you are using it, while the overall controls on this leaf blower are user-friendly.

For instance, the auto-return stop switch automatically resets to the “on” position for easy startup. The adjustable tube feature is very convenient as you can adjust the blowing-tube length according to your preference for better performance. As we mentioned, leaf blowers can be very loud, this leaf blower has low-sound levels at 94 dB when measured at the operator’s ears.

Since it is a backpack gas leaf blower, it is easy to use because as it has an ergonomic harness system. The ingeniously padded harness along with the hip belt is designed to fit the contours of the operator making the machine easy to carry and hold when it’s being used. Apart from this, the user manual comes in handy to learn how to use this leaf blower. This gas leaf blower is ideal for light-duty yard projects and is built to last long.


– 25 cc engine capacity

– Adjustable tube length

– Cruise control system


– It is pricey!


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2. Craftsman B215


We have another gas leaf blower by a popular brand Craftsman that manufactures power tools. The Craftsman B215 high-performance 25 CC 2-cycle lightweight engine featuring a 430 cfm/200 mph air volume and airspeed, that works more effectively and efficiently making it good for lawn care, yard work, or other light-duty projects at home with convenience.

We have this gas leaf blower mentioned as the second product in this review because it has various commendable features at a very reasonable price range. When it comes to the startup process, the 3-simple startup system includes: prime, choke and pull making it rather easy to start the machine, while the 2-year warranty of this machine is an indicator of durability and reliability by the manufacturer.

How user-friendly a machine is very important and this gas-powered leaf blower falls into that category as it has a lightweight design to eliminate fatigue when it is being used, the variable speed throttle gives the operator more control and the gas-tank is translucent which helps you to identify when it needs a refuel.

It also comes with two-nozzle attachments, one nozzle is to concentrate the air through a small opening while the other has an integrated scrapper that can be used to remove stubborn leaves or debris. All in all, the overall design of this gas-powered leaf blower is to work smartly than harder.


– Variable speed throttle

– 3-step startup system

– 2 external nozzle attachments


– A handheld leaf blower


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3. Poulan Pro PRB26


The Poulan Pro PRB26 is manufactured by yet another popular power tools manufacturing brand that has a high user rating. The same goes for this gas-powered leaf blower as it features a 26 cc- 2-cycle engine and is capable of 470 CFM airflow and 22 MPH airspeed which can be used all-year-round for cleaning up leaves, grass, and stubborn debris from your yard, patio, or sidewalk.

The cruise control system, reduced vibration technology, soft-grip handle, and trigger-operated variable speed control makes this gas-powered leaf blower is powerful, lightweight, easy to use, and lightweight. It has a standard choke-carburetor and spring-assisted start system which allows a hassle-free and quick startup when you are about to begin your cleaning project.

We have this gas-powered leaf blower in the third position because it has a very high-performance in comparison to other options available in the market. Although, this machine is larger it still is super ergonomic and user-friendly even when it is a handheld type leaf blower. The airflow rate offered is more than enough for most users and will get light to medium duty projects done efficiently.

It comes with a 2-year warranty as it has good and durable build-quality. You can use the user manual to learn how to operate this machine. One of the most handy-features of this leaf blower is the variable speed control with trigger throttle and cruise control system which will give you maximum control over how to effectively and efficiently carry out your cleaning projects.


– 26 CC engine

– 2-year warranty

– Variable speed control


– Doesn’t come with a backpack option


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4. Remington RM2BL Ambush 27cc


Next up we have the very powerful and high-performance Remington RM2BL Ambush 27cc with an incredible strong engine-power of 27 CC. It is hands down a great option to consider if you are in search of a gas-powered leaf blower for cleaning-up your garden. What makes this leaf blower stand-out from the rest is that it has two working modes. You can either use it as a sweeper and a vacuum, it is one of those machines that offers two in one functionality making it worth the investment.

You can conveniently switch between the two modes using the reverse-switch which is easy to access. The vacuum feature is a unique feature that not many leaf blowers offer. The good thing about using the vacuum option is that it helps in decreasing the size of the debris at a 10 to 1 ratio which allows you to easily dispose of debris or leaves that are in your backyard with convenience and much quicker.

The 27 CC, 2-cycle engine is powerful and generates a highspeed rating of 205 MPH, while the airflow rate offered is 450 CFM which is very decent for heavy-duty cleaning projects at home. You can use it to clean your backyard, patio, or garden with ease and convenience. The best part of having a leaf blower is that it speeds up the process and you can save up on your precious time. When it comes to mobility, this leaf blower has a soft-comfortable handle that makes it easy to carry around and work with.

Less-vibration technology is there to provide greater power and increased control to efficiently handle tough jobs quicker and easier. While the quick-start technology is specifically incorporated in this machine to offer a quicker, smoother, and easy-pull start. With this gas-powered ergonomically designed leaf blower by your side, you can get started on your cleaning-projects in no time.


– 27 CC powerful engine

– 450 CFM airflow rate

– Ergonomic design


– Have to carry it by hand


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5. Handheld Blower


As we discussed, there are different types of leaf blowers and if you want to go for a handheld leaf blower then this a pretty decent option to consider because it has all the necessary features one can demand from a reasonably priced machine. It has a 24.5 CC professional-grade engine that can tackle light-duty cleaning projects quite efficiently and the engine-capacity is ideal for cleaning-tasks like getting rid of leaves from the backyard, sidewalks, or patio.

The biggest advantage of a gas-powered leaf blower machine is that it will not restrict movement and an ergonomic design with parallel handles makes it easy to carry around while aiding in directional movement. The handle is soft and comfortable, precisely designed to suit and match the operator’s carnality when working with the machine. One of the fears with gas-powered machines is how secure they are?

Well, you will be glad to know that this leaf blower machine is completely safe to use because it has posi-loc pipes that allow for a secure connection to the gas-tank. Such powerful machines are likely to be highly noisy, not this one though. It has 64 dB output making it ideal for noise-sensitive environments. When it comes to the airflow rate, 354 CFM is ample enough to handle any backyard or patio cleaning projects easily and it only weighs 6.13 pounds which is pretty lightweight for such machines.

The fuel tank capacity for this leaf blower is 16.09 oz, it comes with a powerhead and operators manual to learn how to understand the basic functionality. It also features a flared-pipe that helps in increasing the speed while the 191 MPH airspeed rate is pretty ideal for anyone who is looking to get their hands on a leaf blower that is fairly priced along with imperative features that make the efficiency rate acceptable.


– Very lightweight

– Extremely ergonomic design

– 24.5 CC professional-grade engine


– Not a backpack model


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6. Husqvarna 965877502 350BT


If you are looking for a gas-powered leaf blower with a backpack design then the Husqvarna 965877502 350BT is a fairly decent option to consider because it is manufactured by a well-renowned brand as we have discussed before. We have mentioned another product by the same brand because it is one of the most better options available in the market as it has all the features you can expect from a leaf blower that can easily take care of home cleaning projects.

While it may seem unimportant to pay attention to the features of a leaf blowing machine as it is a very simple product one should be easily able to purchase without a lot of thought, it is not quite exactly the case. Doing your due diligence before buying any machine is super important because you need to be sure what you are investing your money in.

For instance, this leaf blower doesn’t fall into the mid-price range, it is rather slightly expensive in comparison to other leaf blower options. However, all the features like the off-set handle, cruise control, variable speed throttle, dampeners to reduce vibration to prevent arm strain and ergonomic harness system make it worth the purchase. This leaf blower features a 500 CFM air volume and 180 MPH speed which is ideal for medium-duty projects.

Fortunately, the x-torque engine is designed to reduce harmful emissions by 60% and the fuel-efficiency is increased by 20% making it a sustainable leaf blower machine in the long run for the environment and in your pocket. The intuitive controls are super easy to use, and if you are looking for a leaf blower that has it all, then this is one of the best options to consider at a fairly reasonable amount of money investment.


– 180 MPH maximum speed

– 2-year warranty

– Environment friendly


– The controls get bumped often accidentally.


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7. CRAFTSMAN BP210 27cc


CRAFTSMAN BP210 27cc is a high-performance, lightweight backpack type 27 CC 2-cycle engine gas-powered leaf blower. It efficiently blows air and has an air volume of 410CFM and 180 MPH. It has a very comfortable backpack design, as the fully-tensioned multi-material suspension system is there to distribute the weight of the machine evenly and comfortably between the hips and shoulders. This way the operator’s fatigue is reduced to a great extent.

As easy it is to carry, it is also as easy to startup as the electric and easy-start technology feature in this leaf blower provides simples pull starts with an electric engine starter saving you from the hassle of a manual start. The ergonomic design and tube-monitored lever with a variable throttle for greater control make this leaf blower easy to use.

It is a leaf blower that offers you comfort and powerful performance making it ideal to use for light to medium-duty cleaning projects at home. For a powerful-performance leaf blower machine, it only weighs 13 lbs and the user-friendly features make it simple to operate by anyone. As it is a gas-powered leaf blower you have to keep a check on the fuel.

It features a translucent fuel-tank that helps you keep tabs on when the tank needs a refill. The cordless design makes mobility easy and the ergonomic handle ensures that the operator can tackle the task at hand with utmost efficiency. All in all, it is a powerful-machine, super lightweight and comes with a 2-year warranty by the manufacturer.


– 27 CC 2-cycle engine

– Translucent fuel tank

– Backpack design type


– Slightly expensive


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Now that you have all the information regarding the Best Gas Leaf Blower, It’s time to choose the best one according to your own preferences. The list of unbiased reviews is designed to help you pick the right product for your needs. Other than that, we have suggested a top pick that you can choose quickly to save yourself some time with the research.
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