AcuRite Weather Station Review: Black Friday 2019

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AcuRite Weather Station Review: Black Friday 2019

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you what is up guys the extra-ordinary channel here and today guys I’m going to be doing the six month um review on the accurate basically what I think of it after six months as you can see I decorated it over here um and I will be telling you guys some issues maybe that I had maybe on some other things too like how much do I like it and yes so let’s get started so first of all guys um I wanted to tell you that uh you should of course first of all mount this on a very very off steady poll because if you don’t it’s going to shake a lot and then it’s gonna um you know if it shakes too much then um it may even register a rainfall because of that and mine may be a little bit shaky but it’s fine it’s uh sorry good into the ground as you can see uh so June basic you a June 5th um and uh everything’s very green um yeah so the it um overall I really really love the accurate it just saw all I do on like each month the maintenance I do is I actually clean it to make sure that like it doesn’t get too dirty because obviously summer now and I think right there um right there might be yeah that’s a dead spider so as you can tell I’m going to be having to UM I go I have to clean this AcuRite um like like in ten days or something usually I clean it like the 15th of each month and every month and that helps a lot because then I have no debris in my rain gauge and around the accurate there’s basically uh no dirt around it so then obviously some people walk by like they can they can look at it working up when I have guests they can look at it and say wow that’s clean and nice you know oh I think there was just a spider all on that thing I don’t know anything but oh yeah that was as you can tell I really done that thing you guys are so sorry um yeah so so basically uh what else of any other issues so basically also my act right is a little bit on a tilt and um the the tilt of it is just it’s a bit off but you know that’s really that’s not an issue for me because um really the dumb out that it’s off is like barely even anything and uh D as you could tell all by the bubble over here um it’s basically like in the middle um I mean like if it’s a bit off it’s fine but the only issue with that is that this may sometimes Bank when there’s no wind like when there’s no wind at all this thing actually banks to one direction and also guys I also wanted to tell you that you may want to mount this a bit higher than usual because on if you like not the mountains like this as you can tell I have a bunch of our garages and houses or blocking or the wind speed arm from I mean for the wind the actual wind speed I’m from coming to and yeah so that’s basically that and uh hey guys be sure I also I clean my accurate with normal wipes um yeah I there is there are spiders that sometimes like go in this spot but you know what you know you just gotta face the fear sometimes if you want to clean it on but you know that’s not really a problem and yeah um and there really might have been even more all minor problems but uh you know uh it really it really just doesn’t make any difference also yeah I also wanted to tell you guys about how about how a rain gauge yeah listen so like what was I about also I also wanted to tell you guys our how um yeah it’s awesome guys like as you know minor problems you know you’re always going to be there and also about to tell you guys on about how the rain gauge arm needs to be collaborated in the first place and I unfortunately forgot to do that but um overall I saw like people’s weather stations are near uh near mind and basically it was taking on right around the same amount of rainfall so for me also I don’t really need to do that but the thing is that um I also mounted this first but first of all guys you you do need to UM collaborate the rain gauge and I’ll follow all the instructions carefully and then you will be amazed on by how well this thing performs uh yeah so um as you can tell on the house also be mounted on like on a straight pole that’s at least on it has to be at least five feet tall now I’m about like about like five five foot five foot six five foot seven yeah um and uh it’s uh it’s kind of like it’s right around the same way as oh you know that’s the top of my head so that’s fine it’s more it’s more than five feet um oh but um I heard that the National Weather Service really needs a weather stations to be um like for it’s for the wind speed for example to be all up and then the temperature to be lower but also guys I’m always remember to mount it on me or dirt arm soil because uh it doesn’t give off radiates radiation like like he it doesn’t give off heat if you mount it near the concrete for example it’s gonna be very bad the temperature is gonna be higher than you expect it cuz one of the Sun shines on it then the concrete radiates heat or even the roof may radiate heat um but yeah so that is uh basically uh the the whole whole big heart of my a key right on I love this thing in all guys you may um I may not have covered all the problems that all the consumers have but um you know they’re very very minor problems and easily fixed simcha too may not even have if they follow directions very carefully and yeah guys so if you want one I really advise you to follow directions carefully and you know ask ask questions if you do anything um I mean like ask the ask accurate questions all but yeah um this is an amazing thing and yeah guys are now I’m going to be reviewing the whole console for it yours are indoors second floor of my house um yeah heads up is 467 57 humidity is 85% the wind is three currently three miles an hour um itself these mark points are this one represents um um women the direction that the wind is at now because he just changed um these other marks represent um the wind on how it used to like wear it you see like go from UM the people in speed I guess like that that’s for the last hour is six and then average is to imagine alive houses blocking some of the winds so it might not be as accurate all the time I’ll keep that in mind guys and can we go we have dew point over here and then we have the wind chill obviously mullen chill at this kind of temperature is choice you on indoor temperature and humidity um how much inches are falling in an hour love rain um here’s the heat index um entities pressure is 29 plus 24 oh yeah there it is on the corona vent right here monthly how much rain we’ve got in a month and the total amount like on all-time rainfall and yeah um we have the address in the single strength as you can see it’s full single strength and by the way guys all my algebra is this far um as an example Maya is over there in my backyard um you know that’s just an example if you take the signal amazing at that kind of distance well I also want to tell you guys that um the thief really like actually does sometimes on depend on how good the signal can be because when there’s really really high winds um I noticed that Adi so that’s sometimes the accurate might use signal from this and if it lose a signal all of these are things will be uh will remain here um like all like temperatures humidity you know pressure stuff like that um but you will only just saw won’t be getting updates as you can tell it’s the time that is the day um outdoor temperature care the alarms as you can see you know 100 I set it to those on the low for today the high for today as you know I’m just are reviewing this guys just so using like um no um if you’re like actually watching this and like now my review is like totally valid because I had to stay for six months and uh yeah so uh overall I really love the console have very very minimal problems with it um yeah oh I just like on and also guys I want to tell you the pressure you know obviously this going to be um a 30-day trial for it all you better have to um 30 days or it’s been more accurate and then um you have to wait even longer than that for it to be totally accurate but um actually right now it is accurate but sometimes it isn’t acting i’ll give it like an accurate accuracy rating of 50 to 60 percent start wheeling that acumen but I mean I guess it’s alright I mean it still displaced pressure and if it’s being steady going up or down um that really helps a lot as you can tell these alarms right next to these all numbers are like these look like that in that um they represent me um they represent like it’s the alarm is on or off or like for on like when on this number reaches for example like 20 miles an hour and then there you go on there’s going to be an alarm because you know hot on that’s I win and yeah um so I love this Oh gadget really amazing um for for weather author whether you like me or something like that yeah it’s awesome really I just keep it right next to my bed you know just subtract the weather you know it’s fun guys if you want this totally rework it recommend it you know it was a it was a it was a budget cost um yeah um amazing thing as I hope you guys are all this stuff like in the last video but and it’s doing an update you know just to remind you of some other things um initial watching for the first time well welcome family long over yup so basically that is the review for this as so oh and by the way guys I also add batteries to this um and yeah the wind is like sometimes accurate – like right now is out of the East at of 100% accurate um cuz I’ll check and by the way at the back um you shouldn’t search some batteries on in case of a power outage um as you know I have it right now in the outlet right there you can barely see it um but yeah so that is my review for this version um Indiana also we have a water ticker down here um just displays random information about all of this oh yeah so I love this thing I highly do recommend it and very very minimal problems with it uh mainly because obviously I kind of didn’t follow instructions on some level but you know they’re easily fixed um yeah so now let’s review the a key here is the a Q link as you can tell this is how it looks like it’s currently right next to the computer um it’s it is basically because um you know because of this step this thing has to be I think connected to the router something because that is basically because on it dinah sends it because it has to send information to the internet and um sometimes this may like not sound very good but I think that’s really depending on or I mean internet like capabilities on but yeah on most things sends information to the internet um so send information to the app or on a website my accurate comm L sound like that and or here so I’m gonna review the website until guys all those all the things I do we go guys I am at the accurate website song all right now is sixty six point five degrees this a round number I mean my accurate our weather um display console um rounds this up you know point five rounded up on the lowly having a bulkier show from below say down low so kind of like rounds the temperature that’s it doesn’t have like the point number capabilities basically get the idea this is right here it’s the rainfall for today um current wind this updates every five minutes my accurate updates every like thirty seconds sometimes on the different measurements it depends on like how often it updates oh yeah movie just read the instructions um here’s a humidity pressure feels like temperature um at the beginning since I got this is a bit of problems with it um with the website but now it’s fairly accurate I mean I love this thing so oh it’s all oh we got the feels-like temperature and everything else we’ve got the windshield which is represented by the orange line and that the red line is the I’m heat index all we have dew point right here and all all so I think that’s the light that’s the temperature that blue line is the temperature um and yeah uh this is all the different software is it feels like the yellow yep so this is the website overall I love my Android station it gives very very accurate on rainfall results all highly do recommend just follow the instructions you’ll be alright guys so I’m you guys hope you guys enjoy the video and peace out be sure to subscribe like share this video and comment what you want to see next umm on the video and by the way guys be sure to subscribe cuz if you subscribe I’ll bring way way way on more content on this channel because as you know guys on a loop I’ll do any video for you guys I’m just asking the comments you know you guys so know but

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