ASUS VivoBook L203MA Ultra-Thin Laptop Review, Black Friday Deals 2019

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ASUS VivoBook L203MA Ultra-Thin Laptop Review, Black Friday 2019

ASUS VivoBook L203MA Ultra-Thin Laptop Review Black Friday Deals & Sale 2019

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hello and welcome to another ASE production video today I’m going to do a quick unboxing of this Aizu svevo book it is an laptop that I picked up just today off of Amazon I had to order something and get it delivered today and I was going through and trying to figure out what I could add to have same-day delivery and as usual I went through the laptops just to see what if there was anything new interesting available and I came across this a vivo book now just look at the specs here real quick it is an e 203 M it has an 11.6 inch HD screen so that’s a 1366 by 70 it has 32 gigs of EMM storage it has four gigs of ram so this is once again a base level base model 32 gig web homely laptop really but I wanted to check it out it was really interesting looking and it was a hundred and sixty dogs with free shipping from amazon a hundred and sixty bucks for a brand new laptop which to me is just it’s just crazy to only be spending a hundred and sixty dollars on a brand new computer first and foremost here is the little power brick these are so fun they’re so small so tiny these computers just don’t use a lot of power and so you don’t need a massive power brick form here’s the laptop let’s take this out underneath here the Asus box is always such a nice box there they’re really nice the form cut the materials that they’re made out of when you open the box it’s a much more premium feeling than say like an HP base basic laptop or even an Acer hey-zeus for whatever reason seem to put a lot of money into their boxes and even when you’re open up the base model is kind of nice to have a nice box to open but if you’re given it as a gift or something get a couple of little old manuals HDMI QuickStart guide and warranty card so I’m not gonna bother with those right now let’s go ahead and set the box to the side and as usual being 11 inch laptop is tiny now one thing that attracted me to this is it’s a beautiful color but if you look real closely has this really neat dot pattern on the lid it’s really cool so my last few paces have been terrible fingerprint magnets this one doesn’t seem to be as bad because it has that pattern on there it kind of breaks up so I’ve been working outside so my nails I thought I cleaned them anyways it it breaks up the fingerprint so it doesn’t show up as bad fingerprint magnet we’ll see how that holds up to just daily use for scuffs and scrapes it has a little lip here for your finger can you open it with one finger but nope nope nope I have to use two hands alright now I haven’t charged it his first time I’m taking out of the box take my watch off so I don’t scratch it up let’s see here so first things first power button it’s not here it’s up here I appreciate that right away having the power button down here on the keyboard I do not like that that’s where the Delete key belongs not the power button trackpad is really nice and big the arrow keys Walt fairly tiny our individual arrow keys they don’t have they’re not cluttered and too tight over there so they’re small but that you should be able to push them pretty easily because you’re not gonna be hitting other buttons by accident let’s see it’s got some LED indicators here which I always appreciate the LED indicators on a laptop that’s something that’s going away it’s a matte screen oh I like a bit being a matte screen that’s usually really good for working outside it’s easier on your eyes less glare less reflection let’s look at our expansion so we have Micro USB there’s not my creepy micro SD full hdmi USB 3.0 a USB see it’s not over that’s 3.1 I have to look up the specs any oh wow so you get 2 full-size USB Taipei’s that are 3.0 so typically with these laptops usually get one that’s still a 2.0 so you get a slower speed USB this has three I wonder I have to look and see I doubt but I’ll have to look and see if you can charge off the type type see on this it does come with its little power port over here so fairly reasonable expansion on here I am thrilled that there’s basically three super speed USB ports I know a lot of people probably don’t care but I do I use the USB a lot I transfer a lot of files that way so I appreciate it let’s go ahead and open it up and turn it on a little bit there we go I have to plug this in because I did just get it let me pull that power cord over and plug it in all right so we’re now plugged in well indicator lights turned on here so that it’s charging let’s see if they’ll turn on now there we go look at these viewing angles they’re not great they’re not terrible but I mean what do you expect out of a right there I’m Cortana and I’m here to help there we go it’s not bad it’s not bad I like it ok let’s go ahead and power it off well go through the setup and actually use it in another video this is just an unboxing now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna open it up real quick if we can so let’s see what we got for the screws just have the downward firing speakers here on the front leading edge which I mean with the laptop this small there really isn’t anywhere else to put them to be perfectly honest as a two cell 38 watt our battery Oh typically with these the whole control board and everything is tiny it’s like this big that’s what it seems to be usually let’s see if it’s that way this time as well the whole motherboard with the CPU and I just a metal plate for cooling these ultra-low power systems just don’t need a lot of cooling oh yeah so this thing is the battery here’s the bridge cable for the IO on this side which is just the headphone jack and a single USB speakers are pretty decent in size so they should sound pretty good that’s one thing a just definitely does well as on all these low-end laptops they still have pretty decent sound quality on them then over here we have what should be the CPU under this and a ribbon cable to something it looks like this is actually upside down I’m guessing this is a Wi-Fi up here let’s take a little bit further let’s dig a little deeper enhance the screws I think that’s all of them now there’s some ribbon cables up this one this let’s get that won’t lose now one thing you’ll notice right off the bat there’s actually a place here for the hard drive to be installed so the system could support it but then where would it go there’s this is all just battery right here so it’s it’s pretty darn big battery that’s probably close let’s go flip up bigger this slide so I’m trying to do this through the camera it’s hard to see hard sometimes figure out how to get the different connections off don’t watch her this one I’m not sure about this one it just popped up a bit [Music] actually just slid up that way okay well be perfectly honest there ain’t nothing to see on the other side there’s the a fairly large cooler the cable for I’m guessing the keyboard mouse or a keyboard there’s absolutely no expansion under here at all other than obviously external i/o all right let’s go ahead and put her back together all right so yeah so what you buy is what you get there’s definitely no expansion outside of the external expansion ports on this like I said there’s this here that could be for a SATA Drive but there’s nowhere for it to actually go you’d be going into the battery so which I’m not complaining I mean that means that the battery is nice and big and this should have an excellent excellent battery life I mean I would like to see on these some ability to expand if they could throw in a am about to port on these like they did on the IdeaPad 110 s that I had that was excellent because then you could have the additional storage and it made the laptop significantly faster the EMFs e MMC storage on these is not very fast it is technically solid state but it is like the slowest of version of solid state that you could probably go if I did a performance benchmark on the same laptop that had an emmc storage versus a hard drive and vs. and an SSD and the performance difference was huge obviously the emmc was still faster than a spinning drive but not that much faster and it was significantly slower noticeably slower in all tasks over in SSD and on these low-end systems having any ability to increased performance was nice but anyways that was my first initial just unboxing initial look opening it up see what we got on under the hood will now go ahead I’ll find out we will install some applications and we’ll get some benchmarking going all right so I just figured out that two of the screws this one and this one are longer than the rest so that is something to be aware of for sure I did put one in the wrong hole I don’t know if it didn’t screw down all the way so let’s make sure I didn’t do any damage to the system hook it through yep I totally did darn so that’s something to be aware of I put the wrong screw in the wrong hole you’ll screw it too far and damage the system make sure it still turns off that power button still works oh we’re good I didn’t damage anything I just caused a little cosmetic blip there so that’s on me that’s why fault anyways that was an initial unboxing and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section down below at this point I’ll be doing some performance testing some gaming on it tell you what I think of it so far though initial impressions pretty good a couple things I’m looking forward to battery life the touchpad the keyboard and just general performance because a lot of these run into a lot of performance issues just with a slower CPU anyways thank you for watching I hope you have an amazing day

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